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Truck Chassis Components
2024 China’s High-Quality Foton Chassis Components Prices
Foton Cab Parts
2024 Most Popular Foton Cab Parts Price
Truck Chassis Components
2024 China’s High-Quality Foton Chassis Components Prices
Foton Cab Parts
2024 Most Popular Foton Cab Parts Price

2024 Foton Customized Truck Engine Parts Price


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Engine Parts Price

In 2024, truck owners and fleet managers in need of high-quality and customized engine parts should consider the latest offer from Foton. This article specifically explores the prices of Foton’s customized engine parts for trucks.

Customized engine parts: What are they?

Engine parts for trucks are critical components for a vehicle’s performance and longevity. Customized engine parts refer to parts that are tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of a truck.

Foton: A leading manufacturer of customized engine parts

Foton is a trusted manufacturer of customized engine parts in China. They have a team of experts whose main responsibility is to develop and manufacture innovative engine parts that suit the needs of their customers.

Why choose customized engine parts?

Customized engine parts are beneficial because they are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements and specifications of a truck. They also enhance performance, fuel efficiency, and lower the risk of engine failure.

Engine Parts Price

NoPart NoPart NamePriceTitle
1612600130177Air Compressor Assy $1.00 sinotruk howo air compressor VG1560130080A WD615 612600130070 612600130777 612600130408 61800130043 612600130177
2612600130173Air Compressor Gear $0.50 Weichai Engine Euro 2 Engine Air Compressor Gear 612600130173
3612600130047Bush $130.00 air compressor 612600130047 weichai air compressor
4612600130046Clamping Nut $0.01 304 Stainless Steel Nylon Lock Nut Insert Hex Self Clamping Silver
5409020045Shim $0.01 Customized stainless steel sealing thin flat shim washer
690003070092Oil Seal $0.10 90003070030 90003070092 VG1093130003 Howo Sinotruk Air Compressor Double Cylinder Oil Seal
761500130097Oil Sealseat $69.30 Air compressor oil seal seat
8612600030010Piston $5.00 SHACMAN TRUCK ENGINE PARTS PISTON KIT 612600030010
961560030013Piston Pin $5.00 ZG.LINK Brand PISTON PIN for sinotruck engine parts howo 2020 hot sale 61560030013
1081560030012Piston Pin Retaining Ring $0.15 Weichai Engine Piston pin circlip 4110000556068,WD615 Engine Piston pin circlip 81560030012
1161560030047Trapezoid Ring $1.00 ENGINE PISTON RING 61560030047 for SINOTRUK HOWO TRUCK parts
1261560030045Oil Ring $1.00 ORIGINAL FOTON TRUCK PARTS-Spring-backed oil piston ring (included in the piston)( 61560030045/61560030047/61560030048 )
1361500030008Connecting Rod Body $1.00 61500030009 61500030008 diesel bearing assembly engine connection rod for wheel loader
1461500030077Connecting Rod Bushing $1.00 High quality conrod bushing truck split bearing bush fit for Euro 3 / WP12 61500030077
16612600030020Connecting Rod Bearing Shell (Upperone) $3.55 Excavator parts Automatic con-rod Bearing 61560030033 connecting rod bearing 612600030020 fit for WD615
1781500030023Connecting Rod Bolt $0.80 Professional manufacture of WEICHAI WD615 Sinotruk Truck Connecting Rod Bolt 81500030023
18612600090080Temperature Sensor $4.92 ORIGINAL FOTON TRUCK PARTS-Temperature sensor/BJ4183SLFJA-2(612600090080)
1990003962607Hollow Bolt $50.00 hollow bolt screw China fastener manufacturer hollow threaded bolts with hole
20614070055Oil Pump Gasket $0.10 Runma 614070055 AZ1500070021A machinery rotor set hydraulic gasket engine oil pump for loader
2161500070082Strainer Assy $1.00 Sinotruk Howo & Shannxi Shancman Truck Parts,Weichai Power Oil Strainer Assembly 61500070082
22614070078Shim $50.00 High quality hot sale PC200/300/400 Undercarriage Parts Track Adjuster Assembly for Excavator Bulldozer Loader Parts
23614070061Oil Pump Intermediate Gear $0.10 Weichai STR Intermediate Gear 614070061 for Oil pump
2490003311410Radial Ball Bearing $0.45 31311 31311-B 90003311410 tapered roller bearing for Sinotruk HOWO Weichai Shacman Auto Spare Heavy Truck bearing
2590003934732Toothed Circlip For Hole $50.00 Customized stainless steel retaining ring for hole C type split retaining ring inner circlip
266140756Intermediate Gearshaft $1.00 China supplier hot sale Excavator Hydraulic cylinder Bulldozer Loader Parts
2761500070051Oil Filter Pedestalmodule $5.00 weichai WD615 engine parts WD10 WP12 Engine 61500070051 Oil Filter Seat
2861000070005Rotary Oil Filter Elementassy $1.30 Weichaidiesel Oil Filter 61000070005 Portable Universal Transmission Oil Pump Filter Centrifugal Oil Filter For Weichai Wd615
2961500010334Oil Cooler (8 Pcs) $6.30 sinotruk Shacman Truck Engine Parts diesel engine oil cooler core 61500010334
3061800010113Oil Cooler Cartridge (9Pcs) $1.00 Brand New Great Price Oil Cooler 61800010113 For Weichai Engine For Truck
3190003962051Light Duty Hexagon Head Cheese Head Plugscrew $50.00 High quality Factory Sale Hexagon Socket Head Bolt Stainless Steel Screws and Fasteners Hex Head Self Tapping Locking Screw
32AZ1500070097Pressure Limiting Valve Assy Main Oilway $1.00 Sinotruk howo parts AZ1500070097 Cylinder Pressure Limiting Valve
3390003862443Hexagon Socket Cheese Head Screw $30.00 AZ9731520024 front left spring bracket for truck engine parts
3490003862482Hexagon Socket Cheese Head Screw $0.01 Din 912 stainless steel hex socket head cap screw A2 SS304 SS316 Hexagon socket cap screw
35612600111809Intake Pipe $1.00 PINO Black Aluminum Intercooler Charge Pipe Intake Kit for 2007.5-2009 Dodge Cummins 6.7L
3661500110024Gasket Intake Pipe $0.17 Wholesale Sinotruk Howo Trucks Inlet Pipe Gaskets 61500110024 For Heavy Truck Engines
3790003800465Hexagon Head Bolt $1.00 High quality Weichai 90003800465 Screw for inlet pipe
3861560110226Clamp $1.00 use for Yutong bus WD615 engine turbo clip 61560110226
39612600111808Air Compressor Intake Pipe Assy $1.00 61560110131 Intake Manifold Sinotruk Shacman Truck Spare Parts 612600111808 612600113058
40609E110036Adjusting Washer $50.00 0.25 Adjusting Shims/Stainless Steel Gasket/din9021 Extra Thin Flat Washer
4161560050046ACover Plate $7.93 weichai Cover Plate 61560050046A WD615 WD10 WP12 Engine
4290003802424Hexagon Head Bolt $0.02 High quality hot sale 100/150/200 Ton Hydraulic Track Link Pin Press Portable Press Link Machine Bulldozer Loader Parts
4361560060050Water Pump Assy $40.00 WeChai Engine WD651 engine parts water pump assy with four slots 61560060050
44612600060446Annular Fan(Φ640) $1.00 612600060446 China Factory Supply SINOTRUK HOWO Truck Engine Spare Parts Engine Fan Blade for Heavy Truck
45614060024Water Pipe Joint Washer $4.20 Rotating Dirt Blaster Turbo Nozzle Pressure Washer Replace Part Fish Tank Aquarium Hose Valve Pipe Valve Quick Release Connector
4661560060022AWater Pipe Joint $5.70 61560060022 diesel engine 61560060022A Water pipe connector For weichai WD615 WD618 SINOTURK HOWO SHACMAN Water Pump Connectors
4761000060276Rubber Tube $1.00 weichai power parts rubber sac for truck 612600160003/61000060276
48614060135Thermostat Assy $5.00 use for yutong higer kingong bus WD615 digital thermostat 614060135
49612600060518Cooling Water Hose $1.00 Thermostat connector 612600060518 for Deutz High quality hot sale for Deutz
50614060008Water Pump Gasket $1.00 614060008 Water pump gasket for WD10 engine parts shandong Jinan Kuoe
5161560060069Tensioner Assy $13.50 TRUCK PARTS-Tensioning roller assembly(61560060069) for FOTON TRUCK
5261560080219Spring Connecting Sheet $0.10 61560080219 Flexible drive plate for sinoturk howo WD615 engine parts flexible drive plate
53612600111290Front Exhaustmanifold $7.00 High quality Front exhaust manifold 612600111290
54612600110856Front Thermalshroud $8.76 Suitable for Honda CB400X/500X general motorcycle modified stainless steel bumper body guard bar rear set
55612600110857Rear Thermalshroud $0.01 Ningbo factory Spiral Wound Gasket Expanded Ptfe
5661560110242Gasket Exhaust Pipe $0.50 Truck spare parts Weichai engine parts Exhaust pipe gasket 61560110242,used for Shcaman Dumper X3000, Howo truck
5761560110104Fixing Bolt Air Exhaustpipe $1.00 High quality hot sale SD23 SD32 SD32-C5 Bulldozer Loader Parts
58612600118895Hx50 Turbocharger $100.00 China engine parts, Turbocharger 612600118895 for weichai engine WD615 WD10 WP10 WP12
5961560110210Turbochargergasket $0.58 Weichai power engine WD615 WD10 WP12 Engine Gasket Turbocharger 61560110210
60612600110060Oil Inlet Pipe $1.00 612600110060 Turbocharger Oil Pipe Howo Truck Spare Parts 612600110361 612600112466
61609E110050Washer Oil Inlet Pipe $1.00 Factory Supply Discount Price EC 210 computer Prt no.14518349 control Bulldozer Loader Parts
6290003862428Hexagon Socket Cheese Headscrew $50.00 Factory Sale Hexagon Socket Head Bolt Stainless Steel Screws and Fasteners Hex Head Self Tapping Locking Screw
6361260110048Washer Oil Return Pipeflange $1.00 Factory Supply Discount Price TYS160-3 TY160-3 TS140-3CHW SD7K D5K2 D5R2 D7R D8T D9T Bulldozer Loader Parts
6461460070014Oil Return Pipe Bolt $1.00 Factory Supply Discount Price skeleton bucket for sale L68-C3 L76-C5 SE500LC-9 Bulldozer Loader Parts
6561500050096Camshaft $1.00 High Quality engine parts Camshaft Bearing 93742705 for Chevy Daewoo cars 93742705 61500050096
66614050053Camshaft Timing Gear $1.00 Genuine Assy Adjuster Variable Valve Sprocket Phaser Camshaft Timing Gear For 4Runner Lexus Tacoma Hilux 13050-75010
67614050133Camshaft Stop Washer(Pair) $1.00 Sinotruk Howo Trucks Engine Parts Camshaft Timing Gear 614050053
6861560050044Intermediate Gearshaft $2.00 China supplier hot sale SD16T SD20-C6 SD22 Bulldozer Loader Parts
6961560050053Intermediate Gear Assy $1.00 Sinotruk howo truck engine spare parts Idler Gear 61560050053
7061560050058Shaft $1.00 Factory Supply Discount Price 8t9079 3k9770 SE60-9 SE75-9 SE85-9 Bulldozer Loader Parts
7161560050045Baffle $0.10 sinotruk howo truck parts Intermediate gear shaft gasket 61560050045
7290003120602Seal Gasket $0.20 Factory direct price hot sale SR22M-C5 SR26-C5 SR26H-C5 Bulldozer Loader Parts
73612600050027Valve Rocker Armseat $1.00 612600050027 weichai power engine parts WP10 WD615 sinotruk truck WEVB valve rocker arm seat
74614050048Rocker Arm Intakevalve $1.90 Valve Rocker Arm Assy Shaft Assembly Set 614050119 614050048 614050049 Exhaust Air Valve Rocker Arm
75612600050059Rocker Arm Exhaustvalve $12.50 Engine Spare Parts Rocker arm 612600050059 use for shacman truck
7661500050105Valve Cap $0.10 Weichai Engine parts,engine valve cap,WD615 61500050105
7761500050025Intake Valve Locker $1.00 Original WEICHAI Engine Spare Parts 61500050025 Valve Lock Clip
7861500050109Valve Spring Upperseat $0.50 Spring Base 61500050109 Engine spare parts weichai
7961500050002Valve Outerspring $0.85 Sinotruk HOWO truck howo cabin spare parts sino truck parts wg2209280010 sino truck parts odometer sensor
8061500050001Valve Innerspring $0.85 Valve Spring 61500050001 61500050002 for Weichai STR engine
81612600050073Intake Valve $1.00 Weichai WP10 Diesel Engine Parts Air intake valve 612600050073
8261500050032Valve Tappet $1.00 Hot Selling Original Factory Valve Tappet 61500050032 for SINOTRUK HOWO Truck Engine Spare Parts
8381500050070Valve Push Rod Assy $1.56 Factory Outlet High Quality 81500050070 Valve Push Rod for WEICHAI WD615
84614050010Adjusting Screw Valveclearance $0.50 Hot sale SINOTRUK HOWO TRUCK PARTS 614050010 setting screw
852130050065Adjusting Nut Valve Clearance $0.30 New genuine accessories – adjusting nut 2130050065 for WP10
8661500040014Exhaust Valve Spring Lowerseat $0.10 Hot sale ORIGINAL FOTON TRUCK PARTS-Spring seat 61500040014
8761560050041Exhaust Valve $1.00 61560050041 exhaust valve for sinotruk spare parts hot sale truck parts High-quality
88612600050025Exhaust Valve $1.00 High quality 2.5” 63mm/3” 76mm Electric Stainless Exhaust Cutout Cut Out Dump Valve with Remote control roadster sound vacuum
8990003901409Cylindrical Pin $0.02 Titanium cylindrical dowel pins Internal threaded clevis pin stainless steel hollow dowel pin
9090003862566Hexagon Socket Cheese Head Screw $50.00 High quality hot sale D6D track link.Track chain Bulldozer Loader Parts
9161560080305Injector Assy $1.00 Superior Quality Diesel Injector Fuel Injector 61560080305 KBEL132P110 VG1560080305 For Howo WD 615.62/87
92614080082Washer $0.05 Wd615 Injection Copper Washer 614080082 for Weichai
93609070080Seal Gasket $0.20 ORIGINAL diesel engine spare parts Sealing ring washer sealing 609070080
9461500080090Hollow Bolt $0.09 Original WEICHAI Engine Spare Parts 61500080090 Oil Filter
9590003098018Composite Seal Gasket $0.01 Wheel Loader Chassis Part Plain Flat Washer Hole Aluminum Brass Steel Square Round Washer Fender Sealing 90003098018
96612600080568High Pressure Oil $4.76 High Pressure Fuel Injection Pipe 612600080568 612600081310 612600080368 truck engine parts
97AZ1560070025Lube Oil Return Pipe $1.00 JINAN SINOTRUK HOWO TRUCK ENGINE PARTS OIL RETURN PIPE AZ1560070025
9890003962621Hollow Bolt $0.10 Wholesale China Manufacturer Zinc Plated Spring Toggle Bolts Heavy Duty Drywall Anchors Hollow Drywall Screw Anchors 3/16with1/4
99612600040283Cylinder Head $10.00 High quality ISC 8.9 cylinder head assy for Cummins
10061560040057Intake Valve Seat $1.00 VG1540040006 intake valve seat ZG0078 ZG.Link brand for sinotruk shacman
10181560040037Exhaust Valve Seat $0.01 lowest price loader spare parts exhaust valve seat ring 81560040037 high guarantee engine parts exhaust valve seat for WD615
102612600040113Valve Guide $0.10 Valve guide 612600040113 for Shacman High quality Hot sale
103406060010Circular Seal Ring $0.01 Seal ring 406060010 for WD615 WD10 DIesel Engine spare parts
104612600040099Injector Bush $0.05 Nozzle cup 612600040099 for Deutz High quality hot sale for Deutz
10590003989294Bowl Shaped Plug $0.60 expansion plug 3007635 3900957 QSM11 M11 rubber expansion plug for dongfeng truck engine spare parts
10690003989277Bowl Shaped Plug $0.60 156075 Stainless steel Bowl-shaped ISC8.3 6CT 6CT8.3 Diesel Engine Air Intake Bowl Shaped Expansion Plug for cummins
10790003989721Bowl Shaped Plug $0.60 WEICHAI WD615, WP10, WD12 WATER PLUG, CORE HOLE PLUG 90003989294
10861500040049Cylinder Head Gasket $0.60 4HG1T 4HG1 Full Gasket Set Empaque Cylinder Head Gasket 5-87813-352-0 5-87813352-0
109612600040149Cylinder Head Hood $1.00 SHACMAN TRUCK PARTS ENGINE CYLINDER HEAD COVER for 612600040149
110614040021Cylinder Head Hood Gasket $0.60 Cylinder head gasket 61500040049 for Deutz High quality hot sale for Deutz
11161500040102Water Outlet Pipe $1.00 61500040102 Hot Selling Sinotruk HOWO Truck Accessories Engine Outlet Water Pipe for Heavy Truck
11261200040034Shouldered Nut $7.93 Construction machinery hot sale L36-C3 L36K-C3 L53-C3 Bulldozer Loader Parts
11361500040012Lifting Ring Clamping Block $7.93 High quality Sinotruk Engine 61500040012 made in China
114614010388Lifting Ring Screw $0.05 G80 alloy steel lifting screw point/Rotating screw ring/swivel lifting point
115612600040114Valve Stem Sealingbush $0.23 WEICHAI POWER WD615 Engine Valve Oil Seal,612600040114
11661500040023Cylinder Head Main Bolt $1.00 Genuine Wheel loader spare parts cylinder head Screw intake tube bolt 61500040023
11761500040009Clamping Block $7.93 PE PA OR PP Ring Lug Electrical wire connection terminal strip clamp terminal block
11861200040023Clamping Block $7.93 Fashion Attractive Design Competitive Price Spring Clamp Terminal Block
11990003800466Hexagon Head Bolt $50.00 DIN933 Steel Hex Head Bolts, boulon pernos y tuercas Stainless Steel Hex Bolt And Nut Hexagon head bolts
120612600010932Timing Gear Chamber $1.00 JINAN SINOTRUK HOWO TRUCK ENGINE PARTS TIMING GEAR HOUSING 612600010932
12161560010069Air Compressor Gear Cover $6.00 SINOTRUK HOWO truck air compressor gear cover 61560010069
122614010040Washer Air Compressor Gear Cover $0.10 WEICHAI parts,614010040 washer for Shacman HOWO truck
12361500010037Front Oilseal $1.00 SHACMAN F3000 truck spare parts WD615 crankshaft front oil seal 61500010037
12461500010008ACamshaft Gear Cover $1.00 weichai Gear Case Cover WD615 WD10 WP12 Engine 61500010008A Gear Case Cover
12590003901507Cylindrical Pin $0.01 Wholesale Threaded Flat Vent One Side Stainless Steel .312 M2x12mm Cylindrical Pin Locating Dowel
126612600011654Oil Cooler Cover $1.00 weichai engine parts cover diesel engine oil cooler cover 612600011654
127612600010575Flywheel House $1.00 China sinotruk howo truck wd615 engine parts flywheel housing 612600010575
128612600010611Oil Filler Pipe $1.00 Shacman heavy truck seal ring,Weichai seal ring 610800040003 610800080218 610800020110 1000578628 1000736496 612600010611
129612600010489Fuel Filler Pipe Cover Assy $0.60 SINOTRUK HOWO TRUCK ENGINE PARTS OIL TANK CAP 612600010489
13090003069303Shim $7.30 weichai WD615 WD10 WP12 Engine 90003069303 weichai Gasket kits
131612600010267Oil Gas Separator Module $4.00 Weichai Truck Parts Casting Exhaust Manifold 612600110855
13290003800467Hexagon Head Bolt $50.00 High quality hot sale High quality K170 excavator bucket tip, tooth point, bucket th with 232-0173 Bulldozer Loader Parts
13390003962020Light Duty Hexagon Head Cheese Head Plug $15.00 High quality hot sale Sell high quality Excavator parts 40Cr track bushing Bulldozer Loader Parts
13461500010101Flywheel House Bolt $0.05 High quality hot sale Sell Excavator Attachments Vibro Ripper for 30 tons machine E330C Bulldozer Loader Parts
13590003901604Cylindrical Pin -1 $50.00 China Manufacturers Custom Metal Round Shafts Precision Stainless Steel Cylindrical Dowel Pins
136612600010806Cylinder Block $25.00 4HK1 6hk1 cylinder block for isuzu 4jj1 4jb1 4jf1 cylinder block engine spare parts cylinder block
13790003982121Bowl Shaped Plug $0.02 Weichai Engine Spare Parts 90003982121 Plug for sale
13890003989204Bowl Shaped Plug $50.00 water pump weep hole chamber cap Engine core plugs freeze plugs, frost plugs, engine block expansion plugs
13961560010029Camshaft Module $1.00 New WD615 engine camshaft bushing 61560010029 with good price
14090003901604ACylindrical Pin -1 $0.03 Factory Supply Discount Price Excavator E345 drive sprocket with oem no.1243296 Bulldozer Loader Parts
14181500010046Main Shell $2.00 Special engine bearing bush 81500010046 at preferential price
14281500010125Stop Washer $0.80 WD615 Auto Engine Parts Bearing Thrust Bearing Washer 81500010125
143614010114Main Bearing Bolt $1.20 WD615 618 Engine Spare Parts Weichai Engine Bolt 614010114 main bearing bolt 4110000556250
144614010217Main Bearing Bolt $0.20 61200090163 VG1200090163 Flame Preheater Solenoid Valve Sinotruk Shacman Truck Spare Parts
145612600070097Oil Return Bended Tube $5.00 High quality hot sale D6H/D155 Undercarriage Parts Excavator Track Shoe for Bulldozer Bulldozer Loader Parts
14690003989215Bowl Shaped Plug $0.26 58MM Original diesel engine spare parts QSB6.7 3922072 3812090 expansion plug
14790003989289Bowl Shaped Plug $1.00 High quality hot sale water pump weep hole chamber cap Engine core plugs freeze plugs, frost plugs, engine block expansion plugs
14861560010090Nozzlemodule $0.10 spare parts for engine –piston cooling nozzles 61560010090 with good price and quality
14990003909603Spring Cylindrical Pin $50.00 Stainless Steel Straight Slot Heavy Duty Elastic Cylindrical Cotter Pin Spring Pin


Rear Oilseal $1.00 Factory Wholesale High Quality Crankshaft Oil Seal Vg1047010050 61500010100 For HOWO A7
15190003989288Bowl Shaped Plug $0.10 Hot sale spare parts WD615.3 Bowl plug 90003989288
152612600010735Composite Washer $0.05 612600010735 bonded seal washers, Weichai engine spare parts,WD615 WD618 WP10 WP12 bonded washer
15361500010185SCylinder Head Bolt $2.00 Weichai Cylinder Head Bolt 61500010185 61500010185s for Weichai Engine WD10
15490003989210Bowl Shaped Plug $0.05 Truck parts plug 90003989210 for SINOTRUK HOWO Truck
15561500020012Crankshaft $260.00 Weichai Engine Parts 61500020012 Crankshaft for Engine WD615
156614020038Crankshaft Gear $1.00 Wholesale Sinotruk Parts 614020038 Truck Crankshaft Gear For Howo A7 Heavy Truck
15761500020070Flange $1.00 Sinotruk HOWO Diesel Engine Parts Crankshaft Flange 61500020070
15890003901418Cylindrical Pin -1 $1.00 High quality hot sale China High OEM Quality sprocket for bulldozer BD2F.BD2G.D20.D31.EX30.PC20-6.SWE70 Bulldozer Loader Parts
15961560020010Shock Absorber $0.10 61560020010 VG1560020010 Crankshaft shock absorber for SINOTRUK HOWO truck WEICHAI WD615 engine part Crankshaft shock absorber
160612600020220Flywheel $1.00 Shacman truck engine parts Flywheel 612600020220
161612600020208Flywheel Gear Ring $1.00 FAW truck weichai engine parts Flywheel Ring Gear 612600020208
16290003311416Ball Bearing $0.75 Sinotruk howo trucks engine spare parts flywheel bearing 90003311416
16361500020046Hexagon Head Bolt $0.50 Heavy truck truck parts all series flywheel hexagonal bolt 61500020046
16461500060217V Belt $1.00 Belt VG1500020073 VG1500060217 61500060217 AV13x1100la
165614150004Seal Gasket $1.00 VG14150004 614150004 Oil Pan Gasket for HOWO SHACMAN weichai WD615 WD618 WD12 WD10B WP10 wp12
166612600150108Magnetic Plug Screw Assy $0.31 Hot Sale High Quality Engine Oil Drain Plug Magnetic plug for oil pan 612600150108 for WEICHAI WD615
167612600150106Seal Gasket  $0.05 612600150106 Oil pan seal WD10KUOE HEAVY MACHINE SPARE PARTS
168614150046Oil Sump Holding Block $0.50 Weichai WD12 STR engine parts 614150046 Block for oil pan
169614080295AFuel Oil Filter Assy $2.00 High Performance Fuel Filter Assembly 614080295A For Spare Parts
170AZ1560080017Fuel Oil Pipe $1.00 Original manufacturer Sinotruk Howo AZ1560080017 Fuel Pipe
171612600080597Oil Return Pipe Assy $1.00 Weichai return oil tube assembly 612600080597 Leakage fuel line,Injector pipe
17261560070012ALube Oil Pipe Assy $0.50 VG1047080006 Fuel Pipe Howo Truck Spare Parts VG1047080007 VG1047080008
17361560070011ALube Oil Pipe Assy $1.00 612600080358 Fuel Pipe Shacman Truck Spare Parts 612600080406 612600080718 13055321
17461560060070Tensioner $17.90 Sinotruk SITRAK C7H air conditioning pipe 712W61942-0034 pressure cooling pipe assembly
17561560060073Spacer Bush $0.32 45x50x30 Slide Bushing Spacer Sleeve Kingpin Bush

Competitive pricing for Foton customized engine parts

Foton offers competitive prices for their customized engine parts. They understand that customized engine parts require additional time and resources in the manufacturing process, but they still offer affordable prices without compromising on quality.

Cost-effective engine parts

Engine parts from Foton are not only competitively priced but are also cost-effective in the long-term. They are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum performance, durability, and reduce the need for frequent replacements.

Customized engine parts that increase efficiency

The customized engine parts from Foton aim to enhance efficiency and lower fuel consumption. They can also provide improved torque and horsepower, making the vehicle more powerful and reliable on the road.

Experienced team of engineers and technicians

Foton boasts a team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers and technicians who are dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality and customized engine parts. This ensures that each part is thoroughly inspected and tested before it is released to the market.


In conclusion, investing in customized engine parts from Foton can ultimately save truck owners a lot of money in terms of maintenance and replacement costs. With competitive pricing, cost-effectiveness, and a wide range of customized engine parts, Foton is a solid choice for reliable and high-performance engine parts.

Hot sales of Engine Parts

Packaging of Engine Parts

Normally, we packing Foton Engine Parts with wooden cases. If you have special requirements, please mention that in advance.
Three main packing method:

  1. Domestic packing for Chinese market.
  2. Standard export package (from inside to outside): oiled paper, boxes, cartons, (and wooden pallets).
  3. Customized package.

We are a first-class heavy duty vehicles and spare parts supplier in China. 20-year experience and cooperation with over 300 companies make us professional in international trade.

The normal package is Waterproof membrane, plywood box or Carton.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.

Internation Express: Below 150kg Fast and convenient such as UPS, DHL,TNT, EMS etc. Air transportation: 150kg-500kg Save the transportation time.

Advantage of Engine Parts

  1. We supply parts to many truck export companies as our competitive edge. Whether it is original Truck Head Parts parts or OEM parts, we have many direct suppliers to choose from. You can get the spare parts at below market price.
  2. “One-stop shopping service”: quote-preparation-shipment. With more than 10 years
    experience, proficient in parts management process
  3. Heavy vehicle parts system, according to chassis
    No. and assembly nameplate to get accurate information, with 95% accuracy rate.
  4. Our owner is very familiar with the working principle and maintenance of trucks.
    Welcome to communicate with us.


  • A: We are a factory that integrates research, development, production and sales.
  • Generally speaking, it takes 7-10 days after we receive your prepayment. The exact delivery time depends on
    the item and quantity of your order.
  • Please provide the exact or approximate quantity, packing details, destination port or special requirements so that we can
    quote you accordingly.
  • We usually quote by email within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry. If you have a very urgent need for a price, please call us or tell us in your email so that we can give priority to your inquiry. Prices are valid for 30 days.
  • Yes, we do. If you need a sample, we can send you a sample for free, you just need to pay the shipping cost when it arrives (
    Freight Collected).
  • Yes, we have 100% testing before delivery
  • We maintain good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit;
  • We treat every customer as a friend and sincerely do business and make friends with them.


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