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About Sinotruk

  1. Sinotruk, also known as China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd., is a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in China. Founded in 1956, Sinotruk has been producing high-quality, heavy-duty trucks for over 60 years. The company has a strong focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability, which has helped it achieve a dominant position in the Chinese market and expand its presence globally.
  2. Sinotruk offers a diverse range of commercial vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, light-duty trucks, special-purpose vehicles, and buses. These vehicles are known for their durability, reliability, and high load-bearing capacity, making them suitable for various industries such as construction, mining, logistics, and transportation.
  3. Sinotruk has an extensive research and development team that is responsible for the design and production of its vehicles. The company invests heavily in the latest technological advancements to ensure that its products are at the forefront of the industry. This focus on innovation has enabled Sinotruk to introduce cutting-edge features such as automated transmissions, electric powertrains, and intelligent driver assistance systems.
  4. Common Models of Sinotruk:Dump Truck,Tractor Truck,Water Tank Truck,Oil Tank Truck,Cargo Truck,Concrete Mixer Truck,Truck Mounted Crane,Garbage Truck,Sewage Suction Truck,Fire Fighting Truck,Snow Removal Truck,Cement Powder Tank Trailer,Bulk Powder Tank Truck,Refrigerated Truck,Asphalt Distribution Truck,Sweeper Truck,Sidelifter Truck,Concrete Pump Truck,Synchronous Chip Seal Truck,Mining Tipper Truck,etc.

Hot Models of Sinotruk Howo

Sinotruk Howo Dump Truck

Sinotruk Howo Dump Truck is a heavy-duty vehicle designed for transporting and unloading goods such as sand, gravel, and rocks. It is one of the most popular dump trucks and is manufactured by Howo, a leading Chinese truck manufacturer. This high-quality vehicle is known for its durability, reliability, and excellent performance.

HOWO 4X2 Dump Truck
HOWO 6X4 Dump Truck
HOWO 8X4 Dump Truck
Howo A7 Dump Truck 6x4
HOWO A7 6X4 Dump Truck
HOWO A7 8X4 Dump Truck

Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck

Sinotruk Howo Tractor Truck is one of the most popular heavy-duty trucks developed by Sinotruk. It is a prime mover truck used primarily for long-haul transportation of bulky and heavy cargoes. The Howo Tractor Truck features powerful engines and robust frames, making it capable of carrying heavy loads over long distances.

HOWO 4X2 Tractor Truck
HOWO 6X4 Tractor Truck
HOWO A7 6X4 Tractor Truck
Hohan 6X4 Tractor Truck

Howo Cargo Truck is a reliable, versatile, and high-performance vehicle that has proven to be a valuable asset to businesses of all sizes around the world. Known for its durable construction, impressive hauling capacity, and excellent maneuverability, Howo Cargo Truck has become a popular choice for a wide range of cargo transportation needs

Fence Cargo Truck
Howo 6X4 Fence Cargo Truck
Fence Cargo Truck
Howo 8X4 Fence Cargo Truck
Howo Cargo Truck
Howo 6×4 Box Cargo
Howo Cargo Truck
Howo 6X4 Sidewall Cargo Truck
Howo Cargo Truck
Howo 8X4 Sidewall Cargo Truck

Sinotruk Howo Oil Tank Truck

  1. HOWO oil tank truck is divided into: Howo 4×2 oil tank truck,Howo 6×4 oil tank truck and Howo 8×4 oil tank truck.
  2. The HOWO Oil Tank Truck is a type of heavy-duty vehicle designed for transporting and delivering oil. The truck is constructed with a sturdy chassis that allows it to handle heavy loads, and it is equipped with an oil tank that is made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.
Oil Tanker Truck For Sale
Howo 4×2 Oil Tank Truck
Buy Oil Tanker Truck
Howo 6×4 Oil Tank Truck
Oil Tank Trucks For Sale
Howo 8×4 Oil Tank Truck

Sinotruk HOWO Water Tank Truck

Sinotruk Howo sprinkler truck is divided into: Howo 4×2 sprinkler truck and Howo 6×4 sprinkler truck.

  1. The Heavy-Duty Water Tank Truck is a flagship product of Shandong Heavy Truck Group, which is designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs of customers.
  2. The Heavy-Duty Water Tank Truck is fitted with a large capacity water tank, which can be configured according to customer requirements, ranging from small to large sizes.
HOWO 4X2 Water Tank Truck
HOWO 6X4 Water Tank Truck

Sinotruk Howo Truck Mounted Crane

  1. Howo truck mounted crane is divided into:Howo 4X2 truck mounted crane,Howo 6X4 truck mounted crane and Howo 8X4 truck mounted crane.
  2. Howo Truck Mounted Crane is a versatile piece of equipment specifically designed for lifting and moving heavy loads. This truck mounted crane is widely used in construction sites, cargo stations, airports, and other areas where heavy lifting is required.
Truck Mounted Crane For Sale
HOWO 4X2 Truck Mounted Crane
Truck Mounted Crane For Sale
HOWO 6X4 Truck Mounted Crane
HOWO 8X4 Truck Mounted Crane

Sinotruk HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck

  1. Howo concrete mixer truck is divided into:Howo 6×4 concrete mixer truck,Howo 8×4 concrete mixer truck,Howo A7 6×4 concrete mixer truck,and Hohan 8X4 concrete mixer truck.
  2. A concrete mixer truck is a specialized vehicle used to transport and mix concrete for construction projects. These trucks come in various sizes and capacities, making them suitable for a wide range of construction sites. When looking for a concrete mixer truck for sale, it is important to consider the size and capacity of the truck, along with the engine horsepower, transmission type, and driver cabin features.
Concrete Mixer Truck
Howo 6×4 Concrete Mixer Truck
Concrete Mixer Truck
Howo 8×4 Concrete Mixer Truck
Concrete Mixer Truck
Howo A7 6×4 Concrete Mixer Truck
HOHAN 8X4 Concrete Mixer Truck

Sinotruk Howo Garbage Truck

  1. The Howo Garbage Truck is a top-of-the-line garbage disposal vehicle that is designed to keep our communities clean and healthy. The truck is built to handle both residential and commercial waste, and its large capacity allows it to transport a significant amount of garbage at once.
  2. The Howo Garbage Truck is equipped with advanced technology and features that make garbage collection and disposal efficient and effortless. The truck is designed with an impressive loading capacity, making it suitable for both small and large operations. Its hydraulic lifting system makes it easy for the truck to lift and dump the garbage into the truck’s compartment, reducing the number of trips needed to complete the job.
Garbage Truck Price
HOWO 4X2 Compression Garbage Truck
Garbage Truck For Sale
HOWO 6X4 Compression Garbage Truck
Howo Garbage Truck
Howo 4x2 Swing Arm Garbage Truck
Howo Garbage Truck
Sinotruk Light Truck 4×2 Compression Garbage Truck
Hook Arm Garbage Truck
HOWO 6X4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck

Sinotruk Howo Fire Fighting Truck

  1. Howo fire fighting truck is divided into:Howo 4×2 fire fighting truck and Howo 6×4 fire fighting truck.
  2. Howo Fire Fighting Truck is a reliable and powerful firefighting vehicle that is equipped with advanced features and technologies to combat fire emergencies. The truck is designed to provide quick and effective firefighting solutions to different types of fire accidents, making it an indispensable asset for firefighting departments across the world.
Fire Fighting Truck Price
Howo 4×2 Fire Fighting Truck
Fire Fighting Truck For Sale
Howo 6×4 Fire Fighting Truck

Sinotruk Howo Refrigerated Truck

  1. Howo Refrigerated Trucks are a top-of-the-line option for businesses that require reliable transportation of refrigerated or frozen items. These trucks are specifically designed to maintain a consistent temperature within the cargo area, helping to preserve the quality of the products being transported.
  2. Howo Refrigerated Trucks feature a spacious cargo area that is lined with temperature-controlled walls to ensure that the cargo remains at the desired temperature throughout the journey. They are equipped with powerful refrigeration units that are capable of cooling or freezing the cargo to a temperature as low as -18°C.
Refrigerated Truck
Howo 4×2 Refrigerated Truck
Refrigerated Truck
Howo 6×4 Refrigerated Truck

Sinotruk Howo Sidelifter Truck

  1. Introducing the Sinotruk Howo Sidelifter Truck, a cutting-edge innovation in cargo transportation. This powerful truck is designed to handle heavy loads with ease, making it ideal for a wide range of industries, including shipping, construction, and logistics.
  2. Equipped with state-of-the-art lifting technology, this truck can handle up to 40 tons of cargo with ease, while also being able to accurately maneuver tight spaces with its 360-degree rotation capability. Additionally, its advanced hydraulic system ensures that each lift is performed with precision and maximum safety.
Howo Sidelifter Truck

Sinotruk Howo Concrete Pump Truck

  1. Introducing the Howo Concrete Pump Truck, a top-of-the-line vehicle designed for the most demanding construction projects. Built with the highest-quality materials and advanced technology, this pump truck is the perfect choice for delivering concrete to hard-to-reach areas.
  2. Equipped with a powerful engine and a sophisticated hydraulic system, the Howo Concrete Pump Truck can reach heights and distances that conventional concrete delivery methods cannot. The truck’s precision controls allow for accurate pouring of concrete, ensuring that your project is completed with the utmost efficiency and quality.
Concrete Pump Truck
Howo 4X2 Concrete Pump Truck
Concrete Pump Truck
Howo 6X4 Concrete Pump Truck
Concrete Pump Truck
Howo 8X4 Concrete Pump Truck
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