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Shacman X3000 The Interior Trim Assembly
Shacman X3000 The Interior Trim Assembly
Shacman X3000 Injection Moulded Elevated Box
Shacman X3000 Injection Moulded Elevated Box
Shacman X3000 The Interior Trim Assembly
Shacman X3000 The Interior Trim Assembly
Shacman X3000 Injection Moulded Elevated Box
Shacman X3000 Injection Moulded Elevated Box

Shacman X3000 Foam Elevated Box

The Shacman X3000 Foam Elevated Box is a highly functional and reliable transportation solution designed to meet the specific needs of various industries. This foam elevated box boasts a range of features to ensure efficiency and durability.

The right door panel of the Shacman X3000 Foam Elevated Box provides easy access and secure closure for loading and unloading operations.

Product Parameters of Shacman X3000 Foam Elevated Box

Shacman X3000 Foam Elevated Box
  • The door lock assembly ensures the safety and security of the contents inside the box during transit.
  • The middle door panel offers additional accessibility options and enhances the ease of handling goods.
  • The left door panel complements the right and middle panels, forming a complete and secure enclosure.
  • The pan-head screws ensure the structural integrity of the door panels and provide easy installation and maintenance.
  • The big gasket ensures a tight seal between the door panels, preventing any potential leakage or damage to the transported items.
  • Additional pan-head screws secure the gasket in place, enhancing the overall stability and reliability of the door assembly.
  • The jointing nut reinforces the connection between the various components, reducing the risk of loosening or detachment.
  • The door panel hinge assembly facilitates smooth opening and closing of the doors, allowing efficient loading and unloading processes.
  • Pan-head screws are strategically placed to secure the hinge assembly, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity.
  • The lock mechanism ensures the protection and security of the goods inside the foam elevated box, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Self-tapping screws are utilized to fasten and reinforce specific components, contributing to the overall robustness of the structure.
  • Pan-head screws offer additional support and stability to critical areas of the foam elevated box, ensuring a reliable and durable transportation solution.
  • Countersunk screws are used to provide a flush and aesthetically pleasing appearance, while maintaining the strength and integrity of the structure.
  • The left clapboard partitions the interior space, allowing for organized and secure storage of different goods.
  • Hexagon nuts are used to secure various components, providing resistance against vibrations and ensuring structural stability.
  • Small gaskets are implemented to enhance the sealing capabilities of the foam elevated box, preventing any potential leaks or damages.
  • The right clapboard complements the left clapboard, further optimizing the organization and secure storage within the foam elevated box.
  • Another door panel hinge assembly is employed to provide additional operational flexibility and convenience.
  • The installation bracket ensures the proper positioning and alignment of the foam elevated box, guaranteeing a secure and stable installation.
  • The fixed plate offers structural reinforcement, enhancing the overall durability and strength of the foam elevated box.
  • Pan-head screws are utilized for fastening and securing various components, providing stability and integrity to the foam elevated box assembly.

The Shacman X3000 Foam Elevated Box combines superior design, precision engineering, and a comprehensive selection of components to provide a reliable and efficient transportation solution for various industries. Its robust construction, extensive security features, and easy installation make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking optimal performance and longevity in their transportation operations.

NO Part.No   Name Quantity
1 DZ14251610334 Right door panel 1
2 DZ13241770840 Door lock assembly 3
3 DZ14251610335 Middle door panel 1
4 DZ14251610333 Left door panel 1
5 6 Q2140825 Q40208 Pan-head screw Big gasket 8 6
7 Q2140408 Pan-head screw 6
8 Q37104 Jointing nut 16
9 DZ14251610360 Door panel hinge assy 4
10 Q2300520 Pan-head screw 6
11 DZ13241770867 Lock 3
12 Q2204216 self tapping screw 2
13 Q2300616 Pan-head screw 27
14 Q2540616 Countersunk screw 4
15 DZ14251610337 Left clapboard 1
16 Q340B05 Hexagon nut 14
17 Q40005 Small gasket 14
18 DZ14251610338 Right clapboard 1
19 DZ14251610386 Door panel hinge assy 2
20 DZ14251610332 Installation bracket 5
21 DZ14251610385 Fixed plate 4
22 Q2300410 Pan-head screw 16
23 DZ14251610371 The board of fixation 2
    hinge assy 1
24 DZ14251610331 Glove box body 15
25 Q2140616 Pan-head screw 15
26 Q40206 Big gasket 1
27 DZ14251610389 Glove box pad 1
28 DZ14251610349 Fixed plate 1
29 DZ14251610341 Lower glove box body 1
30 DZ14251610378 Lower glove box pad 1
31 DZ14251610388 The door glove box pad 1
32 DZ14251610343 RH lower ditty-bag 2
33 DZ14251610313 Lower brace 7
34 Q39748201 Type A reed nut 1
35 DZ14251610342 The middle ditty-bag 1
36 DZ14251610348 Mounting plate 11
37 DZ14251610347 Reed nut 1
38 DZ14251610387 Glove box pad 1
39 DZ14251610345 Fixing brace 2
40 DZ14251610346 Reed nut 1
41 DZ14251610349 Mounting plate 8
42 Q2204216 Pan-head screw 1
43 DZ14251610344 Fixed support plate 4
44 DZ14251610368 Blocking cover 1
45 DZ14251610369 The cassette player panel 1
  DZ14251610368 Running memorize panel 1
46 DZ14251610311 Left Fixed belt 1
47 DZ14251610312 Right Fixed belt 1
  NO   Part.No   Name   Quantity
48 DZ14251610379 Front window guide 1
49 DZ13241571428 Guide cover 2
50 Q2712995 Grooved oval head 14
    screw 7
51 Q2214825 RH stents 2
52 DZ14251610354 Bracket 1
53 DZ14251610353 RH stents 1
54 DZ14251610351 The high pipe beam 2
55 DZ14251610355 Latch 1
56 DZ14251610352 LH stents 4
57 Q40108 Gasket 2
58 Q2140820 Pan-head screw  
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