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Foton Chassis Parts

Foton chassis parts suppliers are always committed to building a future in which people, vehicles and nature live in harmony.

What Are The Foton Chassis?

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Foton is a renowned automotive company that manufactures a diverse range of chassis for various vehicles. These chassis serve as the foundation for building reliable and high-performance vehicles that cater to different industries and transportation needs. Let’s explore the different types of Foton chassis:

  1. Light-duty Chassis:
    Foton offers light-duty chassis that are designed for small to medium-sized vehicles, such as pickup trucks, vans, and mini buses. These chassis are built with durability in mind, featuring robust construction and advanced engineering to withstand the rigors of daily use. Foton’s light-duty chassis provide excellent maneuverability, fuel efficiency, and versatility, making them suitable for urban deliveries, passenger transportation, and commercial applications.
  2. Medium-duty Chassis:
    Foton also manufactures medium-duty chassis that are commonly used for mid-sized trucks, buses, and specialized vehicles. These chassis offer a perfect balance between strength and flexibility, enabling vehicles to carry moderate to heavy loads with ease. Foton’s medium-duty chassis are designed to withstand demanding conditions, providing reliability, stability, and superior handling. They are a preferred choice for short-haul logistics, urban transportation, and other applications requiring medium-capacity vehicles.
  3. Heavy-duty Chassis:
    Foton’s heavy-duty chassis are engineered for heavy-duty trucks, commercial vehicles, and special-purpose vehicles that require exceptional strength and towing capabilities. These chassis are engineered to handle heavy loads and challenging terrains, ensuring optimal performance and safety on highways and construction sites. Foton’s heavy-duty chassis feature robust construction, advanced suspension systems, and powerful engines, making them suitable for long-haul transportation, construction, mining, and other demanding industries.
  4. Special-purpose Chassis:
    Foton also offers a range of special-purpose chassis, each tailored to specific industry requirements. These chassis are designed for applications such as fire trucks, ambulances, refrigerated trucks, and other specialized vehicles. Foton’s special-purpose chassis incorporate additional features and modifications to meet the unique demands of these industries, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

What Are The Foton Chassis Parts?

As the largest supplier of  foton truck parts in China, We provide foton chassis parts mainly include:Brake Friction Lining (AK99000440017),Brake Camshaft (7AK880440002),Brake Adjusting Arm (AK880340040),Spacer Ring (AK99000410114),Knuckle (AK880410030),Straight Type Lubricating Nipple (Q700B01),Bush (AK880410035),Differential Lock Rocker Arm Assy (AK99014320076),etc.

Brake Friction Lining AK99000440017
Brake Friction Lining AK99000440017
Brake Camshaft AK880440002
Brake Camshaft
Brake Adjusting Arm AK880340040
Brake Adjusting Arm AK880340040
Spacer ring AK99000410114
Spacer ring
Knuckle AK880410030
Straight Type Lubricating Nipple Q700B01
Straight Type Lubricating Nipple Q700B01
Bush AK880410035
Differential Lock Rocker Arm Assy AK99014320076
Differential Lock Rocker Arm Assy AK99014320076

Catalog Of Foton Truck Parts

Price List Of Foton Chassis Parts

Packing of Foton Chassis Parts

  1. Wooden Case Packing:
    Foton prioritizes the safe and secure transportation of their chassis parts, and one of the packaging methods they employ is wooden case packing. This method involves carefully placing the chassis parts inside sturdy wooden cases specially designed to protect them during shipping. Before packing, the parts are properly arranged and secured to prevent any movement or damage in transit. The wooden cases are constructed with high-quality materials and reinforced corners to withstand handling and provide optimal protection against impacts, moisture, and other potential hazards. Ensuring the integrity of the chassis parts, wooden case packing is an ideal option for long-distance transportation or when additional protection is needed.
  2. Standard Carton Package:
    For certain types of Foton chassis parts, such as smaller components or accessories, standard carton packaging is utilized. This packaging option involves placing the parts in appropriate-sized cartons made of durable cardboard. The cartons are carefully sealed and labeled with relevant information, including product details and handling instructions. Foton pays special attention to the packaging process to ensure that the chassis parts fit securely within the carton, minimizing the risk of movement or damage during transit. Standard carton packaging is a cost-effective and efficient method for shipping chassis parts, particularly for items that are less fragile or require less protection.

Shipping Methods of Foton Chassis Parts

When it comes to shipping Foton chassis parts, the company provides customers with various transportation methods to ensure timely and efficient delivery. Here are the different shipping options offered:

  1. Air Transport:
    Foton recognizes the importance of fast delivery, especially when urgent replacement or repair is required. To meet such demands, they offer air transport services for their chassis parts. Air transport enables expedited shipping, ensuring that the parts reach their destination within a short timeframe. This method is ideal for international shipments or when delivery needs to be completed quickly across long distances. With reliable logistics partners and proper packaging, Foton ensures that their chassis parts are securely transported via air, minimizing the risk of damage during transit.
  2. Sea Transport:
    For larger orders or bulk shipments, Foton utilizes sea transport as a cost-effective option. Sea transport is suitable for transporting chassis parts over longer distances, such as international shipments or deliveries to distant regions. Foton ensures that the parts are carefully packaged and loaded into shipping containers designed to withstand the challenges of marine transportation. By collaborating with reputable shipping companies, Foton ensures efficient and secure sea transport, allowing customers to receive their orders in a timely manner.
  3. Express Delivery:
    To cater to customers who require faster domestic delivery, Foton offers express delivery services for chassis parts. This shipping method utilizes established courier services with extensive networks and efficient delivery systems. Express delivery allows for quick and reliable transportation of the chassis parts within a specified timeframe. Foton ensures that the parts are appropriately packaged and labeled for express delivery, optimizing their handling and reducing the risk of any mishaps during transit.
  4. Truck Transportation:
    For regional or domestic shipments, Foton employs truck transportation as a convenient and cost-effective option. This method is suitable for delivering chassis parts to customers located within a specific geographic area. Foton collaborates with reputable trucking companies that specialize in transportation services, ensuring safe and timely delivery. The chassis parts are carefully loaded onto trucks, and specific routes are planned to optimize efficiency. Foton maintains clear communication with the trucking partners to track and monitor the progress of the shipments, ensuring a smooth and reliable delivery process.
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