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A Military Parade of Beiben

A military parade of the 90th

  • A military parade celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army was held at 9 am on July 30. In the parade team, the early warning radar team carried by the 16 Taipei Beiben heavy truck chassis and the UAV team carried by the 8 Taipei Beiben heavy truck chassis were vigorous, and accepted the parade with great momentum. This is the third time after 2009 and 2015, to participated in the magnificent and remarkable military parade.


  • Military parade, carrying two square weapons and equipment north rush heavy truck chassis is north rush heavy truck in Beiben technology and according to the principle of building type matching design, design and development of 10 tons of all-wheel drive, high mobility, high reliability of off-road vehicle chassis, become the main platform of high-tech weapons and equipment and the important equipment loading models, widely selected by various services and arms, and thus made three times read the glorious mission.
  • In recent years, Beiben Sinotruk has actively carried out the docking of military and civilian technology needs, vigorously promoted civil products and technologies to participate in the scientific research and production of high-end weapons and equipment, and made continuous efforts in the field of civilian army. The 24 units of reference equipment are all transferred from the active vehicles. Although some vehicles have been in service for nearly 15 years, they still persist in the areas with the most difficult environment, the most severe climate and the most harsh conditions with reliable performance guarantee and excellent performance of safe driving.


A military parade of 2018

  • On October 12,2018, the 35 Taipei Benz heavy truck 2628A military carrier and four 2628A logistics support vehicles developed by China North Industries Group were displayed in the military parade of the “50th anniversary of independence” in Equatorial Guinea, and successfully completed the parade in the heavy rain. Wang Baoying, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of the company, was invited to attend the parade on behalf of the company.
  • As a member of the established weapon system and systematic solution of China North Industries Group, the 39 Taipei Ben heavy truck provided this time is an important part of the military trade project of China North Industries Group, and it is of great political significance. After receiving the task, north rush sinotruk attaches great importance to, strictly implement the “for customers to create the whole life cycle product value maximization” concept, the main leadership organized the start meeting, by manufacturing, research and development, quality, import and export and other departments of the backbone team, strict grasp every link in the production of delivery process, send training, service, business experts to equatorial Guinea after-sales security task, success will “quality improvement, brand building project” results applied to the whole process of the project. The beiben heavy truck 2628A military off-road vehicle chassis has the characteristics of strong carrying capacity, high reliability, strong environmental adaptability, widely used in the domestic services and arms, and a large number of exported to the foreign military vehicle market. The high quality products and the careful service guarantee have been highly recognized by the north company and the country of use.


  • Before the ceremony, Wang Baoying went to the base site to understand the security situation in detail, visited the members of the security team, encouraged everyone to overcome difficulties, always maintain high morale, and a little more sweat, go all out to complete the parade support task, win glory for the motherland, for the Chinese weapons north rush heavy truck.
  • The successful completion of the parade guarantee work fully demonstrated the good corporate image of Beiben Sinotruk, highlighted the brand connotation of “European lineage, Mercedes-Benz technology, military quality”, further consolidated the local market position of Beibentruk in Africa, and a subsequent will bring a wide range of radiation effect. In the future, BAIC will actively make full use of the international operation platform of North Company, integrate internal and external resources, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of military trade, and build an ambitious, responsible and respected heavy truck enterprise with military integration civilian market segments.
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