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Shacman X3000 Right Foot Panel For Cab
Shacman X3000 Right Foot Panel For Cab
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Shacman X3000 Bumper

  • The Shacman X3000 Bumper is a crucial safety component that protects the vehicle’s front end from collisions and impacts. It comprises several essential elements that work in unison to provide optimal protection and functionality.
  • The front grid serves as a durable shield that deflects debris and impacts away from the vehicle’s vital components.
  • The pan-head screw allows for secure attachment of the front grid to the bumper, ensuring firmness and stability.
  • The tow truck hook cover left not only serves as an aesthetic covering but also protects the tow hook from external damage and corrosion.

Product Parameters of Shacman X3000 Bumper

Shacman X3000 Bumper
Shacman X3000 Bumper
  • The hex screw provides a reliable connection point, securing the bumper to the vehicle’s frame and minimizing any movement.
  • The bumper itself is a sturdy and robust component that absorbs and distributes energy during collisions, safeguarding the vehicle’s occupants.
  • The rubber circle acts as a buffer, reducing the shock and vibrations generated by impacts and collisions.
  •  The fixup bracket assembly supports different elements of the bumper, contributing to overall stability and strength.
  • The washer evenly distributes pressure, preventing any surface damage and enhancing stability.
  • The hex nut provides an additional secure and robust anchor point, holding the bumper firmly in place.
  •  The cover adds an aesthetic touch, enhancing the bumper’s visual appeal and overall style.
  • Furthermore, the bumper features several position bases, including the position base right, position base right (lighten), position base left, and position base left (lighten), each serving a specific function in securing the bumper to the vehicle’s frame.
  • Investing in a high-quality Shacman X3000 bumper can significantly enhance the vehicle’s safety and overall durability while promoting optimal functionality.
1DZ97189621016Front Grid1
2Q2300625Pan-head screw6
3DZ97189621044Tow truck hook cover left1
4Q1460825Hex Screw4
6Q1841255Hex Screw6
7DZ97189621015Rubber circle4
8DZ97189621030Fixup bracket assembly1
10Q340B08T2F3Hex nut12
12DZ97189621012Position base right1
 DZ97189621068Position base right(lighten)1
13DZ97189621011Position base left1
 DZ97189621067Position base left  (lighten)1
14Q32014Hex   nut12
15Q1861450Hex Screw6
16DZ97189621025Trim right1
17Q2300616Pan-head screw12
18DZ97189621024Trim left1
19DZ97189621056Skidproof board2
20Q2140625Pan-head screw4
22Q40306Spring washer4
24Q340B06Hex    nut4
25Q32012Hex  nut6
26Q1861440Hex Screw6
27Q1861430Hex Screw4
28DZ97189621045Tow truck hook cover left1
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