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Shacman X3000 Single Shafts Steering Transmission Device
Shacman X3000 Single Shafts Steering Transmission Device
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Shacman X3000 Hydraulic Device

  • The Shacman X3000 Hydraulic Device is a vital component in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the hydraulic system in the Shacman X3000 truck. It comprises several essential parts designed for optimal performance and reliability.
  • This component serves as a connection point for fluid flow within the hydraulic system, allowing the hydraulic fluid to pass through.
  • The seal-washer ensures a tight and secure seal between the hollow screw and other connected components, preventing any leakage or loss of hydraulic fluid.
  • This line is responsible for delivering hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic pump to various parts of the system, ensuring proper functionality.

Product Parameters of Shacman X3000 Hydraulic Device

Shacman X3000 Hydraulic Device
  • Similar to the first mentioned hollow screw, this component also facilitates fluid flow between different parts of the hydraulic system.
  • The relivery line carries hydraulic fluid back to the hydraulic tank or reservoir, completing the fluid circulation within the system.
  • The clip provides secure fastening and support for hoses and other components in the hydraulic system, preventing any unwanted movement or disconnection.
  • A flexible rubber hose allows for the transfer of hydraulic fluid between different parts of the system, accommodating for movement and flexibility.
  • This assembly acts as a storage container for the hydraulic fluid, ensuring a sufficient and consistent supply for the optimal operation of the system.
  • The bracket is responsible for securely mounting and positioning various components of the hydraulic system, ensuring stability and proper alignment.
  • Hex screws are used for fastening and securing different parts of the hydraulic device, providing a reliable and sturdy connection.
  • The locking nut ensures that the hex screws remain firmly in place, preventing any unintentional loosening or disconnection.
  • Similar to the rubber hose, this component allows for the transfer of hydraulic fluid between different parts of the system, providing flexibility and adaptability.
  • The spring jacket contributes to the overall stability and integrity of the hydraulic device, providing protection and support to specific components.
  • Similar to the previously mentioned seal-washer, this component ensures a tight and secure seal, preventing any leakage or loss of hydraulic fluid.
  • The nozzle acts as an outlet for the hydraulic fluid, allowing for precise control and direction of the fluid flow.
  • The steering pump is responsible for generating the hydraulic power required for the operation of the steering system, ensuring smooth and responsive steering.
  • As the name suggests, this hose is designed to withstand high-pressure levels and carries hydraulic fluid to specific parts of the system that require increased power.
  • Similar to the earlier mentioned clip, this component provides secure fastening and support for hoses and other components in the hydraulic system.
  • In conclusion, the Shacman X3000 Hydraulic Device consists of multiple components designed for efficient and reliable hydraulic fluid transfer and control. Through the effective interaction of hollow screws, seal-washers, delivery lines, relivery lines, clips, rubber hoses, oil container assemblies, brackets, hex screws, locking nuts, hoses, spring jackets, seal-washers, nozzles, steering pumps, high-pressure hoses, and clips, this hydraulic device ensures smooth and optimized performance of the Shacman X3000 truck’s hydraulic system.
Hydraulic Device
1190003962632Hollow screw1
3DZ97189470226Delivery line1
4190003962632Hollow screw1
5DZ95189470104Relivery line1
7DZ95189470012Rubber hose1
8DZ95189470063Oil container assy1
10Q150B1020T1F3Hex screw2
12Q150B1030T1F3Hex screw2
13Q33210T2F3Locking nut4
 DZ9100470039Spring jacket1
16190003962651Hollow screw1
19DZ97189470215Steering pump1
20190003962632Hollow screw1
21DZ91189470004High pressure hose1
22Q340B06Locking nut1
24161000060211Rubber hose1
26Q150B0630Hex screw2
27Q150B1030T2F3Hex screw3
28Q33210T2F3Locking nut3
 Q150B0620Hex screw1
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