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Shacman X3000 Windscreen Rinse System/Left
Shacman X3000 Windscreen Rinse System/Left
Shacman X3000 Decorative Assembly
Shacman X3000 Decorative Assembly
Shacman X3000 Windscreen Rinse System/Left
Shacman X3000 Windscreen Rinse System/Left
Shacman X3000 Decorative Assembly
Shacman X3000 Decorative Assembly

Shacman X3000 Front Cover

  • The Shacman X3000 Front Cover is a crucial component of the vehicle’s exterior design. It consists of several elements that contribute to its functionality and aesthetics.
  • The front cover proudly showcases the Shacman logo, representing the brand’s identity and quality.
  • The front cover features a stylish grille that enhances the vehicle’s appearance while allowing air to flow to the engine for cooling.
  • The front cover includes a washer to ensure a clean and clear view through the windscreen.
  • The front cover is secured in place with the help of hexagon nuts, providing stability and reinforcement.

Product Parameters of Shacman X3000 Front Cover

Shacman X3000 Front Cover
  • Strategically placed fore-outline lights on the front cover enhance visibility during low-light conditions and improve overall safety.
  • The front cover features a front lid that provides access to various components, making maintenance and repairs easier.
  • The front cover is assembled using self-tapping screws and washer assemblies, ensuring a secure and durable fit.
  • The front cover includes a right air deflector that redirects airflow and aids aerodynamic performance.
  • The front cover incorporates an external board for additional protection and visual appeal.
  • The front cover is further secured with self-tapping screws and washer assemblies.
  • The installation of the right air deflector helps optimize air circulation around the vehicle.
  • The front cover consists of a board that enhances structural integrity and provides a base for other components.
  • The left air deflector, located externally on the front cover, assists in redirecting airflow and improving overall stability.
  • The front cover includes a left air deflector that complements the right air deflector’s functionality.
  • The front cover is reinforced with an inner board, ensuring strength and durability.
  • Washers are used in conjunction with self-tapping screws for proper installation and security.
  • Additional self-tapping screws are used to secure the front cover, maintaining its stability.
  • The installation of the right front lid further enhances the front cover’s structural integrity.
  • The front cover is supported by a trestle, providing stability and reinforcement.
  • The Shacman X3000 Front Cover combines functionality and style, showcasing the brand’s logo, incorporating essential elements like grilles and air deflectors, and utilizing secure fasteners for reliable installation. Its design ensures optimal aerodynamics and protection for the vehicle’s components, while the trestle supports its overall structure. Experience the excellence and innovation of Shacman with the X3000 Front Cover.
Front Cover
4Q340B05Hexagon nut3
5DZ14251110022Fore-outline light10
6DZ14251110211Front lid1
7Q2214816self tapping screw and Washer assy11
8DZ14251110064Right air defiector erternai board1
9Q2300616self tapping screw and Washer assy38
10DZ14251110263Right air defiector innerboard1
12Q2140616self tapping screw10
13DZ14251110065Right air defiector install board1
14DZ14251110060Left air defiector erternai board1
15DZ14251110258Left air defiector innerboard1
16DZ14251110073Right front lid install trestle1
17Q340B10Hexagon nut4
18DZ14251110061Right air defiector install board1
20DZ14251110030Buffer assy2
21SZ111000711Front lid install head2
22DZ14251110080Lock assy1
23DZ14251110075Unlock hand shank1
25DZ14251110040Air spring assy2
26DZ14251110051Limit block4
27DZ14251110050Front lid hinge assy1
31DZ14251110047Left front handrail shield Ⅱ1
32DZ14251110046Left front handrail shield Ⅰ1
33Q2300630self tapping screw and Washer assy4
34DZ14251110045self tapping screw2
35DZ14251110044Left front handrail1
36DZ14251110056Right hinge assy1
37DZ14251110054Right    front handrail shield  Ⅰ1
38DZ14251110055Right    front handrail shield  Ⅱ1
39DZ14251110053Right    front handrail1
40DZ13241110076Bracing wire sheath1
41DZ14251110071Left    front lid install trestle1
42Q150B1020Hex shoulder stud4
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