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Beiben Oil Quantity Sensor
Beiben Oil Quantity Sensor
Beiben Fuel Filter
Beiben Fuel Filter

Beiben Fixation Of Fuel Tank

  • The Beiben Fixation Of Fuel Tank is a robust and reliable system designed to securely fasten the fuel tank of Beiben vehicles. It consists of various components that work together to ensure the safe and stable positioning of the fuel tank during vehicle operation.
  • Bracket Assembly: The bracket assembly is a crucial component of the fixation system. It is made of high-quality materials and is precisely engineered to provide a strong and sturdy support structure for the fuel tank. The bracket assembly is designed to withstand the vibrations and impacts encountered during vehicle operation.
  • Rubber Pad: The rubber pad is placed between the bracket assembly and the fuel tank. It acts as a cushioning material, absorbing vibrations and reducing the risk of damage to the fuel tank. The rubber pad also helps to isolate the fuel tank from the chassis, minimizing the transmission of vibrations and ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Product Parameters of Beiben Fixation Of Fuel Tank

Beiben Fixation Of Fuel Tank
  • Gasket: The gasket is used to create a secure seal between the fuel tank and the bracket assembly. It prevents fuel leakage and protects against the ingress of dust, dirt, and moisture. The gasket is made of durable and resistant materials that can withstand the harsh conditions encountered during vehicle operation.

  • Bolt: Bolts are used to tightly fasten the bracket assembly to the vehicle chassis. They are made of high-strength materials and are designed to provide secure and reliable anchoring of the fuel tank. The bolts are resistant to corrosion and can withstand the forces and stresses exerted on the fuel tank during vehicle operation.

  • Nut: Nuts are used in conjunction with bolts to secure the bracket assembly in place. They provide additional stability and help to prevent loosening of the fixation system. The nuts are manufactured to precise specifications and are designed to withstand the mechanical stresses encountered during vehicle operation.

  • Pins: Pins are used to connect various components of the fixation system together. They are inserted through aligned holes in the bracket assembly and other parts, providing a secure and stable connection. The pins are robust and durable, ensuring the integrity of the fixation system.

  • Cotter Pin: Cotter pins are inserted through the ends of pins to prevent them from accidentally slipping out and loosening the fixation system. They provide an additional level of security and ensure that the pins remain firmly in place during vehicle operation.

  • Nut: Nuts are used to secure the cotter pins in place. They are tightened to prevent any movement or loosening of the cotter pins, ensuring the overall stability of the fixation system.

  • Clamping Belt Assembly: The clamping belt assembly is an essential component of the fixation system. It is designed to securely hold the fuel tank in place and prevent any unnecessary movement or vibration. The clamping belt assembly is adjustable and can be tightened as per the specific requirements of the fuel tank.

  • The Beiben Fixation Of Fuel Tank system is meticulously designed and manufactured to provide a secure and reliable mounting system for the fuel tank. It ensures the safe and stable positioning of the fuel tank, minimizing the risk of damage or fuel leakage during vehicle operation. This fixation system is built to withstand the demanding conditions of various terrains and enhances the overall safety and performance of Beiben vehicles.
Fixation Of Fuel Tank
Parts No.Accessory NameAvailability for saleBicycle usage
520 470 22 42Bracket Assemblyyes1
389 470 02 42Bracket Assemblyyes1
363 475 04 20Rubber Padyes2
363 475 05 20Gasketyes2
105786 014100Boltyes8
106184 012100Nutyes2
100880 016230Pinsyes2
100091 040110Cotter Pinyes4
106184 014101Nutyes8
346 470 53 40Clamping Belt Assemblyyes2
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