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Sinotruk Left Vent Pipe
Sinotruk Left Vent Pipe
Sinotruk Chassis Braking Device
Sinotruk Chassis Braking Device

Sinotruk Braking Device Cab

  • The Sinotruk Braking Device Cab consists of various components that ensure the efficient operation of the braking system.
  • Cover (81617010112): This cover provides protection and secure fitting for the braking device cab.
  • Hexagonal flange face bolts: These high-quality bolts are used to firmly fasten the braking device cab components together.
  • Hexagonal flange face nut M6: These nuts are essential for securing the bolts tightly in place.
  • Hand brake valve: The hand brake valve is responsible for controlling the application of the handbrake.
Sinotruk Braking Device Cab

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Braking Device Cab

  • Hexagonal flange face bolt M6: Similar to the previous bolts, these are used for fastening specific parts of the hand brake valve.
  • Fixed plate (hand brake valve): This fixed plate securely holds the hand brake valve in place.
  • Hexagonal flange face nut M6: The nut is used in conjunction with the fixed plate to ensure the stability of the hand brake valve.
  • Flat washer (2819660105821): These washers provide a flat surface for even distribution of the load and prevent damage to the components.
  • Fixed plate (master brake valve): Similar to the fixed plate of the hand brake valve, this component securely holds the master brake valve in place.
  • Flat washer (2819660105781): This washer is used with the fixed plate to create a secure connection for the master brake valve.
  • Hexagonal flange face bolt M6: These bolts facilitate the attachment of the fixed plate to the master brake valve.
  • Ferrule type straight through plate joint body L12/NG12: This component acts as a connector between different parts of the brake system.
  • Hose (2042740595101): The hose transports fluid within the brake system, enabling smooth braking action.
  • Chinese warning plate: This plate contains warning messages in Chinese to ensure safety during operation.
  • Overboard bracket: The overboard bracket provides support for the installation and stability of the braking device cab.
  • Hexagonal flange face bolt M8: These bolts are specifically designed for securing the overboard bracket.
  • Overboard hole retainer: This component is used to maintain the integrity of the overboard hole.
  • Elastic element NG8: The elastic element contributes to the proper functioning of the braking system.
  • Clip spring NG8: This spring holds components in place within the braking device cab.
  • Nut holder NG8: The nut holder ensures the stability and secure fitting of various parts.
  • Elastic element NG12: Similar to the NG8 elastic element, this component plays a vital role in the braking system.
  • Spring NG12: This spring provides the necessary tension and flexibility for the brake system.
  • Nut holder NG12: The nut holder is essential for securing parts together in the braking device cab.
  • Handbrake nylon tube assembly (formed tube)/H5 left-mounted cab: This assembly functions as a conduit for brake fluid in the handbrake system, specifically designed for H5 left-mounted cabs.
  • With these components working collectively, the Sinotruk Braking Device Cab ensures reliable and safe braking performance for vehicles.
Braking Device/Cab
ItemPartNo.Parts NameQuantity
1AZ9123360115Cover (81617010112)1
ZQ1840635Hexagonal flange face bolts4
ZQ32006Hexagonal flange face nut M64
2WG9100360001Hand brake valve1
ZQ1840616Hexagonal flange face bolt M62
WG9118360003Fixed plate (hand brake valve)1
ZQ32006Hexagonal flange face nut M66
AZ9123360075Flat washer (2819660105821)1
3AZ9123360176Fixed plate (master brake valve)1
AZ9123360086Flat washer (2819660105781)1
ZQ1840616Hexagonal flange face bolt M64
4WG9000361105Ferrule type straight through plate joint body L12/NG124
5AZ9123360078Hose (2042740595101)1
6WG9100360354Chinese warning plate1
7WG9118360002Overboard bracket1
ZQ1840820Hexagonal flange face bolt M82
AZ9123360108Overboard hole retainer1
WG9000361004Elastic element NG82
WG9000361005Clip spring NG82
WG9000361006Nut holder NG82
 WG9000361007Elastic element NG124
WG9000361008Spring NG124
WG9000361009Nut holder NG124
8FG9800367017Handbrake nylon tube assembly (formed tube)/H5 left-mounted cab1
FG9800367013Brake master cylinder nylon tube assembly(common tube)/H5 cab4
9AZ9123360072Tube fixing plate (2859075000011)2
WG9123360083Spacer ring2
ZQ32006Hexagonal flange face nut M62
AZ9925360508Rubber over-hole retainer(Φ15/Φ8)1
ZQ1840620Hexagonal flange face bolt M62
ZQ32006Hexagonal flange face nut M62
WG9000361011Plug NG8-M16×1.51
 AZ9123360176Fixed plate (brake master valve)1
 AZ9123360086Flat washer (2819660105781)1
 ZQ1840616Hexagonal flange face bolts M64
 WG9000361105Ferrule type straight through plate joint body L12/NG124
 AZ9123360078Hose (2042740595101)1
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