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Beiben Window Mechanism
Beiben Window Mechanism
Beiben Floor Coverings
Beiben Floor Coverings

Beiben Instrument Panel

The Beiben Instrument Panel is a comprehensive assembly consisting of various components designed to provide functionality and convenience to the users. Here is a detailed description of the components comprising the Beiben Instrument Panel:

Product Parameters of Beiben Instrument Panel

Beiben Instrument Panel
  • Screw Guards: The instrument panel features screw guards to ensure the safety and protection of the screws used in its assembly.
  • Self-Tapping Screws: These screws are utilized to securely fasten the components of the instrument panel together.
  • Clip Nuts: Clip nuts are installed to provide a reliable and durable fastening solution for attaching different parts of the instrument panel.
  • Washers: Washers are used in conjunction with screws to distribute the load and prevent damage to the components.
  • Spacer: Spacers are employed to create a gap between different parts of the instrument panel, ensuring proper alignment and functionality.
  • Instrument Panel Upper Body Assembly: This assembly forms the main body of the instrument panel and houses various control elements and displays.
  • Left Side Vent Assembly: Located on the left side, this assembly facilitates proper ventilation and airflow within the instrument panel.
  • Right Side Vent Assembly: Similar to the left side vent assembly, this component ensures effective ventilation and maintains the desired temperature within the instrument panel.
  • Front Surround Seal: The front surround seal is responsible for providing a tight seal between the instrument panel and the surrounding structure, preventing the ingress of dust or moisture.
  • Combination Screws: Combination screws are utilized to securely fasten multiple components together, enhancing the overall stability and durability of the instrument panel.
  • Instrument Cover Assembly: This assembly serves as a protective cover for the instrument panel, safeguarding the internal components from external damage.
  • Switch Panel Assembly: The switch panel assembly includes various switches and buttons, allowing the user to control different functions and settings within the instrument panel.
  • Combination Screws: Similar to the earlier mentioned combination screws, these fasteners are used to assemble and secure multiple components within the switch panel assembly.
  • Center Lower Left Bracket Assembly: Positioned at the lower left section of the instrument panel, this bracket provides necessary support and stability to the surrounding components.
  • Center Lower Right Bracket Assembly: Similar to the previous bracket assembly, this component ensures proper alignment and structural integrity of the instrument panel.
  • Center Panel Assembly: The center panel assembly comprises various controls, displays, and indicators that are easily accessible and provide vital information to the user.
  • Lower Center Panel Assembly: Positioned at the lower center section of the instrument panel, this assembly accommodates additional controls and storage compartments.
  • Mobile Ashtray Assembly: This assembly consists of a mobile ashtray, providing a convenient and designated area to dispose of ash and cigarette waste.
  • ECU Service Cover Assembly: The ECU service cover assembly includes a protective cover for the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), ensuring its safety and proper functioning.
  • Lower Center Tray: Located in the lower center section, this tray provides additional storage space for small items and personal belongings.
  • Service Cover Assembly: This assembly comprises a service cover that allows easy access to the internal components of the instrument panel for maintenance and repairs.
  • Driver’s Side Lower Guard Assembly: Positioned on the driver’s side, this assembly serves as a protective guard, preventing accidental damage to the lower section of the instrument panel.
  • Passenger Side Lower Guard Assembly: Similar to the driver’s side assembly, this component provides protection to the passenger side of the instrument panel, enhancing its durability.
  • Clip Nuts: Additional clip nuts are installed to ensure a secure and robust fastening of the lower guard assemblies.
  • Driver’s Right Kickplate: The driver’s right kickplate forms a protective covering for the lower area of the instrument panel, safeguarding it against foot contact and potential damage.
  • Passenger Side Harness Bezel Assembly: Located on the passenger side, this assembly includes a bezel that helps secure and organize the various wiring harnesses in the instrument panel.

The Beiben Instrument Panel incorporates these components to deliver a user-friendly interface with essential functions, ensuring comfort, convenience, and efficiency while operating the vehicle.

6801002-Instrument panel (with lower guard)
1381 688 05 08Screw guardsYes2
2100845 055071Self-Tapping ScrewsYes4
3000 994 84 45Clip NutsYes4
4100097 006100WashersYes4
5385 990 18 40SpacerYes1
6571 680 00 90Instrument Panel Upper Body AssemblyYes1
7571 830 01 54Left Side Vent AssemblyYes1
8571 830 02 54Right Side Vent AssemblyYes1
9571 689 00 54Front Surround SealYes1
10109074 048060Combination ScrewsYes7
11571 680 00 23Instrument Cover AssemblyYes1
12571 680 01 11Switch Panel AssemblyYes1
13109074 042503Combination ScrewsYes3
14571 680 00 14Center Lower Left Bracket AssemblyYes1
15571 680 01 14Center Lower Right Bracket AssemblyYes1
16109074 042503Combination ScrewsYes2
17571 680 00 11Center Panel AssemblyYes1
18571 680 02 11Lower Center Panel AssemblyYes1
19109074 042503Combination ScrewsYes6
20571 680 00 30Mobile Ashtray AssemblyYes1
21571 680 00 08ECU Service Cover AssemblyYes1
22109074 042503Combination ScrewsYes2
23571 689 07 82Lower Center TrayYes1
24109074 042503Combination ScrewsYes3
25571 680 01 08Service Cover AssemblyYes1
26571 680 01 23Driver’s Side Lower Guard AssemblyYes1
27109074 042503Combination ScrewsYes6
28571 680 02 23Passenger Side Lower Guard AssemblyYes1
29109074 042503Combination ScrewsYes7
30571 689 05 82Driver’s side kick plateYes1
31000 994 66 45Clip NutsYes1
32109074 042503Combination ScrewsYes3
33100845 048050Self-tapping screwsYes1
34571 689 04 82Driver’s center kick plateYes1
35100845 048050Self-tapping screwsYes3
36100097 005000WashersYes2
37000 994 66 45Clip NutsYes2
38571 689 06 82Driver’s Right KickplateYes1
39109074 042503Combination ScrewsYes2
40571 680 03 23Passenger Side Harness Bezel AssemblyYes1
41109074 042503Combination ScrewsYes1
42100845 048050Self-Tapping ScrewsYes1
43571 684 00 64Chassis ShieldYes3
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