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Shacman X3000 Exhaust Brake Control
Shacman X3000 Exhaust Brake Control
Shacman X3000 Parking Brake Control Device
Shacman X3000 Parking Brake Control Device

Shacman X3000 Serve Brake Control Device

  • The Shacman X3000 Serve Brake Control Device is a vital component of the braking system in the Shacman X3000 truck. It ensures the smooth and efficient operation of the brakes, guaranteeing the safety of both the vehicle and its passengers.
  • This device consists of several key elements, including the brake valve, gasket, pedal, pressure spring, spring seat, washer, adjusting washer, pinchcock, hexagon nut, threaded pin, split washer, pedal shaft, tappet, stoplight switch bracket, and brake pedal assembly.

Product Parameters of Shacman X3000 Serve Brake Control Device

Shacman X3000 Serve Brake Control Device
  • The brake valve is responsible for regulating the brake fluid pressure and controlling the actuation of the brakes. It is sealed by a gasket to prevent any leaks. The pedal is what the driver uses to apply pressure to the brakes, and it is equipped with a pressure spring for a comfortable and responsive feel. The spring seat and washer provide stability and support to the pedal assembly.
  • To adjust the pedal height and sensitivity, there is an adjusting washer. The pinchcock is used to secure the brake hoses, ensuring a tight and secure connection. Hexagon nuts and threaded pins are utilized for fastening and joining various components together. Split washers are employed to prevent loosening due to vibrations.
  • The pedal shaft connects the pedal to the tappet, which is responsible for transmitting the applied force to the brake valve. The stoplight switch bracket allows for the proper positioning of the stoplight switch, which activates the brake lights when the pedal is pressed. Finally, the brake pedal assembly encompasses all of these components, providing a complete and functional unit.
  • In conclusion, the Shacman X3000 Serve Brake Control Device is a comprehensive system that encompasses various parts necessary for the efficient functioning of the truck’s brakes. Its careful design and integration ensure optimal braking performance, offering the driver and passengers a safe and smooth journey.
Serve Brake Control Device
1DZ9100360080brake valve1
406.46081.6338Pressure spring1
581.97680.0019Spring seat1
706.15114.0418Adjusting washer2
9Q340B10Hexagon nut1
1081.91020.0611Threaded pin1
11Q43680Split washer1
1281.48210.0033Pedal shaft1
1481.48240.0270Stoplight switch bracket1
1581.48235.5033Brake pedal assembly1
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