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Beiben Lateral Stabilizer Module
Beiben Lateral Stabilizer Module
Beiben Plate Spring And Balance Suspension Connection Module
Beiben Plate Spring And Balance Suspension Connection Module

Beiben Balanced Suspension And Crossbeam Module

  • The Beiben Balanced Suspension And Crossbeam Module is a state-of-the-art assembly designed to optimize vehicle performance and ensure a smooth and stable ride. This module consists of several key components, including:
  • Balance Suspension Assembly: The heart of the module, this advanced suspension system effectively distributes the load and minimizes vibrations, resulting in improved comfort and handling.
  • Labeling: Each component is carefully labeled, ensuring easy identification and hassle-free installation.
  • Reinforcement Plate: This sturdy plate adds strength and durability to the module, enhancing its overall structural integrity.

Product Parameters of Beiben Balanced Suspension And Crossbeam Module

Beiben Balanced Suspension And Crossbeam Module
  • Bolt: High-quality bolts secure the various components together, providing a secure and reliable connection.

  • Nut: Nuts, designed to complement the bolts, are utilized to fasten the components tightly, ensuring stability and preventing loosening.

  • Bracket: The module features robust brackets that securely hold and support the suspension components, aiding in the distribution of weight and optimizing vehicle performance.

  • Crossbeam: The crossbeam, a key structural component, offers additional support and stability, allowing for improved maneuverability and control.

  • Angle iron: Utilized in the module’s construction, the angle iron provides added reinforcement, enhancing the overall strength and resilience.

  • Reinforcement: Additional reinforcement is strategically placed throughout the module to further enhance its durability and longevity.

  • Nuts: Multiple nuts are employed to secure the various components together, ensuring a tight and secure fit.

  • Rivet: Rivets are utilized to join certain components, providing a strong and permanent connection.

  • Mating Bolts: These specialized bolts are used to connect compatible components, allowing for seamless integration within the module.

  • The Beiben Balanced Suspension And Crossbeam Module is a reliable, high-performance solution that offers optimal stability, comfort, and longevity for vehicles. Its meticulously engineered design, combined with the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship, ensures a smooth and safe ride, making it an excellent choice for a variety of applications.
Balanced Suspension And Crossbeam Module
Parts No.Accessory NameAvailability for saleBicycle usage
260 320 03 23Balance Suspension Assemblyyes1
601 584 51 24Labelingyes1
520 325 01 54Reinforcement Plateyes1
914112 020187Boltyes12
914112 020107Boltyes8
913012 020007Nutyes12
520 325 03 10Bracketyes2
105785 014030Boltyes4
520 312 04 24Crossbeamyes2
520 312 03 41Angle ironyes4
520 312 02 60Reinforcementyes2
105786 014102Boltyes12
106184 014101Nutsyes12
100867 012381Rivetyes4
100867 012321Rivetyes4
520 990 01 14Mating Boltsyes4
106184 012000Rivetyes4
000 312 14 71Boltyes12
000 312 12 71Boltyes10
914112 016342Boltyes4
000 312 36 71Boltyes8
000 312 37 71Boltyes4
913012 016002Nutsyes28
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