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FAW-J6p series national VI diesel engine economy, power, reliability and durability have reached the international advanced level. It has the outstanding advantages of high power, long oil change, long three packages, low fuel consumption and enough safety, which is the most ideal supporting power for medium and heavy dump trucks. High torque at low speed, the maximum torque can be reached at 1000 rpm, which makes the driving experience more superior.



FAW-Jh6 is equipped with Voith hydraulic retarder, disc brake with retarder, plus in-cylinder brake and auxiliary brake, fully cope with long downhill sections, and the reasonable use of auxiliary brake function can also reduce the loss of brake pads and extend the service life. All-aluminum alloy casing automatic gearbox, further reducing fuel consumption.



FAW-J6v has six core advantages of comfort, fuel efficiency, high efficiency, reliability, safety and intelligence. By optimizing the engine combustion scheme, improving the efficiency of the cooling and ventilation module and upgrading the after-treatment technology, the engine can save 3% fuel; by matching the smooth-running AMT transmission and the new 440 rear axle, the transmission efficiency is improved by 0.5%.



The FAW-J7 is powered by a 12.52L displacement Jiefang Power CA6DM3-55E52 exclusive engine, with a maximum power of 550 hp and a peak torque of 2600 N-m, meeting the National V emission standard. Matching with the ace power of Jiefang Power is ZF Traxon series AMT transmission, the specific model is ZF12TX2621TD (with hydraulic retarder).