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Howo a7 Tractor Truck
Foton GTL 8*4 Dump Truck
Foton GTL 8*4 Dump Truck

Foton EST-M 6*2 Wing Van

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It is equipped with an FCW collision warning, LDWS lane departure warning, ESC electronic body stability system, and other active safety equipment early warning as standard to help drivers predict road risks. The 360° panoramic visual driving assistance system effectively eliminates blind spots, reduces the sudden occurrence of unexpected situations, and brings you a sense of safety.

And the bottom data of the power chain is interconnected, integrated collaborative control 70% ultra-wide economic fuel consumption range, lower fuel consumption, and more fuel saving, the overall transmission efficiency is as high as 98%, the power loss is small, greatly improve fuel economy, 100 kilometers fuel saving 2 to 3L, a year, comprehensive fuel saving is not a problem.

Take EST-M 6*2 Wing Van as an example:

Basic information

Foton Auman EST series models still adopt the classic waterfall style of the middle net design, with a strong sense of integration with the spoilers on both sides, and the three-dimensional logo in the middle has a blue luminous function, which has a stronger visual effect when driving at night. The headlights on both sides of the split bumper have vertical LED light sources on the inside, and the fog lights below them also use this light source component to further improve the lighting effect in rainy and foggy weather, and the wide-body door guards reduce the drag coefficient while reducing stains entering the room.

Announcement Model:BJ5259XYKY6HPL-01
Driving form:6X2
Box length level:9.6米
Body width:2.55m
Front track width:2020/2020mm
Vehicle weight:10.6 Tons
Total mass:25 Tons
Place of origin:Beijing, Huairou District
Approach angle17°
Front suspension/rear suspension:1.46/3.04m
type:Van truck
engine:Cummins FotonX11NS6B360
Body length:12m
Body height:3.95m
Rear wheelbase:1830mm
Rated load:14.27tons
Maximum speed:89KM/h
Tonnage level:Heavy trucks
Departure Corner:

Engine parameters

The anti-sulfur durability of the engine is optimized, the adaptability of Chinae oil is 10 times higher than the standard, and the three-layer oil-water separator is more suitable for China VI low-sulfur diesel. The engine block structure has been verified by 10 million times of compressive fatigue, reducing oil consumption by 33%, and comprehensively improving oil adaptability and durability, giving you stable reliability.

Since 2016, Auman has begun the technology research and development and verification of “Tejing V”, and after 5years of honing and upgrading, Auman has accumulated rich experience in China VI emissions. The Fukang VI engine has completed a total of 25,000 hours and 16 million kilometers of China VI integrated working conditions in China, and its technology and performance have been fully verified.

Engine model:Cummins FotonX11NS6B360
Commonly known as an engine:11L
Fuel type:diesel fuel
Maximum output power:265kw
Maximum torque:1800N·m
Rated speed:1900RPM
Engine brand:Cummins Foton
The Number of cylinders:6
Cylinder arrangement:In-line
Emission standards:National Six
Maximum horsepower:360 horsepower
Maximum torque speed:1000-1400RPM

Container parameters

Container form:Swing Van
Container width:2.45m
Container length:9.58m
Container height:2.5m

Cab parameters

From the era of the “National Five Year Plan”, the appearance of the Oman EST cab has been very impressive, and the “National Six Year Plan” new product continues its advantages in appearance. The three bright silver grilles on the front face represent a high ceiling standard chassis cab, with a combination of LED headlights that look like bright eyes and LED daytime driving lights that look like swords, eyebrows, and stars. The main driver’s seat in the cab is equipped with a high-end airbag seat, which is suitable for various adjustment functions. The copilot can rotate and fold, making it possible to make extra room for activities when resting in the car. The top of the cab is equipped with a manual sunroof that can be opened for ventilation in hot weather. For users with parking air conditioning needs, the top sunroof is a good location for the non-destructive installation of overhead parking air conditioning.

Auman EST shift control upgrades soft shaft operation, which can effectively reduce gear handle vibration. In addition, by fully optimizing the vibration noise of the cab, the idle noise is reduced to 55 decibels, which greatly improves driving comfort.

The number of persons allowed to multiply:2
The number of seat rows:Row half

Gearbox parameters

The gearbox adopts the ZF 12TX2421TD gearbox, which combines power and speed into account and is suitable for road transportation where pursued. Because of the current situation of domestic oil products, Auman EST front-mounted three-layer oil-water separator effectively filters out water and particulate impurities in the fuel, protects the engine from water and impurities, and gives the whole vehicle stronger oil adaptability.

Gearbox model:12TX2421TD
Gear shift mode:Hand self-integration
The number of reverse gears:4
Gearbox brand:ZF
Forward gear:12

Chassis parameters

The 760+340L large-capacity fuel tank used in the EST series models meets the actual needs of ultra-long logistics transportation, reduces the number of refueling times in the middle of the journey, improves abundant fuel economy, and ensures reliable braking effect in wet environments.

Loads are allowed on the front axle:6750/6750KG
The number of prices:2/2/3+2
Allowable load of rear bridge:11500KG


Tire specifications:12R22.5 18PR
Number of tires:8

Auman is committed to creating a new service model, determined to establish a new service standard in the heavy truck industry, the new standard will make the after-sales service of heavy trucks a lifelong service and will allow more drivers to bid farewell to small repair shops or roadside shops, choose to repair and maintain at the service station.

Starting from the matching technology, relying on the national automotive engineering research institute, Auman optimizes and matches the vehicle power system, selects different speed ratios to match according to the different working conditions of the vehicle, and reduces additional fuel consumption by improving transmission efficiency based on ensuring the power performance of heavy trucks. It is with this strength that Auman has won five awards.

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