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165AH Standard Battery
Sinotruk 165AH Standard Battery
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Sinotruk Refrigeration Compressors
165AH Standard Battery
Sinotruk 165AH Standard Battery
Sinotruk Refrigeration Compressors
Sinotruk Refrigeration Compressors

Foton Governor

The Foton Governor is a mechanical device that incorporates various essential components to ensure its optimal functionality.

Product Parameters of Foton Governor

  • Fly Shaft Parts: The fly shaft parts are integral components connected to the main shaft of the engine for power transmission.
  • Adjusting Washer: The adjusting washer is employed to fine-tune the clearances between components, allowing for precise motion control.
  • Washer: Washers are utilized to provide stable connections between different components, minimizing wear and friction.
  • Ring 9: Ring 9 is a specific component that contributes to the overall structural integrity and stability of the governor.
  • Supporting Parts: The supporting parts provide structural reinforcement and stability to ensure reliable operation.
  • Screw M6X10: These screws are employed to tightly secure the various components together, ensuring assembly stability and safety.
  • Washer 6: Washer 6 functions as a spacer or cushioning element between components, reducing potential vibrations.
  • Speed Adjusting Spring Hook: The speed adjusting spring hook is responsible for controlling and regulating the movement speed of the governor.
  • Spring: Springs play a vital role in restoring and regulating the motion of the device.
  • Governor Shaft: The governor shaft is a critical control element that governs the speed and power output of the device.
  • Rivet 4X11: Rivets of this size are utilized to secure and connect different parts effectively.
  • Bearing: Bearings are responsible for reducing friction during motion, supporting smooth rotation and movement of the device.
  • Spacer Bush: The spacer bush creates space or separation between components, enabling smooth operation and alignment.
  • Governor Level: The governor level functions as a control lever for managing the governor’s operations.
  • Spring: Springs serve to restore and control the motion of the governor level.
  • Pin A3X16: Pin A3X16 is employed as a fastening element to connect different components together.
  • Shaft: The shaft provides a central axis for rotation and serves as a linkage between various parts.
  • Top Rod: The top rod is a structural element that aids in controlling and directing the movement of the device.
  • Binder Bolt Case: The binder bolt case houses and secures important components within the governor.
  • Screw M5: These screws are utilized for fastening and securing specific parts of the governor mechanism.
  • Screw M14: Screw M14 is specifically sized to tighten and hold certain components in place firmly.
  • Seal Gasket: The seal gasket provides a secure seal between components, preventing leakage or contamination.
  • Back Plate: The back plate contributes to the overall stability and integrity of the governor assembly.
  • Fixing Pin: Fixing pins are used to ensure the proper alignment and attachment of components.
  • Fixing Screw: Fixing screws secure and hold the various parts firmly in position.
  • Seal: Seals ensure reliable fluid containment within the governor system, preventing leaks and maintaining efficiency.
  • Bulk Head: The bulkhead serves as a structural partition between different sections of the governor assembly.
  • Governor Case: The governor case houses and protects the internal components of the governor mechanism.
  • Governor Shaft: The governor shaft is responsible for transmitting motion and rotational force within the governor assembly.
  • Governor Cam: The governor cam plays a crucial role in controlling the movement and speed of the device.
  • Connecting Rod: The connecting rod serves as a linkage, connecting various moving parts to transmit force and motion.
  • Spring Shaft: The spring shaft is an essential component responsible for controlling and regulating the movement of springs within the governor.
  • Connection Plate: The connection plate provides a platform for securely connecting various components of the governor.
  • Return Spring: The return spring aids in restoring the governor to its original position after movement or adjustment.

The Foton Governor incorporates these components, each playing a specific role, to ensure its smooth and efficient operation. These components are assembled to exact specifications, providing robust performance and durability. Through optimized use of these critical parts, the Foton Governor delivers the desired effects in a variety of applications.

No. Code Description Quantity
11 TQ001.3-18 WASHER 2
12 GB896-86 RING 9 1
13 TQ001.3.1.3-03 SUPPORTING PARTS 1
14 Gb818-85 SCREW M6X10 1
15 GB859-76-Zn.D WASHER 6 1
17 TQ001.3-01 SPRING 1
18 TQ001. SPRING 1
19 TQ002.1.1.1-01 GOVERNOR SHAFT 1
2 TQ001-02 WASHER 1
20 GB109-86 RIVET 4X11 1
21 GB290-89 BEARING 1
22 TQ001.3.1-03 SPACER BUSH 1
23 TQ001.3.1-04 GOVERNOR LEVEL 2
24 TQ002.1.1-01 SPRING 1
25 GB879-76 PIN A3X16 1
26 TQ001.3.1.2-02 SHAFT 1
27 TQ002.1.1.2-01 TOP ROD 1
28 TQ002.1.1.2-02 SPRING 1
29 TQ002.1.1.2-03 BINDER BOLT CASE 1
3 GB6172-86 SCREW M5 1
30 GB808-88 SCREW M14
31 TQ001-01 SEAL GASKET 1
No. Code Description Quantity
32 TQ001.3-03 BACK PLATE 1
33 TQ001.3-12 FIXING PIN 1
34 TQ001.3-13 FIXING SCREW 1
35 TQ001.2a SEAL 1
36 TQ001-04 WASHER 1
37 TQ001.3-06 BULK HEAD 1
38 TQ001.3-04 1
40 TQ001.3-09 SHAFT 2
45 TQ001.3-10b GOVERNOR SHAFT 1
46 TQ001.3-11 RETURN SPRING 1
48 TQ001.3-07 GOVERNOR CAM 1
5 TQ001.3.1-02 CONNECTING ROD 1
50 TQ001.3-02 SPRING SHAFT 1
53 TQ001.3-08 WASHER 2
55 TQ001.3.3-02 WASHER 1
55 TQ001.3.3-02 WASHER 1
56 TQ002.1.2-01 CONNECTION PLATE 1
57 TQ001.3-16 RETURN SPRING 1
59 TQ001.3.3-03 STOP SHAFT 1
6 TQ001.3.1-01 CONNECT PIN 2
62 TQ001.3-17 MIDDLE SHAFT 1
63 TQ001.3-21 FUEL OUTPUT PIN 1
63 TQ001.3-21 FUEL OUTPUT PIN 1
64 TQ001.3-20 WASHER 1
No. Code Description Quantity
7 TQ001.3.1-02 CONNECTING ROD 2
71 TQ002.2-01c STOP TRESTLE 1
73 TQ001.5-02a REAR COVER PLATE 1
73 TQ001.5-02a REAR COVER PLATE 1
74 TQ001-05 WASHER 1
75 TQ001.3-15 LOCATING SCREW 1
76 TQ001.3-14 WASHER 1
77 TQ001.3-05 WASHER 2
79 TQ001.3.2-02 RETIFY BOLT CASE 1
80 TQ001.3.2-07 RETIFY SPRING 1
81 TQ001.3.2-01 RETIFY LEVER 1
81 TQ001.3.2-01 RETIFY LEVER 1
86 TQ001.3.2-05 CAP 1
87 GB3081-82 LEAD SEAL WIRE 999
88 R001-01 RIVET 1
9 TQ001.3.1.3-02 ADJUSTABLE LEVEL 1
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