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Rear Suspension
Beiben Rear Suspension
Throttle Cable Assembly Module
Beiben Throttle Cable Assembly Module

Beiben Auxiliary Support

Beiben Auxiliary Support is a comprehensive system designed to ensure optimal support and stability for various applications. This system consists of several key components, including the Bracket Assembly, Bracket, Cushion Plate, Bearing Shell Assembly, Bolt, Nut, Nuts, and Washers.

Product Parameters of Beiben Auxiliary Support

Auxiliary Support
  • The Bracket Assembly serves as the main framework, providing a solid foundation for the support system. It is meticulously engineered to withstand heavy loads and extreme conditions, guaranteeing reliable performance.
  • The Bracket, a vital component, is designed to securely hold and position the auxiliary support system. It is manufactured with precision and durability in mind, ensuring long-lasting stability.
  • To enhance the overall performance and minimize vibrations, the Cushion Plate is strategically placed between the Bracket and the supported equipment. This cushioning effect helps absorb shocks and vibrations, maintaining stability during operation.
  • The Bearing Shell Assembly plays a crucial role in the system, facilitating smooth movement and reducing friction. It is carefully crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring efficient operation and prolonging the lifespan of the support system.
  • The Bolt, Nut, Nuts, and Washers form the fastening elements of the Beiben Auxiliary Support system. Designed to provide secure and reliable connections, these components undergo rigorous testing to guarantee optimal performance. They are manufactured to precise specifications, ensuring proper installation and long-term functionality.
  • In summary, the Beiben Auxiliary Support system encompasses various meticulously engineered components, such as the Bracket Assembly, Bracket, Cushion Plate, Bearing Shell Assembly, Bolt, Nut, Nuts, and Washers. These components work together to deliver exceptional support, stability, and longevity for a wide range of applications.
2403058-Auxiliary Support
ID#Accessory CodeAccessory NameAvailability for saleBicycle usage
1030 240 32 40Bracket Assemblyyes1
2030 240 33 40Bracket Assemblyyes1
3506 242 22 05Bracketyes2
4030 242 02 84Cushion Plateyes2
5881 240 00 19Bearing shell assemblyyes2
6520 240 25 40Bracket assemblyyes1
7105789 014090Boltyes4
8106187 014009Nutyes4
9106184 012009Nutsyes4
10100096 012000Washersyes4
11105789 012091Washersyes4
12106187 012009Nutsyes4
13100096 012000Washersyes4
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