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Foton Front Wall Fender Assembly
Foton Front Wall Fender Assembly
Foton Bonnet Extension Assembly
Foton Bonnet Extension Assembly

Foton Cooling Water Pump And Fan Assembly

The Foton Cooling Water Pump and Fan Assembly is a crucial component in the cooling system of Foton vehicles. It consists of various parts that work together to ensure efficient and reliable cooling performance. Here is a detailed description of the assembly:

Product Parameters of Foton Cooling Water Pump And Fan Assembly

Cooling Water Pump And Fan Assembly
  • BOLT: This sturdy bolt is used to securely fasten the components together, ensuring stability and durability.
    Fan Belt Pulley Hub: The hub serves as a central connection point for the fan belt, enabling smooth and reliable power transfer.
    Retainer Ring: The retainer ring securely holds the components in place, preventing any unwanted movement during operation.
    Bearing Spacer Ring: This ring provides proper spacing and alignment for the bearings, ensuring smooth rotation and reducing friction.
    Thrust Ring: The thrust ring helps to distribute the axial load evenly, preventing excessive wear and improving the lifespan of the assembly.
    Water Pump Shaft: This shaft connects the impeller to the drive system, enabling the circulation of coolant throughout the engine.
    Washer: The washer provides a level surface for parts to be tightened against, reducing the risk of leaks and ensuring a secure fit.
    Water Pump Housing: The housing encloses the water pump components and provides support, preventing any damage due to external forces.
    Oil Cup: The oil cup is responsible for lubricating the water pump bearings, reducing friction and extending their lifespan.
    Washer 8: Similar to the washer mentioned earlier, this washer ensures proper tightening and prevents leaks.
    Water Pump Housing Liner: The liner is designed to protect the water pump housing from corrosion, extending its durability.
    Water Pump Gasket: The gasket creates a watertight seal between the water pump and the engine, preventing any coolant leakage.
    Back Plate: This plate provides additional support to the water pump assembly, enhancing its stability during operation.
    Water Pump Gear: The gear transfers power from the engine to the water pump, driving the circulation of coolant.
    Water Seal: The water seal ensures a watertight connection between the water pump and the engine, preventing any coolant leaks.
    Water Pump Connector: The connector serves as an interface between the water pump and other cooling system components, facilitating the flow of coolant.
    Gasket: The gasket creates a tight seal between different parts of the assembly, preventing any leakage of coolant or air.
    Washer Q235-AF: This washer, made of Q235-AF material, provides strength and stability to the assembly.
    Fan: The fan draws air through the radiator, promoting efficient cooling by dissipating heat.
    Water Inlet Pipe: The water inlet pipe serves as the entry point for coolant into the cooling system, ensuring proper flow.
    20 and 21. Water Inlet Pipe Gasket: These gaskets create a secure seal between the water inlet pipe and the engine, preventing any coolant leakage.
    Fan Gasket: The fan gasket ensures a tight fit between the fan and the surrounding components, minimizing noise and vibration.
    Fan Belt Pulley: The pulley connects the fan to the engine, allowing it to be rotated and promoting effective cooling.
    Nut: The nut is used to securely fasten various components together, ensuring their stability during operation.
    Fan: This component, also known as the radiator fan, helps to regulate the temperature of the coolant by drawing air through the radiator.
    Bearing: The bearing provides smooth rotation and support to the fan, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.
  • The Foton Cooling Water Pump and Fan Assembly is designed for optimal performance and durability, providing efficient cooling for Foton vehicles. With its high-quality components and precise engineering, it ensures reliable operation in various conditions, contributing to the longevity and performance of the cooling system.
No. Code Description Quantity
1 GBT5782-M8X45 BOLT 4
10 495B-42001 FAN BELT PULLEY HUB 1
11 GBT893.1-40 RETAINER RING 1
12 GBT287-6203 BEARING 2
14 495B-42012 THRUST RING 1
15 495B-42002 WATER PUMP SHAFT 1
16 GBT5782-M8X70 BOLT 1
17 GBT96-8 WASHER 1
17 GBT96-8 WASHER 1
18 495B-42004 WATER PUMP HOUSING 1
19 GBT1152-1989 OIL CUP 1
2 GBT93-8 WASHER 8 4
21 GBT5782-M8X65 BOLT 3
22 490BT-42011 WATER PUMP GASKET 1
23 490BT-42006 BACK PLATE 1
24 495B-42008 WATER PUMP GEAR 1
25 JBT5086-1991 WATER SEAL 1
27 490BT-42011-1A GASKET 1
29 495B-42011 WASHER Q235-AF 1
3 Z420-28-52-7 FAN 1
3 Z420-28-52-7 FAN 1
30 GBT93-8 WASHER 8 1
32490BT-01011-3WATER INLET PIPE1
4490B-41003-4FAN GASKET1
7GBT6178-M10NUT 1
8GBT93-10WASHER 101
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