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FAW Turbocharging System

The FAW Turbocharging System is a sophisticated and efficient system that enhances the performance of the engine by boosting its power and torque output. This system is comprised of various essential components that work together seamlessly for optimum results.

Product Parameters of FAW Turbocharging System

FAW Turbocharging System
  1. Firstly, the O-ring rubber seal and the O-ring rubber seal 23.6×3.55 ensure proper sealing and prevent any leakage in the system. These seals are designed to withstand high temperatures and pressure, ensuring the system’s reliability.
  2. The oil return pipe assembly, turbocharger, and the pressure plate-turbocharger oil return pipe are responsible for the proper circulation and return of oil within the turbocharging system. The oil return pipe assembly ensures that oil flows smoothly and efficiently, while the pressure plate guarantees a secure fit and prevents any oil leaks.
  3. Hexagon flange bolts, along with gaskets, play a crucial role in connecting the components of the system, providing a secure and leak-free connection. The gasket-oil return pipe and the gasket, flange, oil inlet pipe ensure tight seals at the respective junctions, preventing any loss of oil or pressure.
  4. The heart of the system is the turbocharger assembly, which is responsible for compressing the air entering the engine, resulting in improved power and torque output. It operates using a sleeve-turbocharger, which enables smooth and efficient airflow within the system. The nut-turbocharger and the stud-turbocharger ensure a secure and stable mounting of the turbocharger assembly.
  5. To prevent any oil or gas leaks, vital components such as the sealing washer, combination washer, hollow bolt, and gasket-turbocharger are included in the system. These ensure a reliable and leak-free operation.
  6. Additionally, the nut-exhaust manifold and the heat shield, turbocharger provide further stability and protection to the system. They help in reducing heat transfer, improving overall performance, and ensuring long-lasting durability.
  7. Lastly, the backing plate, heat shield, turbocharger offers additional shielding and insulation against heat, minimizing any potential damage to surrounding components.
  8. The FAW Turbocharging System incorporates these various components meticulously, resulting in enhanced engine performance, improved efficiency, and a thrilling driving experience. Its attention to detail and functionality make it an integral part of FAW vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
S/N Part number Part name Qty.
1 Q7343131 O-ring rubber seal 1
(GB/T3452.1-92 O-ring rubber seal 23.6×3.55
2 1118080-74A Oil return pipe assembly, turbocharger 1
(1118080AM01-07 4A)
3 1118083-81D Pressure plate-turbocharger oil return pipe 1
4 Q1840812 Hexagon flange bolt 1
5 Q1840820 Hexagon flange bolt 2
6 1118094-29D Gasket-oil return pipe, turbocharger 1
7 1118010-74A Turbocharger assembly 1
(1118010BM01-07 4A)
(1118010BM01-07 4AY)
8 1118014-53D Sleeve-turbocharger 2
9 1008073-051-0000 Nut-turbocharger 4
10 CQ72316 Sealing washer 2
S/N Part number Part name Qty.
(Q/XC3455 16PB) Combination washer
11 1118071-53D Hollow bolt 1
12 1118004-81D Gasket, flange, oil inlet pipe 1
13 1118060-74A Oil inlet pipe assembly-turbocharger 1
(1118060-M01-074 A)
14 Q1840830 Hexagon flange bolt 2
15 1118013-81D Gasket-turbocharger 1
16 1003067-400-0000 Nut-exhaust manifold 6
17 1118047-600-3000 Stud-turbocharger 6
18 1118031B81D Heat shield, turbocharger 1
19 1118032A81D Backing plate, heat shield, turbocharger 1
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