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Sinotruk Cab Floor Mat
Sinotruk Cab Floor Mat
Engine Front Bearing
Sinotruk Engine Front Bearing

Sinotruk 6.5 Tonne Boxer Axle Front Wheel Brakes

The Sinotruk 6.5 Tonne Boxer Axle Front Wheel Brakes consist of various components that ensure efficient braking performance. These components include:

6.5 Tonne Boxer Axle Front Wheel Brakes

Product Parameters of Sinotruk 6.5 Tonne Boxer Axle Front Wheel Brakes

  • Brake Drum: The circular metal part that rotates with the wheel and provides a contact surface for the brake shoes.
  • Cross recessed countersunk head screws: These screws are used to secure different brake components together.
  • Cotter pins: Small metal pins used for securing certain parts, such as the brake shoes, in place.
  • Hexagonal slotted flat nuts (fine teeth): Nuts with a hexagonal shape and slotted flat design, featuring fine teeth for secure fastening.
  • Limit plate: A plate used to limit the movement of certain brake components to ensure proper operation.
  • Bushing: A cylindrical component that provides a smooth surface for the brake shoe to pivot on.
  • Brake shoe assembly: The assembly of brake shoes, which includes the brake shoe itself, friction pads, and other related parts.
  • Brake shoe: The metal component that presses against the brake drum to create friction and slow down the wheel.
  • Lifting Brake Friction Pads (54°50′): Brake friction pads with a specific lifting angle of 54°50′ for optimal braking performance.
  • Lifting Brake Friction Pads (39°50′): Brake friction pads with a specific lifting angle of 39°50′ for optimized braking.
  • Rivet: Metal fastener used to securely attach the friction pads to the brake shoe.
  • Return spring: A spring that helps retract the brake shoe after braking, preventing constant contact with the drum.
  • Brake spring pin: Pin used for attaching springs to the brake shoe and providing tension.
  • Hexagonal head bolt M8: A bolt with a hexagonal head, size M8, used for secure fastening.
  • Spring washer: A washer with spring-like properties used to provide tension and prevent loosening.
  • Brake dust cover (with ABS): A cover designed to keep dust and debris away from the braking system, featuring an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).
  • Seal ring: A ring used for sealing and preventing leaks in the brake system.
  • Brake camshaft (left): The camshaft on the left side of the brake assembly responsible for creating the necessary force to engage the brake shoes.
  • Brake camshaft (right): The camshaft on the right side of the brake assembly, similar to the left one, ensuring balanced braking.
  • Additional gasket: An extra gasket used for sealing and optimizing the brake system’s performance.
  • O-ring seal: A ring-shaped seal used for sealing and preventing leaks in specific brake components.
  • Spacer: A component used to create space or ensure proper alignment between brake system parts.
  • Gasket: A seal made of a flexible material to prevent unwanted leaks in the brake system.
  • Adjustment washers: Washers with varying thicknesses used to adjust and fine-tune the brake shoe’s position.
  • Spring retainer for shaft: A retainer used to secure the spring on the brake shaft, ensuring proper tension.
  • Gap adjusting arm assembly: An assembly that allows for the adjustment of the gap between the brake shoe and drum for optimal braking performance.
  • Rollers: Small cylindrical components that aid in the movement and smooth operation of specific brake system parts.

The Sinotruk 6.5 Tonne Boxer Axle Front Wheel Brakes incorporate these components to ensure effective braking, reliable performance, and enhanced vehicle safety.

Item       PartNo   Parts Name   Quantity
1     WG9112440001 Brake Drum 2
2     Q2541025 Cross recessed countersunk head screws 4
3     Q5005045 Cotter pins 4
4     190003872369 Hexagonal slotted flat nuts (fine teeth) 4
5     WG880440008 Limit plate 2
6     WG880440006 Bushing 4
7 AZ9100440030 Brake shoe assembly 4
7.1 AZ9100440018 Brake shoe 1
7.2 WG9100440028 Lifting Brake Friction Pads (54°50′) 1
7.3 WG9100440026 Lifting Brake Friction Pads (39°50′) 1
7.4 WG9231340068 Rivet 14
8 WG9100440061 Return spring 2
9 WG1218G85 Brake spring pin 4
10 ZQ150B0812 Hexagonal head bolt M8 8
11 Q40308 Spring washer 8
12 WG9112440006 Brake dust cover (with ABS) 2
13 WG880340037 Seal ring 4
14 WG9100440001 Brake camshaft (left) 1
15 WG9100440002 Brake camshaft (right) 1
16 WG880440010 Additional gasket 4
17 WG9100440011 Additional spacer 4
18 WG9100440012 Additional gasket 4
19 WG880340023 O-ring seal 4
20 WG880440015 Spacer 2
21 WG880340022 Gasket 2
22 WG80 320028 Adjustment washers 1
23 WG80 320029 Adjustment washers 1
24 WG80 320030 Adjustment washers 1
25 WG80 320046 Adjustment washers 1
26 190003933116 Spring retainer for shaft 2
27 WG9100440005 Gap adjusting arm assembly 2
28 WG9100440021 Rollers 4
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