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Shacman X3000 Door Covering Right
Shacman X3000 Door Covering Right
Shacman X3000 Left Door Inner Panel Assenbly
Shacman X3000 Left Door Inner Panel Assenbly

Shacman X3000 Air Compessor Outer Line

Presenting the Shacman X3000 Air Compressor Outer Line, a premium and efficient solution designed to optimize your vehicle’s air compression system. This comprehensive system comprises meticulously crafted components that work seamlessly together to ensure reliable performance and maximum productivity.

Product Parameters of Shacman X3000 Air Compessor Outer Line

Shacman X3000 Air Compessor Outer Line
  • Oil-water separator: The oil-water separator effectively separates oil and water from the compressed air, ensuring clean and dry air supply to your vehicle’s pneumatic systems.
  • Pressure limiting valve: The pressure limiting valve regulates and maintains optimal pressure levels, safeguarding the air compressor and pneumatic components from excessive pressure.
  • 5-way manifold with check valve: The 5-way manifold with a check valve facilitates the controlled distribution of compressed air, preventing backflow and ensuring smooth operation.
  • APU bracket: The APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) bracket securely holds and supports the air compressor, minimizing vibration and ensuring stability during operation.
  • Oil-water separator bracket: The oil-water separator bracket provides a secure mounting position for the separator, ensuring proper alignment and easy access for maintenance.
  • Air handling unit: The air handling unit efficiently controls and filters the compressed air, removing contaminants and delivering clean air for various applications.
  • Polyamide tube PA11-16×2: The durable polyamide tube PA11-16×2 effectively transports compressed air, ensuring minimal pressure loss and long-lasting performance.
  • QC/T80-1993 Steel tube assembly 20 Straight: The QC/T80-1993 steel tube assembly, with its straight configuration, provides a sturdy and reliable connection for the air compressor system.
  • Steel pipe assembly 20 hose/straight through: The steel pipe assembly 20 hose offers a flexible and dependable connection, accommodating movement and ensuring optimal airflow.
  • Stainless steel metal hose: The stainless steel metal hose provides excellent durability and flexibility, allowing for easy installation and maintenance of the air compressor outer line.
  • Tube 20 Air compressor/hose: The tube 20 air compressor/hose effectively transports compressed air, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow to various pneumatic applications.

Upgrade your vehicle’s air compression system with the Shacman X3000 Air Compressor Outer Line. Experience enhanced performance, reliability, and efficiency while meeting the demanding requirements of your pneumatic operations. Invest in this innovative and durable solution today and achieve optimal productivity in your vehicle’s air compression syst

1DZ97259360017Oil-water separator1
281.52101.6269Pressure limiting valve1
3DZ91003603205-way manifold with check valve1
4DZ97189360018APU bracket1
5DZ97259360012Oil-water separator bracket1
6DZ96189360003Air handling unit1
7DZ95189360101Polyamide tube PA11-16×21
8DZ97259360013QC/T80-1993 Steel tube assembly 20 Straight/1
9DZ97189360017Oil-water separator1
10DZ93189360007Steel pipe assembly 20 hose/straight through1

Stainless steel metal hose

Tube 20 Air compressor/hose

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