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refrigerator truck 1_800x600
Highest Quality Howo Refrigerator Truck
refrigerator truck 1_800x600
Highest Quality Howo Refrigerator Truck

FOTON EST Tractor Head 4*2

  • Strategic Foresight, business expansion based on connotative growth, expanding and strengthening the domestic market, upgrading the international second-and third-class market, breaking through the strategic business layout of the international first-class market, to make Fukuda Daimler automobile into a world-class brand of heavy trucks and low-end heavy truck market leader.

FOTON EST Tractor Head (2)

  • According to the international supplier certification standard, FOTON Daimler integrates high-quality suppliers all over the world, establishes a global first-class supply chain, and synchronizes product research and development, the production entire process supplier management system, establishment of a 100 percent vendor-integrated management platform to facilitate information processing and primary vendor management in 38 countries and 133 vendors globally through a centralized integrated system. In terms of quality, Auman is fully in line with the European standard quality inspection system, set up from R & D, supply to production and sales of the four systems 36 quality inspection, to ensure the excellent quality of products.

FOTON EST Tractor Head

Take the Foton Est Tractor Head 4 * 2:

Basic information of EST Tractor Head

announcement model BJ4189L6DDL-01
Drive 4X2
wheelbase 4800mm
engine Cummins 15NNS6B530A
gearbox ZF16MT
rear axle speed ratio 3.083
body length 7.265 m
body width 2.525 m
body height 3.95 m
front wheelbase 2080mm
rear wheelbase 1880mm
vehicle weight 9.86 tonnes
total mass 18 tonnes
traction total mass 32.01 tonnes
maximum speed 89kph
market segment Express delivery,
tonnage-level Heavy Truck
remark integral wheel cover, high ceiling floor
Version BASIC version

Engine of EST Tractor Head

  • Cummins has been around for more than 100 years and is now the world’s largest independent engine manufacturer. It has the most advanced engine development technology, based on Cummins’s technology, and the advantages in both reliability and fuel economy are obvious.
  • The engine is derived from Cummins’s advanced design and sophisticated manufacturing, making it significantly less fuel-efficient than comparable products. And the design of the exhaust gas bypass valve makes the low-speed performance perfect, and power better. The integrated design of the cylinder block and cylinder head eliminates the leakage of water and oil. The parts are less than 25% more than other similar products, and the failure rate is greatly reduced. Because of fewer parts and lower use of fault, the engine’s comprehensive maintenance costs are greatly reduced, and maintenance time than other similar products saves more than 50% Equipped with intake electric preheating and a 6.6 KW high-power starter, thoroughly improves the cold start performance of the engine.
Engine model Cummins 15NNS6B530A
engine brand Cummins
number of cylinders 6
fuel type liquefied natural gas (LNG)
cylinders arrangement inline
displacement 14.5 L
Emission Standard No. 6
Max Horsepower 530 horsepower
Maximum output power 390kW

Cab of EST Tractor Head

  • Auman EST’s interior color light gray-based appears to be a large and bright track space. The steering wheel is blue and black. The seats are blue and gray, and the interior is fresh and natural. The Auman EST series also has other color interiors to choose from, such as a black and orange steering wheel, Brown and orange seats, which are very good. Auman Est cab space is not small, and sitting on the track has good vision. Auman’s track was also equipped with a lot of storage space. In addition to the storage space on the dashboard, not only was there a storage space above the cab but there was also a storage box, that could facilitate the driver to carry documents, books, newspapers, pens, and daily necessities.
  • Auman EST super truck cab is especially tall, the interior modeling is simple and hard yet luxurious, a strong sense of hierarchy provides a super-large activity space beyond the same level, the sleeper is 910mm wide, more comfortable; Full airbag with a three-stage damping system: air suspension + four-point suspension system + multi-way adjustable air spring seat with waist support, pneumatic steering wheel, reduce fatigue, driving more comfortable; Excellent power and smoothness, ZF automatic transmission + air suspension, a significant reduction in vibration and noise, liberating left foot, partially liberating right foot and right hand. The quietest driving space, optimized by NVH design; via the latest ECE from the EU.
cab high-top
cab suspension four-point airbag suspension
upper berth width 620mm
lower berth width 880mm
quasi-multiplication number 2
Seat row number row half

Gearbox of EST Tractor Head

  • Matching is ZF’s 12-speed ATM gearbox, the highest gear for the direct shift, high-horsepower engine with a direct shift gearbox, transmission efficiency greatly improved, and fuel-saving better. Thanks to its high-horsepower-to-low-speed ratio, the Auman EST has an economic speed of 80-90km/h, with a top speed of around 120km/h. It should be said that the vehicle configuration is very high-end, all components are also from well-known large enterprises, and vehicle quality is commendable.
Gearbox model ZF16MT
gearbox brand ZF16MT
Shift Mode manual,
forward Gear 16
reverse 2

Fuel tank of EST Tractor Head

fuel tank/gas tank material carbon fiber
fuel tank capacity 700L × 2L

Chassis of EST Tractor Head

Frame size 225/286 × 80 × (8 + L) mm
front axle description 5.5 t
rear axle description 485 rear axles
front load 6500kg
rear load 11500kg
speed ratio 3.083
number of springs 2/
Clutch Φ430
suspension type (front/rear) front leaf spring/rear airbag
saddle 50 #

Tires of EST Tractor Head

Auman EST is a new model developed for the express logistics market. It adopts a 4 × 2 drive form, which is born for high-speed logistics, because it has to take into account the characteristics of the large volume and light weight of the express cargo box, in particular, small tires were used.

Number of tires 6
tire specifications 295/80R22.518PR

Brake of EST Tractor Head

Vehicle brake type air brake
parking brake gas brake
front brake drum brake
rear brake drum Brake
Hydraulic Retarder standard
  • Silver is the color of Auman EST, the whole track is under the lights shining, shiny, large logo in front of the track with a dazzling silver light. The Auman EST front grille is designed to look like a black pearl embedded in a silver medal.
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