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Shacman X3000 Accelerograph Control Device
Shacman X3000 Accelerograph Control Device
Shacman X3000 Left Door Lock System
Shacman X3000 Left Door Lock System

Shacman X3000 Air Cleaning Device

The Shacman X3000 Air Cleaning Device is a comprehensive system designed to ensure optimal air quality within the vehicle’s engine. This device consists of various components that work together seamlessly to provide efficient air filtration and purification.

The key components of the Shacman X3000 Air Cleaning Device include:

Product Parameters of Shacman X3000 Air Cleaning Device

Shacman X3000 Air Cleaning Device
  • Hex nut: A six-sided nut used for secure fastening.
  • Spring washer: A washer with axial flexibility that provides a locking action.
  • Up plate: A plate that provides support and stabilization.
  • Bracket: A structure used to hold and support other components.
  • Hex screw: A screw with a hexagonal head for easy tightening.
  • Locking screw: A screw used to secure components in place.
  • Pad: A cushioning material that absorbs shocks and vibrations.
  • Intake pipe assembly: The assembly that allows air to enter the device.
  • Hex nut: Another hexagonal nut for secure fastening.
  • Cushion block: A block that provides additional cushioning and stability.
    Stud: A rod with threads on both ends for secure fastening.
  • Screw: A threaded fastener used to join two components together.
  • Intake pipe assembly: Another assembly for air intake.
  • T Clip: A clip in the shape of “T” used for securing components.
  • Screw pipe: A pipe with screw threads, often used for connection purposes.
  • Clip: A fastening device used to hold components in place.
  • Intake pipe: A pipe that allows entry of air into the cleaner.
  • Hose: A flexible tube used for fluid or air transfer.
  • Safety cover: A protective covering for safety purposes.
  • Air cleaner: The main component responsible for air filtration and purification.
  • Air hose pipe: A pipe that connects the air cleaner to other parts of the system.

The Shacman X3000 Air Cleaning Device combines these components synergistically to remove contaminants and particles from the intake air, ensuring a clean and healthy air supply for the engine. With its sturdy construction and reliable performance, this device ensures enhanced engine efficiency and longevity.

Choose the Shacman X3000 Air Cleaning Device for an optimized air filtration solution and enjoy the benefits of improved engine performance and prolonged engine life.

1Q340B10Hex nut5
2Q40310Spring washer10
3DZ9112190302Up plate1
5Q150B1025Hex screw2
6Q2610830Locking screw2
7348D 410007Pad2
8DZ93259190005Intake pipe assembly1
9Q340B08Hex nut4
10Q40308Spring washer7
1181.96210.0289Cushion block2
15DZ93259190802Intake pipe assembly1
 DZ93259190066Intake pipe assembly1
16DZ9003532109T Clip1
 DZ9003532122T Clip1
17DZ9112190326Screw pipe1
19DZ97259190409Intake pipe1
 DZ97259190416Intake pipe1





21DZ97259190413Screw pipe1
23169100770028Safety cover1
25DZ97259190402Air cleaner1
27DZ97259190406Air hose pipe1
30Q151B14120TF2Hex screw4
31Q150B1030Hex screw4
34DZ97259190405Hose Bracket1
35Q150B0825Hex screw3
38Q150B1430Hex screw3
40Q150B1035Hex screw3
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