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100A fuse
Sinotruk 100A fuse
Sinotruk H5b Steering Device - Cab Section
Sinotruk H5b Steering Device – Cab Section
100A fuse
Sinotruk 100A fuse
Sinotruk H5b Steering Device - Cab Section
Sinotruk H5b Steering Device – Cab Section

Sinotruk Potted Electric Horn

The Sinotruk Potted Electric Horn is a durable and reliable horn designed for vehicles. This double-line electric horn is equipped with various components for secure installation and efficient functionality.

Potted Electric Horn

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Potted Electric Horn

  • The assembly includes hexagonal head bolts and spring washers, ensuring a secure and stable mounting onto the vehicle. The use of type 1 hexagonal nut guarantees a tight fit, minimizing any chances of looseness or vibrations.
  • To facilitate easy installation, the horn comes with a horn mounting bracket (2852530100041) specifically designed for this model. This bracket ensures stability and proper positioning of the horn on the vehicle.
  • Hexagon head bolts, spring washers, and flat washers assemblies are provided for attaching the horn to the vehicle securely. The inclusion of flat washers further enhances stability and prevents any damage to the vehicle’s surface.
  • Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts are included for added security. These lock nuts provide a strong grip, preventing any unwanted loosening of the horn during vehicle operation.
  • To accommodate additional functionalities, the assembly also includes an air pressure sensor bracket assembly. This bracket allows for the installation of an air pressure sensor, which can provide valuable data for monitoring the vehicle’s air pressure.
  • The incorporation of a solenoid valve with a P99 connector enables seamless integration and ensures efficient operation of the horn. This solenoid valve controls the flow of air, allowing the horn to emit a loud and clear sound when activated.
  • For convenient control, a pneumatic signal light switch is included. This switch enables the driver to activate the horn by simply pressing a button, ensuring quick and easy communication on the road.
  • Ensuring the horn remains securely in place, external serrated lock washers are provided. These lock washers prevent any unintentional loosening of the horn due to vibrations or external forces.
  • Overall, the Sinotruk Potted Electric Horn provides a reliable and versatile solution for vehicles, incorporating essential components for seamless installation and optimal performance.
Item   PartNo. Parts Name   Quantity
1 WG9925710001 Potted electric horn (double line) 1
2 Q150B0820 Hexagonal head bolts 2
3 Q40308 Spring washers 2
4 Q340B08 Type 1 hexagonal nut 1
5 AZ9140710002 Horn mounting bracket 2852530100041 1
6 Q1460825 Hexagon head bolts, spring washers and flat washers assemblies 1
7 Q340B08 Type 1 hexagon nuts 2
8 Q150B0625 Hexagon head bolts 2
9 Q40106 Flat washer 2
10 Q40306 Spring washers 2
11 Q33206 Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts 2
12 WG9120718001 Air pressure sensor bracket assembly 1
13 WG9719710004 Solenoid valve (P99 connector) 4
14 WG9100710004 Pneumatic signal light switch 1
15 Q150B08140 Hexagon head bolts 2
16 Q40308 Spring washers 2
17 Q340B08 Type 1 hexagonal nut 2
18 Q41212 External serrated lock washers 2
19 Q40112 Flat washers 1
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