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Shacman X3000 Dashboard Panelling
Shacman X3000 Dashboard Panelling
Shacman X3000 The Interior Trim Assembly
Shacman X3000 The Interior Trim Assembly

Shacman X3000 Dashboard

The Shacman X3000 Dashboard is a comprehensive and user-friendly component of the vehicle’s interior, designed to provide comfort and convenience to the driver and passengers. It consists of various elements that enhance the overall experience and functionality of the cab.

Product Parameters of Shacman X3000 Dashboard

Shacman X3000 Dashboard
  • LH knee bolster: The LH knee bolster offers support and protection to the driver’s left knee, ensuring a comfortable driving position.
  • Self-tapping screw: This screw is provided for easy and secure installation of various components within the dashboard.
  • Knee bolster ashtray assembly: A convenient feature integrated into the knee bolster, providing a designated space for ash collection.
  • Floor wiring connecting-peg: This peg enables the organized routing and connection of wiring to ensure proper electrical functionality.
  • Hood: The hood, with its sturdy construction, ensures durability and protects the sensitive electronic components located beneath it.
  • RH knee bolster: Similar to the LH knee bolster, the RH knee bolster provides support and protection to the driver’s right knee.
  • IP RH lower brace: The IP (Instrument Panel) RH lower brace adds structural strength and stability to the dashboard assembly.
  • Cigar lighter trim: This trim covers the cigar lighter, giving it a refined and polished appearance.
  • Center plate ashtray assembly: The center plate ashtray assembly serves as a designated area for ash disposal, keeping the vehicle tidy and organized.
  • ECU maintenance garnish panel: This panel provides easy access to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes.
  • Metal clip: The metal clip securely fastens various components together, ensuring a tight and reliable connection.
  • RH air vent assembly: The RH air vent assembly helps regulate airflow and temperature within the cabin, providing a comfortable environment.
  • Center plate noumenon: The center plate noumenon forms the central part of the dashboard, housing various controls and displays for easy access.
  • Entre air vent assembly: The entre air vent assembly aids in distributing air evenly throughout the cabin, enhancing overall comfort.
  • Knee bolster storage box: This storage box integrated into the knee bolster provides a convenient space to keep small items within reach.
  • Driver RH knee bolster: Specifically designed for the driver’s right knee, this bolster ensures optimal comfort and support.
  • Driver LH air vent assembly: This assembly allows for adjustable airflow to ensure personalized comfort for the driver’s left side.
  • Engine diagnostic connector hood: The hood protects the engine diagnostic connector, ensuring its functionality and preventing damage.
  • Driver LH air knee bolster: The driver LH air knee bolster combines knee support with an air vent, providing added comfort during the drive.
  • Hexagonal flange side bolt: This bolt provides a secure and durable connection for various components, contributing to the overall structural integrity.
  • Card trim: The card trim adds an aesthetic touch to the dashboard, enhancing its visual appeal.
  • Storage box II: Additional storage space integrated into the dashboard, providing ample room for keeping essential items within easy reach.

Experience utmost comfort and convenience with the Shacman X3000 Dashboard, featuring a comprehensive range of components designed to enhance your driving experience. From knee bolsters to storage boxes and air vent assemblies, each element is meticulously crafted to provide optimal functionality and style.

  NO   Part.No   Name   Quantity
1 DZ14251160281 LH knee bolster 1
1 DZ14251160282 LH knee bolster 1
2 DZ14251160153 self tapping screw 75
3 DZ14251160330 knee bolster ashtray assy 1
4 DZ14251160142 floor wiring connecting-peg 1
5 DZ14251160290 hood 1
6 DZ14251160411 RH knee bolster 1
7 DZ14251160143 IP RH lower brace 1
8 DZ14251160340 cigar lighter trim 1
9 DZ14251160321 center plate ashtray assy 1
10 DZ14251160123 ECU maintaince garnish panel 66
11 DZ14251160190 metal clip 1
12 DZ14251160141 RH air vent assy 1
13 DZ14251160180 Center plate noumenon 1
14 DZ14251160272 centre air vent assy 1
15 DZ14251160271 knee bolster store box 1
15 DZ14251160273 driver RH knee bolster 1
16 DZ14251160160 driver RH knee bolster 2
17 DZ14251160262 driver LH air vent assy
18 DZ14251160261 engine diagnose connecter hood 1
18 DZ14251160264 driver LH air knee bolster 1
19 Q1840616 driver LH air knee bolster 1
20 DZ14251160263 hexagonal flange side bolt 27
21 DZ14251160324 card trim 1
22 DZ14251160132 store box 1
  NO   Part.No   Name   Quantity
23 DZ14251160412 drive side lower plate fix bracket 1
24 DZ14251160131 control panel 1
25 DZ14251160121 IP combination mask 1
25 DZ14251160124 IP combination mask 1
26 DZ14251160322 DVD trim strip 1
27 DZ14251160323 store box 1
28 DZ14251160301 LH side head face plate 1
29 DZ14251160302 head face plate sponge sealing trip 2
30 DZ14251160101 IP noumenon 1
30 DZ14251160119 IP noumenon 1
31 DZ14251160117 speed nut 17
32 DZ14251160116 speed nut 14
33 DZ14251160311 RH side head face plate 1
34 DZ14251160152 Relay box maintaince garnish trim 1
35 DZ14251160151 Relay box maintaince garnish 1
36 DZ14251160115 RH air flue 1
37 DZ14251160109 RH air flue right support 1
38 DZ14251160108 RH air flue left support 1
39 DZ14251160210 RH defrost air flue 1
40 DZ14251160250 RH blow down air flue(down) 1
41 DZ14251160114 Center air flue 1
42 DZ14251160230 RH blow down air flue(up) 1
43 Q1841020 hexagonal flange side bolt 6
  NO   Part.No   Name   Quantity
44 DZ14251160113 driver RH air flue 1
45 DZ14251160220 LH blow down air flue(up) 1
46 DZ14251160240 LH blow down air flue(down) 1
47 DZ14251160200 LH defrost air flue 1
48 DZ14251160103 driver LH air flue bracket 1
49 DZ14251160112 driver LH air flue 1
50 Q1840825 hexagonal flange side bolt 2
51 DZ14251160111 front defrost air flue knee noumenon 1
52 DZ14251160102 front defrost air flue up noumenon 1
53 DZ14251160350 IP install tramsom assy 1
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