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Beiben Drum Brake Rear Axle
Beiben Drum Brake Rear Axle
Drum Brake Front Bridge
Beiben Drum Brake Front Bridge

Beiben Pedalanlage Pedals

  • The Beiben Pedalanlage Pedals are a crucial component of the vehicle’s braking and clutch system. This assembly includes various parts that work together to ensure efficient and reliable pedal operation.
  • Brake Pedal Assy: The brake pedal assembly is designed to provide a comfortable and responsive braking experience. It is made from high-quality materials for durability and features a smooth pedal surface for enhanced grip.
  • Nut: The nut is used to secure the brake pedal assembly in place, providing stability and preventing any unwanted movement.
  • Pressure Washer: The pressure washer helps distribute the load evenly and provides additional support to the brake pedal assembly.
  • Bolt: Bolts are used for fastening the different components of the brake pedal assembly securely. These bolts are designed to withstand the forces exerted during braking.
  • Double-Way Brake Valve: The double-way brake valve is responsible for regulating the flow and pressure of the hydraulic system, ensuring precise control over the braking mechanism.
  • Ring Connector: The ring connector connects the brake pedal assembly to other components of the braking system, allowing for smooth and reliable transmission of force.
  • Seal Ring: The seal ring ensures a tight and leak-free connection between the brake pedal assembly and other hydraulic components, preventing any loss of pressure.
  • Hollow Bolt: The hollow bolt acts as a connection point for the hydraulic pressure oil pipe, allowing the transmission of hydraulic fluid to the brake system.
  • Reserve Tank: The reserve tank is used to store additional hydraulic fluid, ensuring an adequate supply for the braking system.
  • Reserve Tank Cover: The reserve tank cover seals the reserve tank, preventing any contamination or leakage of hydraulic fluid.

Product Parameters of Beiben Pedalanlage Pedals

Pedalanlage Pedals
Pedalanlage Pedals
  • Bracket Assy: The bracket assembly provides structural support and facilitates the proper positioning of the brake pedal assembly within the vehicle.
  • Tap Screw: Tap screws are used to secure the bracket assembly firmly in place, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Bolt: Bolts are used for fastening the different components of the bracket assembly securely.
  • Spring Shim: The spring shim helps provide a cushioning effect, absorbing any vibrations or shocks during pedal operation.
  • Shim: Shims are used to adjust the height or position of the brake pedal assembly, ensuring optimal alignment and pedal feel.
  • Hydraulic Pressure Oil Pipe: The hydraulic pressure oil pipe connects the brake pedal assembly to the brake cylinders, allowing the transmission of hydraulic fluid and enabling the braking action.
  • Clutch Main Cylinder: The clutch main cylinder is responsible for transmitting hydraulic pressure to the clutch system, facilitating smooth and precise clutch engagement.
  • Hex Bolt: Hex bolts are used for fastening the clutch main cylinder securely, ensuring its proper operation.
  • Integral Clutch Tubing Assembly: The integral clutch tubing assembly connects the clutch main cylinder to other components of the clutch system, enabling the transmission of hydraulic pressure and smooth clutch operation.
  • The Beiben Pedalanlage Pedals combine these various components to deliver reliable and efficient braking and clutch performance. With their high-quality construction and precise design, they provide smooth pedal operation and enhance the overall driving experience.
ID# Part Name English Part Number Quantity
1 Brake Pedal Assy 500 290 04 01 1
1 Brake Pedal Assy 500 290 03 01 1
2 Nut M 106184 008102 4
3 Pressure Washer N 000137 010201 4
4 Bolt M 105783 008104 4
5 Screw Piug A CX 381 997 04 86 1
6 Double-Way Brake Valve 520 431 06 05 1
7 Ring Connecter A CX 000 996 10 45 4
8 Seal Ring A CX 385 990 18 40 12
9 Hollow Bolt A CX 001 990 97 04 4
ID# Part Name English Part Number Quantity
1 Reserve Tank A CX 000 295 17 15 1
2 Reserve Tank Cover A CX 000 988 54 35 1
3 Bracket Assy 512 290 06 33 1
4 Tap Screw M 100818 006093 2
5 Bolt M 100818 006103 2
6 Spring Shim M 100093 006000 2
7 Shim M 100096 006000 2
8 Hydraulic Pressure Oil Pipe A CX 011 997 67 82 1
9 Clutch Main Cylinder 520 295 00 06 1
10 Spring Shim M 100093 006000 2
11 Hex Bolt M 105782 006083 2
12   506 997 10 82 1
13 Integral Clutch Tubing Assembly 381 997 10 81 1
14   A 499 290 00 01
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