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Foton Engine Parts

100% Original Foton truck parts— Chinese manufacturer supplier 

Types Of Foton Engine

Foton Engine Parts
Foton Cummins X11/X12 Engine
Foton Engine Parts
Foton Cummins CX13 Engine
Foton Engine Parts
Foton Cummins X12N Natural Gas Engine
  1. Foton Cummins X11 Engine: The Foton Cummins X11 engine is a powerful and efficient diesel engine designed for heavy-duty applications. It boasts a displacement of X cc and is equipped with advanced technology to deliver optimal performance. With its high torque and low fuel consumption, the X11 engine offers excellent power delivery and fuel efficiency, making it a popular choice among truck and bus manufacturers.
  2. Foton Cummins X12 Engine: The Foton Cummins X12 engine is another impressive diesel engine option provided by Foton. It features a larger displacement and is designed to meet stringent emission standards while delivering exceptional performance. The X12 engine combines advanced fuel injection technology and turbocharging to maximize power output and minimize fuel consumption. Its reliable and durable design makes it suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications.
  3. Foton Cummins CX13 Engine: The Foton Cummins CX13 engine is a robust and reliable diesel engine specifically designed for long-haul transportation. With a displacement of CX cc, it offers impressive power and torque to handle heavy loads with ease. The CX13 engine incorporates advanced emission control systems to reduce harmful pollutants while ensuring superior fuel efficiency. Its excellent durability and low maintenance requirements make it a preferred choice for long-distance trucking.
  4. Foton Cummins X12N Natural Gas Engine: As the demand for alternative fuel options grows, Foton offers the Cummins X12N natural gas engine as a sustainable solution. This engine utilizes compressed natural gas (CNG) as fuel, reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability. The X12N engine combines efficient combustion technology with advanced control systems to deliver impressive power and torque. With its low noise and vibration levels, the X12N engine provides a smooth and eco-friendly driving experience.

What Are The Foton Engine Parts?

As the largest supplier of  foton truck parts in China, We provide foton engine parts mainly include:Fuel Filler Pipe Cover Assy (612600010489),Fuel Oil Filter Assy (614080295A),Oil Sump Holding Block  (614150046),Flange (61500020070),Crankshaft (61500020012),Oil Return Pipe Assy (612600080597),Nozzlemodule (61560010090),Main Shell (81500010046),etc.

612600010489-Fuel filler pipe cover assy-1-1
Fuel Filler Pipe Cover Assy 612600010489
614080295A-Fuel oil filter assy-1-1
Fuel Oil Filter Assy
614150046-Oil sump holding block-1
Oil Sump Holding Block 614150046
61500020070 -Flange-1
612600080597-Oil return pipe assy-2
Oil Return Pipe Assy 612600080597
81500010046-main shell
Main Shell

Catalog Of Foton Truck Parts

Packing of Foton Engine Parts

  1. When it comes to the packing of Foton Engine parts, one of the options available is wooden case packing. This method is chosen for its durability and strength, ensuring that the parts remain safe and undamaged during transportation. The wooden cases are carefully designed and constructed to provide optimal protection, preventing any potential impacts or vibrations that could potentially harm the parts.
  2. Another commonly used packing method for Foton Engine parts is the standard carton package. This packaging option is convenient and cost-effective, making it a popular choice for small to medium-sized parts. The parts are carefully placed in sturdy cartons, which are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of transportation. The cartons are sealed securely to prevent any damage or loss during transit.
  3. Both wooden case packing and standard carton package options offer their own advantages. Wooden case packing provides maximum protection for larger or more delicate parts that require extra support. On the other hand, the standard carton package is ideal for smaller parts that are more lightweight but still need reliable packaging.

Shipping Methods of Foton Engine Parts

  1. Foton Engine parts can be shipped using various methods depending on the specific requirements and preferences of customers. One of the shipping methods available is air transport. This method is known for its fast delivery times, making it ideal for urgent orders or customers located in remote areas. Air transport ensures that Foton Engine parts reach their destinations swiftly, minimizing any delays in the supply chain.
  2. Another widely used shipping method for Foton Engine parts is sea transport. Sea transport is particularly suitable for large volumes of parts or customers who prioritize cost-effectiveness over speedy delivery. Although sea transport may take longer compared to air transport, it offers competitive pricing and is a popular choice for international shipments, ensuring that Foton Engine parts are reliably delivered across different regions.
  3. For customers who require quick delivery within a specific timeframe, express delivery services are available for shipping Foton Engine parts. These services utilize a well-established network of logistics providers to ensure prompt and secure deliveries. Express delivery is known for its speed and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for time-sensitive orders or critical situations.
  4. In addition to air and sea transport, truck transportation is another commonly used shipping method for Foton Engine parts. This method is often employed for domestic shipments, providing flexibility in terms of delivery schedules and routes. Truck transportation allows for efficient distribution within a specific region, ensuring that Foton Engine parts reach customers in a timely manner.
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Express Delivery
Truck Transportation

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