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The 9.3 military parade of Beiben heavy truck has attracted much attention

  • On September 3, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War, a military parade unprecedented in China’s history focused the world’s attention again. The grand military parade, the spectacular mass parade and the passionate song of Victory Day showed the world the momentum and awe-inspiring dignity of a new China. In the rolling torrent of steel, by 16 Taipei rush Beiben heavy truck carrying a military equipment transport team through Tian’anmen Square, mighty momentum, firm “pace”, hold up the Chinese weapons north to help the motherland strong defense of the Chinese dream.


North rush heavy card with excellent quality to accept the inspection of the motherland and the people

  • In modern wars, whoever has first-hand information has a better chance of winning. China north industry group north rush heavy vehicles group co., LTD. In line with the warrior life highly responsible, highly responsible for national defense security, develop advanced technology, excellent quality, excellent performance, at the same time with high mobility, high reliability, simple maintenance advantages of north heavy card, therefore by the Chinese people’s liberation army’s general equipment department as a military equipment special bearing chassis.
  • As a bearing chassis, beiben heavy truck is a mature off-road model of China. The vehicle adopts the building block modular design, which can meet the different requirements of the chassis bearing interface through functional matching. The parts used in the chassis have good versatility and interchangeability with the existing vehicles. The model has the advantages of light preparation weight, strong off-road ability, good mobility, convenient control, long service life, simple maintenance and so on, and a large number of equipment for various arms.


  • The 16 Taipei Beiben heavy truck participating in the parade are all active vehicles drawn from all over the country, some of which have been in service for more than 10 years. They travel in the mountains, snow fields, islands, Gobi desert across the motherland, no matter in the southern coastal high salt and humid islands, or the northern dry and cold region, high altitude and strong ultraviolet light, the working environment is extremely bad, but they still meet the use needs with high attendance. It is because of the reliable performance of the Beiben heavy truck, safe driving environment and excellent performance under harsh working conditions, the two appearances in the parade, accept the inspection of the motherland and the people.

“Three guarantees, one defense and four in one” to ensure the success of the north rush heavy card reading

  • The parade is not only the military appearance of the troops, but also a great review of the reliability of military equipment, but also a great review of the after-sales service support level of Chinese weapons. Since receiving the support task, China ordnance attaches great importance to it, immediately set up the military parade support project team, and resolutely organized the military parade support work in accordance with the important instruction spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping, to ensure that the parade equipment “zero hidden trouble, zero fault, zero anchor”.
  • In order to ensure that the equipment is safe, China North has specially set up an excellent support team composed of 16 people, such as research and development, quality assurance, technical services, spare parts, engine manufacturers, gearbox manufacturers and other units. The members of the guarantee group are all elite talents with strong professional ability and high experience level from related fields. After receiving the equipment, due to the large differences in the area of the vehicle and the working environment, the support team formulated a unified centralized remediation plan of “three guarantees, one prevention and four in one” according to the field inspection of the status of the assembled vehicles. Before the basic training, centralized training, rehearsal and formal reading, the centralized maintenance and maintenance work plans, such as centralized maintenance and renovation, emergency treatment, daily inspection and maintenance. In the whole process of more than half a year, the support group organized six centralized maintenance and rectification, and completed the whole process from the unification of the technical status to the problem of all zero.


  • At the same time in order to be able to achieve the best training effect in a short time, security group special coordinate a same model chassis, organization maintenance personnel to real vehicle training, at the same time to driving personnel “vehicle transport matters needing attention”, “driving precautions at night”, “north rush Beiben heavy truck vehicle training manual”, “emergency handling manual”, through theoretical study to guide practice, through practice theory memory. The professional quality and hard work of the support team have been affirmed and praised by the troops for many times in the process of vehicle training and actual combat rehearsal.
  • With the victory of the parade through Tian’anmen, safely arrived at the assembly place, marking the Chinese weapons north rush Beiben heavy truck to participate in the parade of 16 Taipei rush Beiben heavy truck successfully completed the task, the realization of the north rush ” fight for honor, fight for commitment, fight for responsibility!”Of The military parade oath division.
  • From the Central Plains to the vast frontier, the north of the country is all over the country, from the island coast to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the north has conquered the snow mountains and islands. The equipment team marching in front of Tian’anmen Square not only carries the blood and sweat of the people, but also the best proof of the courage to shoulder the responsibility and help the motherland to strengthen the army. Looking forward to tomorrow, China ordnance north truck will never stop on the journey of serving the national defense construction. I believe that in the near future, the newer and stronger north Beiben heavy truck will carry the more advanced main battle equipment to accept the greater inspection of the motherland and the people.
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