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Throttle Pedal Assembly Module
Beiben Throttle Pedal Assembly Module
Beiben Frame Assembly
Beiben Frame Assembly Module

Beiben Engine Module

The Beiben Engine Module encompasses a range of essential components that contribute to the efficient functioning of the engine system. This module includes the following components:

Product Parameters of Beiben Engine Module

Engine Module
  • Starter Controllers: These controllers play a crucial role in initiating the engine startup process. They provide the necessary electrical signals to engage the starter motor, enabling smooth engine ignition.
  • Preheat Electronic Controller: The preheat electronic controller ensures optimal combustion by regulating the preheating system. It monitors the engine temperature and activates the glow plugs or preheaters, facilitating easier engine starts, especially in cold weather conditions.
  • Starter Preheat Relays: These relays are responsible for controlling the preheating system. They receive signals from the preheat electronic controller and engage the necessary components, such as glow plugs or preheaters, to achieve efficient combustion during engine startup.
  • Screw: The screw is an integral fastening component used in the assembly of the engine module. It securely holds various parts together, reinforcing structural integrity and preventing any loose connections.
  • Brake Light Switch: The brake light switch is a safety feature within the engine module. It detects brake pedal activation and sends signals to the brake lights, illuminating them and alerting following vehicles of the braking action.
  • Nut: Nuts are used as fasteners in the engine module assembly. They provide a secure connection and prevent loosening of components due to engine vibrations or external forces.
  • Clip Strap: The clip strap offers organization and secure placement for wiring harnesses and cables within the engine module. It prevents any tangling or interference, ensuring proper functioning and reliability of the electrical connections.

Together, the Beiben Engine Module with Starter Controllers, Preheat Electronic Controller, Starter Preheat Relays, Screw, Brake Light Switch, Nut, and Clip Strap seamlessly integrates these components to optimize engine performance and ensure safe and efficient operation.

5429058-Engine Module
ID# Accessory Code Accessory Name Availability for sale Bicycle usage
1 207 545 03 05 Starter Controllers yes 1
2 506 545 14 05 Starter preheat relays yes 1
3 506 545 16 32 Preheat Electronic Controller yes 1
4 100818 005072 Screw yes 2
5 100818 005072 Screw yes 2
6 000 545 69 09 Brake Light Switch yes 1
7 000 990 92 51 Nut yes 1
8 001 997 83 90 Clip Strap yes 1
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