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FAW Oil Collector
FAW Oil Collector
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FAW Engine Oil Pump

Beiben Air Intake System、Mudapron、Guardruil

  • The Beiben Air Intake System, Mudapron, and Guardruil are essential components designed to enhance the performance and protection of your vehicle. This advanced system consists of various components meticulously crafted to ensure optimal functionality and durability.
  • Bracket: The bracket provides stable support and positioning for the entire system, ensuring proper installation and secure attachment.
  • Desert Air Cleaner Assembly: This assembly is specifically designed to filter and clean the air entering the engine, preventing dust and contaminants from causing damage and reducing engine performance.
  • High Air Intake Assembly: The high air intake assembly allows your vehicle to access clean air from above, reducing the risk of engine damage caused by water, dirt, and debris during off-road driving or in challenging terrains.
  • Clamp: The clamp securely fastens and seals the corrugated hose to prevent any air leaks or disconnections.
  • Corrugated Hose: This flexible hose connects the air cleaner assembly to the high air intake assembly, providing a smooth and efficient airflow.
  • Stay Assembly: The stay assembly offers additional support and stability to the air intake system, ensuring it remains securely in place even during rough driving conditions.
  • Nut: Nuts are provided for fastening purposes, securing the components together and maintaining the integrity of the system.
  • Stand: The stand provides a solid foundation for the mudguard bracket, ensuring it stays in place and effectively protects the vehicle’s engine and undercarriage.
  • Mudguard Bracket: This bracket holds the mudguard assembly securely, preventing mud, water, and debris from reaching the engine compartment.
  • Mudguard Assembly: The mudguard assembly shields the vehicle’s tires from road debris, water splashes, and mud, keeping them clean and reducing the risk of damage.

Product Parameters of Air Intake System、Mudapron、Guardruil

Air Intake System、Mudapron、Guardruil
Air Intake System、Mudapron、Guardruil
Air Intake System、Mudapron、Guardruil
  • Bolt: Bolts are used to securely attach various components together, providing stability and ensuring the system’s durability.
  • Nut: Nuts are essential for fastening purposes, preventing the bolts from loosening and maintaining the overall integrity of the system.
  • Left Holder: The left holder securely holds and supports the radiator fender assembly, contributing to its stability and protection.
  • Radiator Fender Assembly: This assembly provides protection to the radiator, shielding it from impacts and potential damage.
  • Left Holder: The left holder offers additional support and stability to the radiator fender assembly, ensuring its proper positioning and function.
  • Shelter Pipe: The shelter pipe is a crucial component that directs water and debris away from the engine, preventing potential damage and ensuring its smooth operation.
  • Right Holder: Similar to the left holder, the right holder provides support and stability to the radiator fender assembly, ensuring its proper function and protection.
  • Investing in the Beiben Air Intake System, Mudapron, and Guardruil guarantees enhanced engine performance, optimal protection from debris and contaminants, and a durable solution designed to withstand challenging driving conditions. Choose these components to improve your vehicle’s functionality, reliability, and overall ownership experience.
ID Part Name English Part Number Quantity Wearing parts
1 Bracket 016 520 20 33 1 not
2 Desert Air Cleaner Assembly 570 094 07 01 1 not
3 High Air Intake Assembly 520 520 04 03 1 not
4 Bracket 030 528 10 40 1 not
5 Clamp 520 522 02 99 1 not
6 Corrugated Hose 520 094 21 82 1 not
7 Stay Assenbly 016 524 00 32 1 not
8 Nut 106187 012000 1 not
9 Bracket 806 524 00 41 1 not
D Part Name English Part Number Quantity  Wearing parts
1 Left Holder A520 521 28 40 1 not
2 Bolt M 105786 012100 4 not
3 Bolt M 106184 012100 4 not
4 Radiator Fender Assembly A520 524 10 33 1 not
5 Left Holder A520 521 52 40 1 not
6 Shelter Pipe A520 524 05 36 1 not
7 Right Holder A520 521 53 40 1 not
8 Bolt M 105786 014107 4 not
9 Right Holder A520 521 29 40 1 not
IDPart Name EnglishPart NumberQuantity
1StandA387 522 02 924
2Mudguard BracketA260 520 00 404
3Mudguard Assenbly520 520 00 284
4BoltM 105782 0100504
5NutM 106187 0100034
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