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Prince Right Headlight Assembly
Sinotruk Prince Right Headlight Assembly
New C5b Combination Meter
Sinotruk New C5b Combination Meter

Sinotruk New C5b Cab Wiring Harness

Introducing the Sinotruk New C5b Cab Wiring Harness: As a cutting-edge electrical component, the New C5b Cab Wiring Harness showcases innovative technology and superior design. This high-quality harness is essential for optimal performance and seamless electrical integration in Sinotruk trucks.
Key components included in the New C5b Cab Wiring Harness package are as follows:
New C5b Cab Wiring Harness

Product Parameters of Sinotruk New C5b Cab Wiring Harness

  • New C5b Cab Wiring Harness: This state-of-the-art harness is specially designed to ensure efficient and reliable electrical connections throughout the cab, enabling smooth communication between various systems.
  • Power distribution box bracket (08 version): The sturdy bracket serves as a secure platform for the power distribution box, providing stability and safeguarding against vibrations and shocks.
  • Hexagonal head bolts: These high-strength bolts are included to fasten and secure the power distribution box bracket, ensuring a firm and stable installation.
  • Type 1 hexagonal nuts: Included in the package, these nuts are specifically designed to fit the hexagonal head bolts, enabling secure fastening.
  • External serrated lock washer: This important component adds an extra layer of security by preventing loosening and enhancing the stability of the fastening connection.
  • Power distribution box (Part Ⅰ): This component acts as a central hub for distributing power to various electrical systems within the cab.
  • Power distribution box (Part Ⅱ): The second part of the power distribution box further facilitates the efficient flow of electricity, ensuring optimal functioning of the truck’s electrical systems.
  • Plastic fastening tape B5*180: Included for cable management purposes, this durable and flexible tape ensures the neat and organized arrangement of cables within the cab.
  • Plastic fastening tape B8200: Similar to the B5180 tape, this longer version is provided to accommodate larger cable bundles while maintaining a clean and organized cab environment.
  • Gasket block 2819747000511: This precision-engineered gasket block is crucial for creating a secure seal between components, preventing moisture or dust from infiltrating the electrical connections.
  • Light spring washers: These washers play a vital role in promoting the longevity and reliability of the electrical connections by absorbing vibrations and maintaining constant pressure between connected components.

The Sinotruk New C5b Cab Wiring Harness, with its comprehensive package of components, represents the pinnacle of electrical engineering in the automotive industry. Designed to optimize performance, durability, and safety, this harness ensures a seamlessly integrated electrical system for enhanced driving experience and efficiency. Trust the Sinotruk New C5b Cab Wiring Harness to provide reliable and efficient electrical connectivity in your truck.

Item PartNo. Parts Name Quantity
1 AZ9121770051 New C5B Cab Wiring Harness 1
2 WG9125778010 Power distribution box bracket(08 version) 1
3 Q150B0518 Hexagonal head bolts 1
4 Q340B05 Type 1 hexagonal nuts 1
5 Q41205 External serrated lock washer 1
6 189100770103 Power distribution box(Part Ⅰ) 1
7 189100770104 Power distribution box(Part Ⅱ) 1
8 WG9003171390 Plastic fastening tape B5*180 15
9 WG9003171393 Plastic fastening tape B8*200 6
10 AZ9140770110 Gasket block 2819747000511 2
11 Q40405 Light spring washers 2
12 Q340B05 Type 1 hexagonal nut 2
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