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FAW Turbocharging System
FAW Turbocharging System
Foton Fuel Supply System
Foton Fuel Supply System

FAW Thermostat, Thermostat Cover, Minor Cycle Connection Bube

  • 1. Hexagon Flange Bolt
    The FAW Thermostat, Thermostat Cover, and Minor Cycle Connection Tube assembly includes a sturdy hexagonal flange bolt that ensures secure fastening and reliable performance.
  • 2. Cover (UPR), Thermostat
    The thermostat assembly features a high-quality cover (UPR) that protects the internal components from outside elements. This cover is designed to fit seamlessly with the thermostat assembly and provide optimal functionality.
  • 3. Hexagon Tapered Screw Plug
    The hexagon tapered screw plug serves as a crucial component for sealing and fastening various parts of the FAW Thermostat assembly. Its tapered design ensures a tight and secure fit.
  • 4. Hexagon Flange Bolt
    Another hexagon flange bolt is included in the assembly to provide additional stability and strength. This bolt is carefully crafted to meet the specific requirements of the FAW Thermostat assembly.
  • 5. Thermostat Assembly
    The FAW Thermostat assembly is a precision-engineered component responsible for regulating the temperature of the system. It is designed to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.
  • 6. Seal Ring-Thermostat
    A seal ring specifically designed for the thermostat is included in the assembly. This seal ring ensures a tight seal between the thermostat and other components, preventing any leakage.
  • 7. Seat, Thermostat
    The thermostat assembly includes a specially designed seat that securely holds the thermostat in place. This seat ensures proper alignment and positioning for accurate temperature control.

Product Thermostat, Thermostat Cover, Minor Cycle Connection Bube

FAW Thermostat
FAW Thermostat
  • 8. O-Ring Rubber Seal for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment
    Included in the assembly is an O-ring rubber seal that is suitable for use with hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. This seal provides reliable sealing and prevents fluid or air leakage.
  • 9. O-Ring Rubber Seal 41.2×3.55
    A specifically sized O-ring rubber seal with dimensions 41.2×3.55 is included in the FAW Thermostat assembly. This seal is designed to meet the exact requirements of the system, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection.
  • 10. Hexagon Tapered Screw Plug
    A second hexagon tapered screw plug is included in the assembly to provide additional versatility and sealing capabilities. This plug can be used in various parts of the system as needed.
  • 11. Bolt for Thermostat
    The FAW Thermostat assembly features a dedicated bolt that ensures secure attachment and proper functioning of the thermostat. This bolt is designed to withstand the system’s requirements and demands.
  • 12. Bolt for Thermostat
    An additional bolt is included in the assembly to provide extra stability and strength for the thermostat. The careful selection of this bolt ensures optimal performance and longevity.
  • 13. O-Ring Rubber Seal for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment
    Another O-ring rubber seal designed for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment is included. With its superior sealing properties, this seal prevents any potential leaks in the system.
  • 14. O-Ring Rubber Seal 46.2×5.30
    The FAW Thermostat assembly incorporates a precisely sized O-ring rubber seal measuring 46.2×5.30 to ensure a tight and secure seal. This seal is meticulously designed to eliminate any leakage.
  • 15. Connection Tube, Minor Cycle
    The minor cycle connection tube completes the FAW Thermostat assembly. This tube is responsible for connecting various parts of the system, enabling the flow of fluid or air necessary for proper operation.
S/NPart numberPart name Qty.
1Q1840820Hexagon flange bolt 5
21306013-81DCover (UPR), thermostat 1
3CQ61801Hexagon tapered screw plug 1
4Q1840875Hexagon flange bolt 1
51306010-81DThermostat assembly 2
61306011-81DSeal ring-thermostat 2
71306021-81DSeat, thermostat 1
8CQ7343412CO-ring    rubber   seal    for   hydraulic and pneumatic equipment 2
9GB/T3452.1O-ring rubber seal 41.2×3.55 2
10CQ61803Hexagon tapered screw plug 1
111306062-81DBolt-for thermostat 1
121306063-81DBolt-for thermostat 2
13CQ7345462CO-ring    rubber   seal    for   hydraulic and pneumatic equipment 2
14GB/T3452.1O-ring rubber seal 46.2×5.30 2
151306023-53DConnection tube, minor cycle 1
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