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Highest Quality Howo Refrigerator Truck
Sinotruk Gearbox Price
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Howo Compression Garbage Truck

  • There are many kinds of sanitation garbage trucks, among which the compressed garbage truck is the most advanced, quite technical, and has a large loading capacity and high compression ratio. In the market segment of compressed garbage truck, the demand for large compressed garbage truck is high because it can not only be used as a mobile compressor station, but also can be docked with the compressor station to transfer the garbage into a block. As a kind of fully sealed special equipment that specializes in collecting and clearing garbage, the heavy-duty howo production national six compressed garbage truck garbage truck is efficient, convenient and easy to operate. It is generally used for urban sanitation and garbage collection and disposal. It has the function of automatically compressing and dumping the collected garbage, and its sewage compartment stores the sewage in the process of compressing to avoid the leakage and spillage of sewage and garbage, thus eliminating the secondary pollution.
Howo Compression Garbage Truck
item value
Applicable Industries Construction works
Showroom Location None
Video outgoing-inspection Provided
Machinery Test Report Provided
Marketing Type New Product 2020
Core Components Engine, Gearbox, Motor
Type Compactor
Place of Origin China
Warranty 1 Year

howo compression garbage truck2_800x600

Cab of Compression Garbage Truck

  • The whole vehicle is 9m8 long, 2m55 wide and 3m25 high, with a total mass of 18 tons. It is equipped with a wide-body and wide-sleeping cab of Hoover N5W, standard airbag main seat + vice simple seat, domestic steering machine, and intelligent D version of China Heavy Duty Truck.
  • The large polygonal grille in the lower part of the whole lower face of the vehicle has awesome design aesthetics, and it can increase the air intake ventilation of the front hood to accelerate the cooling demand of the high-power engine. The red buttons for emergency stop are set on both sides of the rear of the filler, which can facilitate the operator to stop the operation in case of emergency and improve the safety of using the vehicle. In addition, the headlights, turn signals and fog lights adopt the cage one-piece design and are installed on the left and right sides of the bumper, and low-angle lighting is considered to improve safe driving. There are extended mirrors on both sides of the cab and additional blind mirrors on the right side of the cab, which can reduce the driver’s visual blindness and increase the visual angle, and further improve safe driving. The size, depth and flexibility of the door handle design are kept at a certain degree, which ensures the aesthetic design of the whole vehicle on the one hand, and enhances the hand feeling in the process of buckling and pulling on the other hand, making the driver’s action more rapid.
  • The whole cargo cab get on and off the foot pedal, using openwork not embroidered hollow design, non-slip and resistant to step, so that the driver and passenger get on and off the cab more convenient and safer. Bright yellow rectangular side corridor lights are installed at the lower end of both sides of the vehicle and kept at the same horizontal position to consider the aesthetic effect of the whole vehicle and to ensure that the vehicle can warn the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians when it is working. Driver-centered design concept cab four-point full floating structure, effectively reduce cab vibration, reduce driving fatigue, cab rear suspension using transverse shock absorbers, effectively increase the stability of the cab performance. Air suspension seat, with height adjustment, backrest lumbar support heating, steel adjustment, rapid inflation and deflation, etc., to ensure the best state of the driver when driving.
Howo Compression Garbage Truck
item value
Cab One
Certification: ISO9000,CCC
Driving Type LHD
Usage Collecting Domestic Garbage

Engine of Compression Garbage Truck

  • In terms of power, the vehicle is equipped with Weichai 220 hp engine with a maximum power of 162 KW and a maximum torque of 800 Nm. Matching with the engine is HW95508STC transmission + HW45ZC flange-type extractor. Powerful power, heavy-duty D10.31-40. engine. With the characteristics of low speed and high torque, it can output the maximum torque at rpm and wide range of economic speed, which not only saves energy and fuel, but also ensures the power output demand.
Howo Compression Garbage Truck
item value
Loading capacity 10 Tons
Engine power 210hp

howo compression garbage truck3

Transmission of Compression Garbage Truck

  • The manual gear of the cargo adopts infinitely variable speed, changing the transmission ratio, expanding the range of driving wheel torque and speed change to adapt to the frequently changing driving conditions, and enabling the cargo to drive backwards with the engine rotation direction unchanged. The use of neutral gears interrupts the power transmission so that the engine can start and shift, and facilitates the transmission to shift gears or make power output. With dual control system, manual and automatic switch freely. It has both manual and automatic control methods, which can be used interchangeably and complementarily for convenience and worry-free, and ensures efficient operation.
Howo Compression Garbage Truck
Transmission Type Automatic
Emission Standard Euro 4

Garbage compartment

  • Sealed garbage compartment, high quality steel plate, environmentally friendly sealing. The front right side of the compartment is equipped with an inlet and an automatic lifting loading device. There is an automatic door at the rear of the compartment, which can be opened automatically when unloading. In the manufacturing of high-quality steel plate made of Wuhan Iron and Steel, the bottom plate of the box can be installed with stainless steel plate to ensure the smoothness of the medium self-unloading, while the bottom of the box can be installed with anti-freezing settings according to the seasonal temperature of the region to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle.
  • 200L aluminum alloy fuel tank and urea tank are installed side by side in the safety barrier on one side of the vehicle, while the battery, gas storage tank and spare tire are safely in the safety barrier on the other side of the vehicle. inside. The upper arc-shaped box is made of high-strength Q345 manganese steel with good toughness, effective volume of 14 square and strong impact resistance. Adopt controller intelligent control system, with automatic, manual double sets of operation, can be in the cab, the rear of the vehicle on both sides and other integrated multi-bit control garbage truck operation, convenient and efficient. The rear part of the box is equipped with a bucket lifting mechanism as standard, and the overturning arm is controlled by oil cylinder, which has the characteristics of smooth overturning without slipping, safety and reliability. It can also be equipped with different tipping mechanisms according to different users’ garbage collection, such as semi-sealed triangle bucket, fully sealed floor bucket, swing arm mechanism, etc. The whole vehicle box is sealed garbage compartment body adopts high quality steel plate to achieve good effect of environmental protection sealing and effectively prevent secondary pollution, and the box body and the whole vehicle constitute an excellent assembly line strip. Diversified tipping mechanism, multi-capacity and diversified. Including rear hanging barrel type as well as garbage can type and other diversified tipping (barrel) system, able to lift a variety of capacity of garbage cans. Capable of tipping 300L garbage iron bucket, 800L small garbage bucket, 250L plastic garbage bucket, 1400L sealed cover type garbage bucket, etc.
Howo Compression Garbage Truck
item value
Container volume 15m3

Chassis of Compression Garbage Truck

  • This heavy-duty truck is equipped with a good chassis, which not only has a strong load-bearing performance, but also takes into account the comfort and cost performance, so it is believed that this compressed garbage truck will have a good market demand after it is listed. The special chassis is designed according to the concept of maximizing customer value and based on long time and multi-angle research and cooperation with international heavy truck experts, so that our customers can really experience the superb operation function of the truck. The overall structure is reasonable and compact, and the sealing and gap degree of each connecting part is the highest level in China at present.
Howo Compression Garbage Truck
item value
Axle 3 Axles
Weight (KG) 2560kg

Othersof Compression Garbage Truck

  • The hydraulic system uses high quality oil cylinder No leakage, through which the system can realize automatic lifting loading and automatic unloading special function. The use of high-quality lifting oil cylinder, operating valve, ferrule type joint, high pressure hose and high pressure steel pipe are reasonably installed, while a reliable fixing device is arranged to ensure that there is no leakage for a long time, to achieve reliability, easy maintenance and extended service life. The filler lifting cylinder adopts the thickened cylinder made by well-known manufacturers, which is of reliable quality and long service life. To ensure operational safety, a two-way balancing valve is set on the lifting oil cylinder, and the filler will not suddenly fall during the lifting process, even if the oil pipe bursts, causing a vicious accident. There are two sewage tanks on one side of the vehicle and the lower part of the filler, making full use of the whole vehicle space, the maximum sewage holding capacity can reach about 300L, effectively preventing the secondary pollution caused by sewage leakage. The vehicle is equipped with 6 Tire Company 10.00R20 all-steel radial tires, 1094 self-aligning arm front axle, MCJ09BGY self-aligning arm single rear axle, 5.29 speed ratio, (7+4/250) double-layer frame, (7/7+3) front and rear standard version of multi-leaf springs and other configurations, so that the vehicle has a strong load-bearing performance.
Howo Compression Garbage Truck
item value
Tire number 6 Tire Garbage Compactor
Drive Wheel 6×4
Gross Vehicle Weight 2560
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