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Sitrak Man Engine
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Foton Lift Installation Assembly

FAW Water Pump

The water pump serves as a fundamental component in a wide range of mechanical systems. This article provides a detailed description of its various parts, highlighting their significance in enabling efficient water circulation and pumping.

The description begins by introducing the rocker, a crucial element that is firmly secured using a hexagon flange bolt with a fit neck. This highlights the importance of secure fastening to ensure stability during operation.

Next, the article focuses on the pulley, specifically designed for the water pump to facilitate the transfer of power from the engine. The pulley’s role in power transmission is emphasized, further emphasizing its importance in the overall functionality of the pump. The flange is mentioned as another critical component used to connect the pulley to the water pump, ensuring the stability of the system during operation. Additionally, a circlip is employed to secure a specific opening, emphasizing the attention to detail in design and assembly.

The article goes on to discuss the dual sealing shaft with a bearing, which plays a vital role in preventing leaks. This component creates a tight seal around the shaft, ensuring efficient and reliable operation. Enclosing all these essential parts is the housing, which provides protection against external factors that could compromise the pump’s performance. A water seal is integrated into the pump to prevent leakage, further safeguarding its functionality.

Another critical component is the impeller assembly, responsible for actively pumping the water. Its importance in water circulation is emphasized, underscoring its role in the pump’s overall performance. The gasket is highlighted as a vital part that ensures a secure seal between different sections of the pump, contributing to overall efficiency and preventing leaks.

Product Parameters of FAW Water Pump

Water Pump
  • To protect the pump, a rear cover is attached to enclose the backside and provide additional support. A bracket is employed to correctly position and support the water pump, minimizing strain and optimizing performance.
  • Furthermore, the article mentions the utilization of rubber O-rings, such as the ones designed for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment or the specific o-ring rubber seal 53×5, along with a hexagon tapered screw plug, to ensure proper sealing. These components contribute to maintaining airtight connections and preventing leaks.
  • Finally, the article concludes by emphasizing the significance of a hexagon flange bolt and a bolt specifically designed for water pumps, highlighting their role in establishing proper connections and ensuring the stability and effectiveness of the entire system.
S/N  Part number Part nameQty.
1Q1841020Hexagon flange bolt with fit neck4
21307062-81DPulley, water pump1
31307061-53DFlange, pulley, water pump1
4Q43052Circlip for hole1
51307015-29DDual sealing shaft with bearing1
61307011-81DHousing, water pump1
71307025-29DWater seal1
81307020-81DImpeller assembly, water pump1
91307014-81DGasket, water pump1
101307012-81DRear cover, water pump1
111307046-81DBracket, water pump2
12CQ1461055Assembling bolt1
13CQ1461025Assembling bolt1
14CQ1461045Assembling bolt4
15CQ7343530CO-ring    rubber   seal    for   hydraulic    and  pneumatic equipment1
 GB/T3452.1O-ring rubber seal 53×3.551
16CQ61803 Hexagon tapered screw plug1
17Q1841065Hexagon flange bolt1
181307019-81DBolt-for water pump2
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