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Sinotruk H5b steering shaft with column assembly
Sinotruk H5b steering shaft with column assembly
New C5b Cab Wiring Harness
Sinotruk New C5b Cab Wiring Harness

Sinotruk Prince Right Headlight Assembly

Discover the Sinotruk Prince Right Headlight Assembly, engineered to enhance not just the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle but also its safety on the road. This comprehensive assembly ensures superior illumination and visibility for your Prince, providing a secure driving experience day and night. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Prince right headlight assembly along with its corresponding left counterpart and essential fasteners.

Prince Right Headlight Assembly

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Prince Right Headlight Assembly

  • Prince Right Headlight Assembly:
    The Sinotruk Prince Right Headlight Assembly is a premium-grade component designed specifically for the Prince model. Crafted with utmost precision, it seamlessly integrates with the vehicle’s design, accentuating its elegance. This assembly guarantees optimal illumination for both low and high beams, giving you enhanced vision, particularly during night-time driving.
  • Prince Left Headlight Assembly:
    Accompanying the right headlight assembly is the Sinotruk Prince Left Headlight Assembly, which mirrors the superior performance and seamless integration of its counterpart. Together, they form a perfect pair that ensures symmetrical lighting, maintaining visual balance and improving overall driving safety.
  • Cross Recessed Pan Head Bolts:
    To securely fasten the headlight assembly, it is equipped with cross recessed pan head bolts. These specially designed bolts offer a combination of convenience and reliability during installation and ensure a sturdy fit, preventing any vibrations that might compromise the alignment and longevity of the assembly.
  • Hexagon Head Bolts:
    In addition to the cross recessed pan head bolts, the Prince right headlight assembly also utilizes hexagon head bolts. These bolts provide robust fastening, further reinforcing the stability of the assembly. Their secure grip guarantees resistance to shocks and vibrations, ensuring that the headlights stay firmly in place even when faced with rough road conditions.
  • Spring Washer:
    To optimize the fastening mechanism, the Prince right headlight assembly is augmented with spring washers. These washers serve as dependable locking devices, promoting even distribution of force and preventing loosening due to external factors such as vibrations or temperature variations. The result is a consistently secure and stable headlight assembly.
  • Type 1 Hexagon Nuts:
    The assembly includes type 1 hexagon nuts as essential fasteners. These nuts, known for their excellent grip and durability, play a crucial role in securing the headlight assembly. Their premium quality ensures a long-lasting hold, offering the necessary support and peace of mind to drivers.
  • Type I Hexagon Nuts:
    Complementing the type 1 hexagon nuts are the type I hexagon nuts, designed to withstand the demanding requirements of the Prince model. These nuts undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure optimal performance, effectively maintaining the structural integrity of the headlight assembly.
  • Fog Light:
    Enhancing the versatility of the Prince right headlight assembly is the inclusion of a fog light. This additional feature improves visibility in foggy or low-visibility conditions, ensuring the safety of both the driver and other road users. With the fog light perfectly integrated into the assembly, you can confidently navigate through challenging weather conditions.

Invest in the Sinotruk Prince Right Headlight Assembly, along with its companion left headlight assembly, and enjoy optimal visibility and safety on the road. With the help of high-quality cross recessed pan head bolts, hexagon head bolts, spring washers, type 1 and type I hexagon nuts, and the added fog light, this comprehensive assembly guarantees a seamless integration into your Prince model, ultimately enhancing your driving experience while ensuring road safety. Experience the confidence of driving with improved visibility today!

Item   PartNo. Parts Name   Quantity
1 WG912572000 2 Prince right headlight assembly 1
2 WG912572000 1 Prince left headlight assembly 1
3 Q2140516 Cross recessed pan head bolts 4
4 Q150B0816 Hexagon head bolts 8
5 Q40508 Spring Washer 8
6 Q340B08 Type 1 hexagon nuts 8
7 Q150B0516 Hexagon head bolts 4
8 Q340B06 Type I hexagon nuts 4
9 WG920072004 0 Fog light 2
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