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Change Gears
How To Change Gears For How Sinotruck Truck And How Balance It Especially When Starting Off On Slope?
Shacman X3000 Left Fender On The Rear Side Of The Cab
Shacman X3000 Left Fender On The Rear Side Of The Cab

Shacman X3000 Urea Supply Tank

The Shacman X3000 Urea Supply Tank is a critical component in the vehicle’s urea system, designed to ensure efficient supply and distribution of urea for exhaust gas treatment. This high-quality kit includes a range of essential components:

Product Parameters of Shacman X3000 Urea Supply Tank

Shacman X3000 Urea Supply Tank
  • Hex nut: A secure and reliable fastening solution to keep the components intact and prevent any vibration or movement.
  • Bracket: Provides support and stability for the urea tank, allowing it to be securely mounted in the vehicle.
  • Hex bolt: Used to firmly attach the bracket to the vehicle, ensuring a sturdy and durable installation.
  • Rubber Cushion: Offers insulation and absorbs vibrations, reducing the impact of road disturbances on the urea tank.
  • Urea Tank: The main reservoir for storing urea, ensuring a constant supply for the exhaust gas treatment system.
  • Fastening strap assembly: A set of straps designed to securely hold the urea tank in place, preventing any unnecessary movement.
  • U tank cover: A protective cover for the urea tank, safeguarding it from external elements and potential damage.
  • Urea Enter Pipe: Facilitates the entry of urea into the tank, allowing for easy refilling and replenishment.
  • Urea Out Pipe: Enables the controlled release of urea from the tank, ensuring proper distribution to the exhaust gas treatment system.
  • Urea pump: A crucial component for transferring urea from the tank to the exhaust system, helping to break down harmful emissions.
  NO   Part.No   Name   Quantity
1 Q33214 Hex nut 4
2 DZ95259740159 Bracket 1
3 Q151B1445T1F3 Hex bolt 4
4 Q33208. Hex nut 7
5 Q150B0820 Hex bolt 4
6 DZ95259740283 Bracket 1
7 DZ95259540224 Rubber Cushion 2
8 DZ95259740397 Urea Tank 1
9 Q33210 Hex nut 4
10 DZ95259740287 Fastening strap assembly 2
11 DZ95259740184 U tank cover 1
12 DZ95259740290 Urea Enter Pipe 1
13 DZ95259740288 Urea out Pipe 1
14 DZ95259540350 Urea pump 1
15 DZ95259740284 Bracket 1
16 Q150B0890 Hex bolt 3
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