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Electrical Apparatus And Instument
Beiben Electrical Apparatus And Instument
Beiben Fender
Beiben Fender
Electrical Apparatus And Instument
Beiben Electrical Apparatus And Instument
Beiben Fender
Beiben Fender

Beiben Exhaust Air System

  • Introducing the Beiben Exhaust Air System, a comprehensive solution for efficient air circulation in your vehicle. Our system consists of various essential components designed to enhance the performance and safety of your exhausts. Let’s explore the key components:
  • Exhaust Pipe Assy: Our high-quality and durable exhaust pipe assembly ensures smooth and effective emission of exhaust gases from the engine.
  • Pipe Clip: This sturdy clip securely holds the exhaust pipe in place, preventing any unwanted movement or vibrations.
  • Exhaust Braking Valve Assy: The exhaust braking valve assembly empowers drivers with precise control over their vehicle’s braking system, offering enhanced safety and stability.
  • Corrugated Flexible Metalhose: The inclusion of a flexible metal hose with a corrugated design allows for easy adaptation and maneuverability, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  • Bracket: Our specially designed brackets provide reliable support and stability to the exhaust system, keeping it securely in place.
  • Front Exhaust Pipe: This pipe plays a crucial role in channeling exhaust gases from the engine to the main exhaust system.

Product Parameters of Beiben Exhaust Air System

Exhaust Air System
  • Bolt: High-grade bolts reinforce the entire exhaust system, ensuring a firm connection and minimizing any chances of leakage or detachment.
  • CLIP BELT ASSEMBLY: The clip belt assembly further strengthens the durability and stability of the exhaust system, offering additional protection against vibrations.
  • Heat Covers: These covers are specifically designed to shield the surrounding components from excessive heat generated by the exhaust system, thus ensuring optimized performance and preventing potential damage.
  • SCR Box, Muffler: Our innovative SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) box combined with a muffler efficiently reduces harmful emissions, helping you and the environment breathe easier.
  • BRACKET: Another essential bracket ensures the structural integrity of the exhaust system, minimizing unnecessary movement or vibration.
  • With the Beiben Exhaust Air System, you can enjoy enhanced performance, improved safety, and reduced environmental impact. Invest in our high-quality components to optimize your vehicle’s exhaust system today. Drive with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable and efficient system in place.
ID # Part Name English Part Number Quantity Wearing parts
1 Exhaust Pipe Assy A 520 490 15 09 1 Not
2 Pipe Clip A 570 492 01 09 1 Not
3 Exhaust Braking Valve Assy A 570 140 02 53 1 Not
4 Pipe Clip A 570 492 00 09 1 Not
5 Corrugated Flexible Metalhose A 128 490 00 65 1 Yes
6 Bracket A 520 492 18 41 1 Not
7 Pipe Clip A 570 492 00 09 1 Not
8 Front Exhaust Pipe A 520 490 36 20 1 Not
9 Pipe Clip A 500 499 00 40 1 Not
10 Bolt M105789 008001 4 Not
11 PIPE CLIP A881 492 01 09 1 Not
12 CLIP BELT ASSEMBLY A470 492 00 41 2 Not
13 Heat Covers A881 491 08 30 1 Not
14 Bolt M105789 008039 4 Not
15 Heat Covers A881 491 04 30 1 Not
16 SCR Box, Muffler A422 490 01 01 1 Not
17 BRACKET A470 490 09 40 2 Not
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