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New Foton truck, New Value in the Post-Globalization Era
FOTON EST Tractor Head
2023 Best FOTON EST Tractor Head




  • Standing at the forefront of the domestic heavy truck industry technology, in line with the character to create quality, with the quality dedication to society’s business philosophy, sinotruk’s newly developed diaphragm clutch, new front axle with lightweight and strong load capacity, and another advanced excellent assembly once again stand in the forefront of the domestic high-end heavy truck. The most important features of this series are economy, comfort, safety, and reliability.
  • Take the howo a7 dump truck as an example, the parameters are detailed in the following table:


Cab of A7 dump truck

Chassis type ZZ3317N3867N1,ZZ3317N4267N1,ZZ3317N4667N1,ZZ3317V3867N1,ZZ3317V4267N1,ZZ3317V4667N1,
Drive form 8X4
Cab A7-W Cab, Single berth with two seats, Three-speed wiper system, Adjustable damping driver seat with heating and ventilation system、External Sun Visor、Seat belts、Adjustable steering wheels 、Air Horn、Air conditioning、Lateral stabilizer、Four-point support for fully floating suspension + shock absorbers

A7-V–High-top cab. Double berth.

The engine of A7 dump truck

  • Compared to previous truck engines, this type of engine is the most fuel-efficient and has better maneuverability, etc, the utility model solves the problem of high after-sale failure of the globe model. To meet different customer needs, sinotruk is also tailored for HOWO-A7 D10 series engines (270PS-380PS). D10 series engine adopts self-innovation domestic first technology-supercharger center. With the application of this technology, the intake and exhaust systems have changed substantially, the intake air is smooth and the exhaust air is simple, which makes the“Lung” function of the vehicle more outstanding and the fuel economy better.:
The engine Manufacturers China Heavy Industry Corp.
Four-stroke direct injection diesel engine
Engine type WD615.47, 371 HP ;WD615.69,336;D12.40-20,420HP;
Emission standards Euro 2
In-line six-cylinder water-cooled turbocharged intercooling
Displacement 9.726 L

Gearbox of A7 dump truck

  • The SMART SHIFT gearbox at Sinotruk is a 16-speed electronic-controlled, automatic transmission, a more fuel-efficient vehicle like a highly skilled driver driving a truck. The principle and structure of AMT are completely different from that of truck AT. It is a kind of hydraulic oil driven by a turbine, and the hydraulic oil can drive the mechanical device again. The efficiency loss of the oil drive is bigger, so the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 1 -2 liters more than that of the manual box. AMT is a mechanical gearbox through electronic control to achieve automatic shift, its shift is also like a manual case, to separate the clutch through the engine speed or transmission braking, to achieve meshing synchronization, automatic switch is the most suitable gear, generally more fuel-saving than manual box 3% -5%. And has high reliability, the use of AMT hardware in Europe is widely used, and the technology has been very mature after a large number of tests proved that the truck’s handling and reliability have reached the optimal state.The models used are as follows:
Gearbox HW19710, 10F & 2R, with PTO

Front bridge and Back Bridge of A7 dump truck

  • The new technical front axle (front axle) is divided into two categories: 7-ton and 9-ton. The new 7-ton front axle is the special front axle for road vehicles newly developed by China heavy trucks, the load-bearing is better than the domestic similar models, the stability and the steering control are convenient, because of the application of new processing technology, and the dead weight is reduced, and the reliability is increased. 9T front axle is the highest load-bearing one in the world at present. Its dead weight is the same as that of the original Howo front axle, and a lot of tests show that its maneuverability and reliability have reached the best state. The new 7-ton and 9-ton front axles of sinotruk are equipped with standard Disc brakes, which is a unique application of new technology for domestic heavy truck tractors, and is completely consistent with the latest heavy truck configurations in Europe and the United States. Mature and reliable drive axle. The models used are as follows:
Front bridge HF9,1×9000 KGS

Double-section beam steering

Back Bridge HC16, 2×16000 KGS

Axle housing, Center single reduction with hub reduction, And differential lock between the wheel and axle。

Speed ratio:5.73

Chassis of A7 dump truck

Chassis Framework A section of 300x80x8mm parallel ladder, sub-frame crossbeam steel cold riveting
Front suspension 10 semi-elliptical leaf springs, hydraulic telescopic double-acting shock absorber, and stabilizer
Rear suspension 12-leaf semi-elliptical spring, bogie spring, and stabilizer

Brake system of A7 dump truck

Brake system Brake Double circuit air brake
Parking brake (emergency brake) Spring energy, Compressed air on the front axle and rear wheels.
Auxiliary braking Engine exhaust brake

Power system of A7 dump truck

Power system Operating voltage 24V,Negative grounding
Starter 24V,5.4KW
The generator Three phases,28 V,1500 W
Batteries 2×12V,165AH
Batteries, Trumpet, Headlights, Fog lamps, Brake lights, Indicator lights, and reversing lights

The truck’s carrying capacity is also very good, the best place is its balance shaft, no oil leakage, and anti-build .This truck is the best choice for this type of truck.

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