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Shacman X3000 Door Covering Left
Shacman X3000 Door Covering Left
Shacman X3000 Cooler System
Shacman X3000 Cooler System

Shacman X3000 Expansion Box System

The Shacman X3000 Expansion Box System is a crucial component designed to optimize the vehicle’s performance and ensure efficient operation. This system includes several essential parts that work together seamlessly to enhance functionality.

Product Parameters of Shacman X3000 Expansion Box System

Shacman X3000 Expansion Box System
  • Hose: The hose in the Shacman X3000 Expansion Box System plays a vital role in facilitating the flow of fluids and maintaining proper circulation within the system. It is crafted from high-quality materials to offer durability and longevity.
  • Clip: The clip secures the hose firmly in place, preventing any potential leaks or displacements. This ensures the integrity of the system and eliminates any potential risks or disruptions during operation.
  • Expansion box bracket: The expansion box bracket serves as a sturdy support structure, holding the expansion box assembly securely in place. It is manufactured with precision to withstand various driving conditions and maintain stability.
  • Expansion box assembly: The expansion box assembly is the heart of the system. It is responsible for regulating pressure and temperature, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. This assembly comprises carefully engineered components that work together harmoniously to meet the demanding requirements of the vehicle.
  • Hex nut: The hex nut is used to fasten and secure the expansion box assembly to the expansion box bracket. It provides a reliable and robust connection, eliminating any potential loosening or detachment during operation.
  • Spring washer: The spring washer is an essential component that provides tension and absorbs any vibrations or shocks that may occur during vehicle operation. This enhances the stability and longevity of the expansion box system.
  • Washer: The washer acts as a protective barrier between the expansion box assembly, hex nut, and other components. It helps distribute the load evenly and prevent any damage or wear on the parts.
  • Hex nut: Another hex nut is used to fasten and secure the expansion box bracket to the tie-in point on the vehicle’s structure. It ensures a secure and reliable connection, further enhancing the stability and integrity of the system.
  • Tie-in: The tie-in serves as the point of connection between the expansion box bracket and the vehicle’s structure. It is carefully designed to provide a sturdy anchoring point, minimizing any potential movement or displacement.

In conclusion, the Shacman X3000 Expansion Box System consists of various components, including the hose, clip, expansion box bracket, expansion box assembly, hex nut, spring washer, washer, hex nut, and tie-in. These meticulously engineered and crafted parts work in unison to optimize system performance, ensuring a smooth and reliable driving experience while maintaining the integrity of the vehicle’s operation.

NO Part.No Name Quantity Suited type
1 DZ95259535214 Hose 1 X3000/ISM
  116000840028 Hose 1 X3000/WP12
2 190003989301 Clip 4  
3 190003989300 Clip 4  
4 DZ95259535203 Hose 1 X3000/ISM
  DZ95259535204 Hose 1 X3000/WP12
5 133700530022 Hose 1  
6 DZ95259450103 Expansion box bracket 4  
7 DZ95259450100 Expansion box assembly 1  
8 Q150B0825 Hex nut 8  
9 Q40308 Spring washer 15  
10 Q40108 Washer 15  
11 Q150B0818 Hex nut 7  
12 DZ95259535217 Hose 1  
13 DZ95259450104 Expansion box bracket 1  
14 DZ9112530260 Tie-in 1 X3000/ISM
15 2300-1303016 Tie-in 1 X3000/ISM
16 DZ9112530250 Tie-in 1 X3000/ISM
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