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Shacman X3000 Propeller Shaft System
Shacman X3000 Propeller Shaft System
Shacman X3000 Middle Bridge Shell
Shacman X3000 Middle Bridge Shell

Shacman X3000 7.5 Tonne Disc Front Axle

The Shacman X3000 7.5 Tonne Disc Front Axle is a crucial component of the vehicle’s front axle system. It consists of various parts that work together to ensure smooth and safe driving. The following are the key components of the Shacman X3000 7.5 Tonne Disc Front Axle:

Product Parameters of Shacman X3000 7.5 Tonne Disc Front Axle

Shacman X3000 7.5 Tonne Disc Front Axle
  • Front Axle: The main axle responsible for supporting the weight of the vehicle and transmitting power to the wheels.
  • Stop Washer: A washer used to prevent the axle components from loosening.
  • Locking Nut: A nut that securely fastens the axle components together.
  • Wheel Cap: A protective cap that covers the wheel hub.
  • Hex Screw: A screw used to fasten various components to the axle.
  • Tapered Bearing: A type of bearing that supports both radial and axial loads and ensures smooth wheel rotation.
  • Bolt: A threaded fastener used to connect different components of the axle system.
  • Wheel Nut: A nut used to secure the wheel to the axle hub.
  • Tapered Bearing: Another tapered bearing that supports the axle and ensures proper wheel rotation.
  • Seal Ring for Axle: A ring used to seal and protect the axle components from external debris and contaminants.
  • ABS Ring: A ring used in the anti-lock braking system to monitor wheel rotation.
  • Brake Disc: A disc that connects to the wheel hub and is responsible for slowing down or stopping the vehicle when the brake pads are pressed against it.
  • Brake Clamp Assembly (Left): An assembly that holds the brake pads and applies pressure to the brake disc, creating friction to slow down or stop the vehicle.
  • Brake Clamp Assembly (Right): Similar to the left brake clamp assembly, it applies pressure to the right side of the brake disc.
  • Brake Chamber (Left): A chamber that houses the brake mechanism and controls the application of the braking force.
  • Brake Chamber (Right): Similar to the left brake chamber, it controls the braking force on the right side.
  • Steering Track Rod: A rod that connects the axle assembly to the steering mechanism, allowing the driver to control the vehicle’s direction.
  • Disc Brake Knuckle (Left): The knuckle component of the disc brake assembly on the left side.
  • Disc Brake Knuckle (Right): The knuckle component of the disc brake assembly on the right side.
  • Needle Bearing: A bearing that supports high radial loads and allows for smooth axle rotation.
  • Washer: A thin disk placed between components to reduce friction and distribute the load.
  • Packing Ring: A ring used to seal and prevent leakage in the axle assembly.
  • Packing Disc Assembly: An assembly that includes packing rings to provide effective sealing and prevent oil leakage.
  • Cirlip for Hole: A clip used to secure the packing disc assembly in place.
  • Packing Ring: Another ring used to ensure proper sealing and prevent oil leakage.
  • Disc Brake Knuckle (Left): A duplicate of the disc brake knuckle on the left side.
  • Disc Brake Knuckle (Right): A duplicate of the disc brake knuckle on the right side.
  • Needle Bearing: Another needle bearing that supports smooth wheel rotation.

Each of these components plays a vital role in the overall performance and safety of the Shacman X3000 7.5 Tonne Disc Front Axle, ensuring a reliable and efficient driving experience.

NO Part.No Name Quantity
1 DZ9100410054 Front axle 1
DZ9100410056 Front axle 1
DZ9100410058 Front axle 1
DZ9100410067 Front axle 1
DZ9100410068 Front axle 1
DZ9100410071 Front axle 1
DZ9100410072 Front axle 1
DZ9100410073 Front axle 1
DZ9100410075 Front axle 1
DZ9100410188 Front axle 1
DZ9100410190 Front axle 1
2 81.44215.0016 Stop washer 2
3 81.92901.0066 Locking nut 2
NO Part.No Name Quantity
4 81.44312.0009 Wheel cap 2
5 Q218B1040TF2 Hex.screw 2
6 06.32499.0016 Tapered bearing 2
7 Q1811660TF2 Bolt 20
8 190003884160 Wheel nut 20
9 DZ9100410029 Hub 2
10 DZ9100410106 Wheel bolt 20
11 06.32499.0081 Tapered bearing 2
12 06.56289.0267 Seal ring for axle 2
13 81.52403.0008 ABS ring 2
14 DZ9100440030 Brake disc 2
DZ9100410115 Brake disc 2
15 DZ9100410114 Brake clamp assembly(left) 1
DZ9100440040 Brake clamp assembly(left) 1
DZ9100440077 Brake clamp assembly(left) 1
16 DZ9100410118 Brake clamp assembly(right) 1
DZ9100440050 Brake clamp assembly(right) 1
DZ9100440078 Brake clamp assembly(right) 1
17 DZ9100360301 Brake chamber(left) 1
18 DZ9100360302 Brake chamber(right) 1
19 81.46711.6725 Steering track rod 1
81.46701.6901 Steering track rod 1
20 DZ9100410211 Disc brake knuckleleft 1
DZ9100410213 Disc brake knuckleleft 1
DZ9100410215 Disc brake knuckleleft 1
DZ9100410217 Disc brake knuckleleft 1
21 DZ9100410212 Disc brake knuckleright 1
  DZ9100410214 Disc brake knuckleright 1
  DZ9100410216 Disc brake knuckleright 1
  DZ9100410218 Disc brake knuckleright 1
22 06.33719.0066 Needle bearing 2
23 81.90770.0096 Wsher 2
24 81.96501.0671 Packing ring 4
25 81.90712.6011 Packing disc assembly 4
26 Q43058 Cirlip for hole 4
27 06.56279.0273 Packing ring 4
28 81.46701.0243 Steering trapezium arm (left) 1
  81.46701.0283 Steering trapezium arm (left) 1
29 81.46701.0244 Steering  trapezium       arm 1
  81.46701.0284 (right) 1
30 06.32819.0017 Steering  trapezium       arm 2
31 06.02834.3223 (right) 4
32 81.90490.0479 Tapered bearing 2
  DZ9100410108 Bolt 2
33 06.11185.0318 Fix bolt 2
34 06.02834.3219 Fix bolt 2
    Hex nut  
  NO   Part.No   Name   Quantity
35 81.46705.0267 Left steering arm 1
81.46705.0268 Left steering arm 1
DZ9100410154 Left steering arm 1
36 DZ9100580205 ABS sensor 2
37 DZ9100580206 bush 2
38 DZ9112340385 Bolt 12
Q1811670TF2 Bolt 12
Q218B2065TF2 Bolt 12
Q151B2065TF2 Bolt 8
39 81.90711.0671 Adjusting washer on demand
81.90711.0672 Adjusting washer on demand
81.90711.0673 Adjusting washer on demand
81.90711.0674 Adjusting washer on demand
81.90711.0675 Adjusting washer on demand
81.90711.0676 Bolt on demand
40 81.44205.0057 Kingpin 2
41 81.93020.0706 Top bush 2
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