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Beiben Tail Crossbeam Module
Beiben Tail Crossbeam Module
Beiben Plate Spring And Axle Connection Module
Beiben Plate Spring And Axle Connection Module

Beiben Plate Spring And Frame Connection Module

  • The Beiben Plate Spring and Frame Connection Module is an essential component of the vehicle’s suspension system. It consists of several key parts that work together to ensure stability and support.
  • Front Leaf Spring Front Bracket: This bracket is responsible for connecting the front leaf spring to the frame, providing a secure attachment point.
  • Left Front Leaf Spring Center Bracket: Mounted in the center, it helps to distribute the weight evenly and enhances the overall stability of the front leaf spring.
  • Right Front Leaf Spring Center Bracket: Similar to the left front bracket, it supports the right front leaf spring and helps maintain proper alignment.
  • Hexagonal Mating Bolts: These bolts are used to secure the brackets and leaf springs in place, ensuring a strong and reliable connection.

Product Parameters of Beiben Plate Spring And Frame Connection Module

Beiben Plate Spring And Frame Connection Module
  • Nut: The nut is used in conjunction with the hexagonal bolts to fasten the components securely.

  • Bolt: Bolts are used for attaching various brackets and parts together, providing additional stability.

  • Left Front Leaf Spring Rear Bracket: This bracket is positioned at the rear end of the left front leaf spring, providing support and preventing excessive movement.

  • Right Front Leaf Spring Rear Bracket: Similar to the left front rear bracket, it is located at the rear end of the right front leaf spring, ensuring stability and alignment.

  • Lug Assembly: The lug assembly serves as a connection point between the leaf springs and the frame, facilitating movement and absorbing shocks.

  • Plate Spring Pins: These pins are essential for attaching the plate springs securely to the brackets, allowing for proper suspension movement.

  • Steel Plate Spring Pins: Similar to plate spring pins, these are made of steel and provide a durable connection between the plate springs and the brackets.

  • Spring Pins: These pins work in conjunction with the plate spring pins to hold the plate springs in place securely.

  • Grease nipple: The grease nipple is used for lubrication purposes, ensuring smooth movement of the components and reducing friction.

  • Wedge bolts: Wedge bolts are employed for adjusting the tension of the plate springs, allowing for fine-tuning of the suspension system.

  • Washers: Washers are used alongside bolts and nuts to distribute the load and prevent damage to the components.

  • Spacer: Spacers are utilized to maintain proper spacing and alignment between different parts of the connection module.

  • Gasket: The gasket provides a sealing function, preventing the ingress of dirt and moisture into the connection module.

  • Seals: Seals help to prevent leakage of lubrication and maintain the desired performance of the suspension system.

  • O-Rings: O-Rings are employed as seals to prevent the leakage of fluids and ensure the effective functioning of the connection module.

  • In conclusion, the Beiben Plate Spring and Frame Connection Module consists of various components that work together to provide stability, support, and flexibility in the vehicle’s suspension system. These parts are carefully designed and engineered for reliable and efficient performance, ensuring a smooth and comfortable driving experience.
Plate Spring And Frame Connection Module
Parts No.Accessory NameAvailability for saleBicycle usage
620 322 05 01ront Leaf Spring Front Bracketyes2
624 322 00 01Left Front Leaf Spring Center Bracketyes1
624 322 01 01Right Front Leaf Spring Center Bracketyes1
656 990 00 14Hexagonal Mating Boltsyes4
387 990 02 14Hexagonal Mating Boltsyes4
106184 016100Nutyes8
105785 016049Boltyes8
003 990 43 04Boltyes4
106184 016100Nutyes12
624 322 02 03Left Front Leaf Spring Rear Bracketyes1
624 322 03 03Right front leaf spring rear bracketyes1
105785 016049Boltyes4
003 990 43 04Boltyes4
106184 016100Nutyes10
105786 016104Boltyes2
387 320 01 62Lug Assemblyyes2
624 320 00 62Lug Assemblyyes2
395 322 04 30Plate Spring Pinsyes6
395 322 03 30Steel Plate Spring Pinsyes2
624 322 00 30Spring Pinsyes2
071412 010300Grease nippleyes12
352 990 03 37Wedge boltsyes10
100097 010200Washersyes10
106184 010003Nutsyes10
352 323 03 76Spaceryes16
352 323 09 76Gasketyes8
002 997 31 40Sealsyes24
004 997 50 48O-Ringsyes4
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