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24 Volts Injectors
How Do You Switch The Machine In Order To Test 24 Volts Injectors And 12volts Injectors?
New Piston Ring
How To Insstaled New Piston Ring?
24 Volts Injectors
How Do You Switch The Machine In Order To Test 24 Volts Injectors And 12volts Injectors?
New Piston Ring
How To Insstaled New Piston Ring?

Shacman X3000 Main Reducer Assembly (Rear Axle)

The Shacman X3000 Main Reducer Assembly (Rear Axle) is a vital component that plays a crucial role in the efficient and smooth functioning of the rear axle. This assembly comprises several essential parts meticulously engineered to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Shacman X3000 Main Reducer Assembly (Centre Axle)

Product Parameters of Shacman X3000 Main Reducer Assembly (Rear Axle)

  • Locknut: The locknut tightly secures and fastens the assembly, preventing any loosening or displacement during operation.
  • Flange plate: The flange plate acts as a connecting point between the assembly and the other components of the axle system.
  • Prevented dust cap: This dust cap effectively prevents dust, dirt, and other particles from entering the assembly, ensuring its cleanliness and longevity.
  • Oil seal: The oil seal serves as a protective barrier, preventing oil leakage and maintaining proper lubrication within the assembly.
  • Taper rolling bearing FAG 31313A: This high-quality taper rolling bearing facilitates smooth rotational movement and reduces friction within the assembly.
  • Bearing block: The bearing block holds the taper rolling bearing securely in place, maintaining stability and alignment.
  • Bolt GB/T16674.2 M12×1.5×40-10.9: This specific bolt adheres to industry standards and securely fastens the assembly components, ensuring structural integrity.
  • Adjusting washer: The adjusting washer allows for precise adjustment of the assembly, ensuring optimal performance and efficient power transmission.
  • Oil baffle disc: The oil baffle disc controls the flow and distribution of lubricating oil within the assembly, preventing excessive oil splashing and enhancing overall performance.
  • Adjusting washer: Another adjusting washer is included in the assembly to provide additional fine-tuning capabilities for proper fitment and alignment.
  • Space bush: The space bush acts as a spacer, maintaining the desired distance between components and ensuring smooth operation.
  • Taper rolling bearing 31314 BX: This tapered rolling bearing further enhances the load-bearing capacity and rotational efficiency of the assembly.
  • Active taper gear (i=1.208): The active taper gear, with a gear ratio of 1.208, efficiently transfers rotational force and torque within the assembly.
  • Active taper gear (i=1.333): Another active taper gear with a gear ratio of 1.333, providing alternative rotational force and torque distribution.
  • Active taper gear (i=1.5): This active taper gear, with a gear ratio of 1.5, optimizes torque and power distribution within the assembly.
  • Shift sleeve: The shift sleeve facilitates smooth gear shifting and engagement within the assembly.
  • Adjusting nut: The adjusting nut enables fine-tuning and precise adjustment, allowing for optimum performance and alignment.
  • Taper rolling bearing 32020: This tapered rolling bearing supports the axial and radial loads within the assembly, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
  • Hex flange toothed bolt: This specific hex flange toothed bolt securely fastens and connects the assembly components, providing stability and strength.
  • Pressure switch: The pressure switch monitors the fluid pressure within the assembly, providing crucial input for optimal performance and protection.
  • Inner hexagon bolt: The inner hexagon bolt allows for easy installation and secure fastening of the assembly components.
  • Axle shaft gear: The axle shaft gear, in conjunction with other gears, enables efficient power transmission and rotational movement within the assembly.
  • Seal washer: The seal washer acts as an additional protective barrier, ensuring a tight seal and preventing oil leakage.
  • Passive bevel gear (i=1.208): The passive bevel gear, with a gear ratio of 1.208, efficiently distributes torque and rotational force within the assembly.
  • Passive bevel gear (i=1.333): Another passive bevel gear with a gear ratio of 1.333, providing alternate torque and rotational force distribution.
  • Passive bevel gear (i=1.5): This passive bevel gear, with a gear ratio of 1.5, optimizes torque and power distribution within the assembly.
  • Axle shaft gear washer: The axle shaft gear washer provides additional support and alignment for the axle shaft gear, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.

The Shacman X3000 Main Reducer Assembly (Rear Axle) incorporates these high-quality and precisely engineered components to offer superior performance, exceptional durability, and seamless power transmission within the rear axle system.

  NO   Part.No Name   Quantity
1 DZ95149320054 Locknut 1
2 81.39115.0175 Flange plate 1
3 81.39135.0004 Prevented dust cap 1
4 06.56289.0319 Oil seal 1
5 06.32499.0088 Tapper rolling bearing FAG 31313A 1
6 DZ90149320043 Bearing block 1
7 DZ90001500000 Bolt GB/T16674.2 M12×1.5×40-10.9 12
8 DZ90149320036 Adjusting washer on demand
DZ90149320031 Adjusting washer on demand
DZ90149320032 Adjusting washer on demand
DZ90149320033 Adjusting washer on demand
DZ90149320034 Adjusting washer on demand
DZ90149320035 Adjusting washer on demand
9 81.35730.0018 Oil baffle disc 1
10 81.90770.0100 Adjusting washer select and use
11 81.91701.0350 Space bush 1
12 DZ90149320055 Tapper rolling bearing 31314 BX 1
13 DZ90149320027 Active taper gear(i=1.208) 1
DZ90149320071 Active taper gear(i=1.333) 1
DZ90149320065 Active taper gear(i=1.5) 1
14 DZ90149320040 Shift sleeve 1
15 DZ90149320015 Adjusting nut 1
16 32020 Tapper rolling bearing 32020 1
17 DZ90149320030 Hex flange toothed bolt 16
18 DZ90149320028 Passive bevel gear(i=1.208) 1
  DZ90149320072 Passive bevel gear(i=1.333) 1
  DZ90149320066 Passive bevel gear(i=1.5) 1
19 81.35613.0043 Axle shaft gear washer 2
20 81.35106.0036 Axle shaft gear 2
21 81.25503.0244 Pressure switch 1
22 Q72318 Seal washer 1
23 Q218B0835 Inner hexagon bolt 3
24 HD469-2406012 Shift cylinder 1
25 HD469-2406017 Gasket 1
26 HD469-2406015 O-ring M7.660-60 34*3 1
27 HD469-2406013 Selector shaft 1
28 HD469-2406014 Bush 1
29 HD469-2402014 Adjusting washer DIN 988-22*30*0.5 on demand
  HD469-2402016 Adjusting washer DIN 988-22*30*1 on demand
30 DZ90149320041 Selector fork 1
31 HD469-2406011 Spring 1
32 DZ9003800004 Hex flange toothed bolt 2
33 DZ90149320050 Final drive case 1
34 Q1811445TF2 Hex flange toothed bolt 18
35 Q5220816 Pin(B from-d allowance h8) 4
36 Q1800816 Hex flange toothed bolt 2
37 DZ90149320047 Lock piece 1
38 DZ90149320048 Bearing cap(left) 1
39 DZ9003800000 Hex flange toothed bolt 4
40 DZ90149320049 Bearing cap(right) 1
41 DZ9112320373 Lock piece(left) 1
42 DZ90149320010 Plant gear 4
43 DZ90149320011 Plant gear washer 4
44 DZ9112320371 Bolt DIN912-M10×110-10.9 1
45 DZ90149320045 Cross axle 1
46 DZ90149320044 Cross axle 1
47 DZ90149320039 Differential case 1
48 DZ90149320046 Cross axle 1
49 DZ90149320042 Collect oil cap 1
50 DZ9003326031 Tapper rolling bearing 32017X 1
51 DZ90149320012 Collect oil plate 1
52 DZ90149320013 Adjusting nut 1
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