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Howo A7 Gearbox Parts

Description of Howo A7 Gearbox Parts

The gearbox of the Howo a7 Tractor Truck is an electric, automatic transmission at 16 gears, just like a highly skilled driver with higher fuel utilization in a truck. The working principle and structure of AMT are completely different from the AT of a sedan. AT for cars is the mode of driving hydraulic oil by turbine and hydraulic oil again driving mechanical device. The efficiency loss of oil drive is large, so 100 kilometers generally consumes 1-2 liters more fuel than the manual box.

A7 Gearbox
A7 Gearbox
A7 Gearbox
Transmission ModelSpeed Ratio for Gears

What Are Howo A7 Gearbox Parts?

  1. Clutch Booster Cylinder(WG9725230051):
    The Clutch Booster Cylinder is an essential component of the Howo A7 gearbox. It plays a crucial role in the clutch system, providing the necessary force to engage and disengage the clutch. The high-quality construction and reliable performance of the Clutch Booster Cylinder ensure smooth shifting and efficient power transfer.
  2. CH430 21 Clutch Pressure Plate Assembly(AZ9921160200):
    The CH430 21 Clutch Pressure Plate Assembly is a vital part of the Howo A7 gearbox, responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the gearbox. This assembly consists of a pressure plate, clutch disc, and release bearing, working together to facilitate seamless clutch engagement and smooth gear changes. Its robust design and precision engineering contribute to enhanced durability and optimal performance.
  3. Pressure Switch(WG9100710069):
    The Pressure Switch is an integral part of the Howo A7 gearbox, monitoring the hydraulic pressure within the transmission system. This switch sends signals to the vehicle’s control unit, enabling it to adjust various transmission parameters and ensure efficient gear shifts. Its accurate pressure sensing capabilities and reliable operation help maintain optimal gearbox performance and prevent potential damage.
  4. Gear Ring(AZ2210100020):
    The Gear Ring is a critical component of the Howo A7 gearbox, serving as the primary gear synchronization mechanism. It facilitates smooth and precise gear shifting by meshing with other gears in the transmission system. The Gear Ring’s high-strength construction and precise tooth profile contribute to improved load-bearing capacity and reduced gear noise.
Clutch Booster Cylinder WG9725230051
CH430 21 Clutch Pressure Plate Assembly AZ9921160200
Pressure Switch
Gear Ring
  1. Gear Ring Bracket Seat(AZ2210100006):
    The Gear Ring Bracket Seat provides essential support and stability for the Gear Ring in the Howo A7 gearbox. It ensures proper positioning and alignment of the Gear Ring, allowing for smooth gear engagement. With its sturdy construction and secure mounting, the Gear Ring Bracket Seat enhances the overall durability and reliability of the gearbox.
  2. Synchronizer Piece(AZ2229020001):
    The Synchronizer Piece is a crucial component responsible for achieving synchronization between gears during gear shifting in the Howo A7 gearbox. It ensures smooth and seamless engagement of different gear ratios, minimizing gear clash and facilitating effortless gear changes. The Synchronizer Piece’s high-precision design and efficient friction characteristics contribute to improved transmission efficiency and enhanced driving comfort.
  3. Steering Oil Tank WG9725470060:
    The WG9725470060 Steering Oil Tank is a top-quality component designed for heavy-duty trucks. It ensures smooth and efficient steering by providing reliable containment and circulation of steering oil. With its robust construction and easy installation, it is a popular choice among truck owners and maintenance professionals. Upgrade your steering system with the WG9725470060 for guaranteed smooth steering performance.
  4. Small Cover Assembly(AZ2203210040):
    The Small Cover Assembly is an integral part of the Howo A7 gearbox, enclosing and protecting various internal components. It provides a secure housing for gears, bearings, and other sensitive parts, preventing dust, moisture, and debris from causing damage. The Small Cover Assembly’s robust construction and precise fit ensure optimal gearbox operation and contribute to extended component lifespan.
Gear Ring Bracket Seat AZ2210100006
Synchronizer Piece AZ2229020001
Synchronizer Piece AZ2229020001
Steering Oil Tank WG9725470060
Small Cover Assembly

Price List of Howo A7 Gearbox Parts

As the largest Heavy Duty Truck Parts factory in China, we provide price listings for howo A7 gearbox parts, welcome to inquire!

Online Catalog of Howo A7 Gearbox Parts

As the most professional heavy duty truck parts supplier in China, we provide online catalogs for all heavy duty trucks, welcome to check online!

Packaging of Howo A7 Gearbox Parts

As the largest supplier of heavy truck parts in China, we provide two kinds of parts packaging: carton packing and wooden box packing.
Carton Packing: For the lighter or non-breakable truck parts, we will use carton packing.
Wooden Case Packing: For larger or fragile truck parts, we will use wooden case packing.
If customers have special requirements, we will pack according to customers’ requirements.

Shipping Methods of Howo A7 Gearbox Parts

As the most professional truck parts supplier in China, we have four main transportation methods: air, sea, express and trucking.

  1. Air Transport:For urgent orders, we use this mode of transportation in order to deliver truck parts quickly and efficiently.
  2. Sea Transport:For bulk or non-urgent orders, sea freight is an economical and viable option for delivering howo A7 truck gearbox parts.
  3. Express Delivery:Express is particularly beneficial for customers who require parts urgently but do not need the bulk transportation capacity of air or sea freight.
  4. Truck Transportation:For domestic or regional shipments, trucking is a convenient and cost-effective option for delivering howo A7 truck gearbox parts.
Air Transport
Sea Transport
Express Delivery
Truck Transportation

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FAQ Of Howo A7 Gearbox Parts

Some of the questions that are on everyone’s mind:

Choosing Howo A7 transmission and A7 transmission parts can offer several benefits. Here are some reasons why you might consider them:

  1. Quality and Durability: Howo A7 transmissions and transmission parts are designed and manufactured to meet high-quality standards. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and reliable performance, even under demanding conditions. Choosing genuine Howo A7 parts can help ensure that you are getting reliable and long-lasting components for your vehicle.
  2. Perfect Fit: Howo A7 transmissions and transmission parts are specifically designed to fit and function seamlessly with Howo A7 vehicles. They are engineered to match the exact specifications and requirements of the engine and transmission system, ensuring proper fitment and optimal performance.
  3. Warranty and Support: When you choose Howo A7 transmissions and transmission parts, you often receive warranty coverage and access to professional support. This means that if any issues arise with the parts, you can rely on the manufacturer’s warranty to cover the cost of repairs or replacements. Additionally, having access to knowledgeable support can help you troubleshoot and address any concerns efficiently.
  4. Performance and Efficiency: Howo A7 transmissions and transmission parts are designed to deliver smooth and efficient power transmission. They are optimized for performance, ensuring that the engine power is effectively transferred to the wheels. This can result in improved acceleration, fuel efficiency, and overall driving experience.
  5. Availability and Accessibility: Howo A7 transmissions and transmission parts are widely available through authorized dealerships and distributors. This means that you can easily find the parts you need when it comes time for replacements or repairs. The accessibility and availability of genuine parts can save you time and effort in sourcing compatible replacements.
  • It’s important to note that choosing genuine Howo A7 transmissions and transmission parts is crucial to ensure compatibility, performance, and reliability. Counterfeit or inferior-quality parts may not meet the same standards and could potentially lead to unexpected failures or damage to your vehicle.

The Howo A7 transmission is an automated transmission system that uses electronics and hydraulics to control the gear shifts and clutch operation. The Howo A7 transmission system uses a combination of components such as electronic control units, sensors, solenoids, clutches, and gears to ensure smooth and efficient power transmission. Here’s how the Howo A7 transmission system works:

  1. Input Shaft: The engine power is transferred to the transmission through the input shaft. The input shaft rotates along with the engine and provides the drivetrain with the power to move.
  2. Clutch System: The Howo A7 transmission system uses a dry clutch system to connect and disconnect the engine from the transmission. The clutch allows the driver to shift gears and control the drivetrain’s speed without stopping the engine.
  3. Electronic Control Units (ECU): The Howo A7 transmission system uses an ECU to manage and control the transmission’s operation. The ECU receives input signals from various sensors located throughout the vehicle, including the throttle position sensor, brake pedal sensor, speed sensors, and others. Based on these input signals, the ECU adjusts the gear shift schedule, clutch engagement, and other operations to optimize performance and fuel efficiency.
  4. Gearbox: The gearbox is responsible for changing the gears to match the driving conditions and engine load. The gear selector mechanism in the gearbox is hydraulically controlled and activated by the ECU. The gearbox has multiple gears, which are selected according to the vehicle speed and load.
  5. Output Shaft: As the gearbox changes gears, the output shaft turns at different speeds, providing the drivetrain with varying amounts of power to move the vehicle.
  • The Howo A7 transmission system provides a smooth and efficient power transmission to the drivetrain, allowing for optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and driving experience.

Replacing Howo A7 transmission parts requires specialized skills and tools and some mechanical knowledge. The following are general steps:

  1. Identify the gearbox component to be replaced and prepare the appropriate tools.
  2. Raise the vehicle to a height that allows easy access to the transmission. A jack and stands may be required.
  3. Drain the transmission fluid into a container for storage. Make sure you dispose of the old oil properly to protect the environment.
  4. Remove the gearbox housing, taking care not to disturb any other parts. You may need to refer to the Howo A7 transmission service manual to find the required steps.
  5. Remove the damaged parts one by one. You can use the appropriate tools such as wrenches, torque wrenches, plum wrenches, etc.
  6. Make sure you clearly understand how to install the new parts. Be careful when installing new parts to ensure that all details are correct.
  7. Install new parts. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation of each new part.
  8. Open the transmission fluid spigot and pour in the correct amount of transmission fluid. Use a fluid with the correct specifications.
  9. Start the vehicle and test the transmission.

Note that it is important to read and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and warnings before performing any service operations.

If no part number, we can judge and quote the requested parts by engine name-plate or photos; It would be great if you could provide us with the chassis number(VIN) so that we can provide a more comprehensive analysis and accurate quote feedback based on your truck model.

Yes, we are glad to send 1pcs item for quality testing if we have the truck parts of you need in stock.

Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.

We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit; We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them, no matter where they come from.

 We have sufficient stock of regular specifications for immediate delivery; Non-conventional specifications generally require stocking for about 7-10 days; Large quantities order need to be in stock for about 15-20 days.

Neutral packing of paper carton or wooden case. Or we customize the packaging according to your requirements.

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