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Sinotruk Cab Assembly Parts
Sinotruk Cab Assembly Parts
Prince Mechanical Suspension Left Seat Assembly
Sinotruk Prince Mechanical Suspension Left Seat Assembly

Sinotruk Door Corner Window Glass

  • Shacman’s Altitude Valve Assy is a crucial component used in their trucks, specifically designed to regulate air pressure and control the altitude of the vehicle. This assembly consists of several essential parts that contribute to its functionality and reliability.
  • One of the key components included in the Altitude Valve Assy is the left corner window glass. This window glass provides visibility for the driver, ensuring a clear line of sight while on the road. Similarly, the right corner window glass is another important part of the assembly, serving the same purpose of maintaining visibility and safety.
  • The Altitude Valve Assy also includes an activator (JH-04) that enhances adhesion. This component is responsible for improving the bond between the different parts of the assembly, ensuring a secure and durable connection. The activator plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of the Altitude Valve Assy.
Sinotruk Door Corner-Window Glass

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Door Corner Window Glass

  • To ensure a strong and reliable bond between the windshield and the vehicle, the Polyurethane windshield adhesive (AM-140) is utilized. This high-quality adhesive is specifically designed for bonding windshields to the frame of the truck, providing a secure and watertight connection. The use of the Polyurethane windshield adhesive ensures the longevity and reliability of the windshield assembly.
  • Additionally, the Altitude Valve Assy includes a primer (DT-01) that provides sun protection. This primer acts as a protective barrier, shielding the Altitude Valve Assy from the harmful effects of sunlight and preventing damage caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. The primer enhances the durability and lifespan of the assembly under various weather conditions.
  • In summary, Shacman’s Altitude Valve Assy incorporates several essential components, including left and right corner window glass, an activator for improved adhesion, a Polyurethane windshield adhesive for bonding, and a primer for sun protection. These components work together to provide functionality, durability, and reliability to the Altitude Valve Assy, ensuring its optimal performance in Shacman trucks.
Door Corner Window Glass
ItemPartNo.Parts NameQuantity
1WG1632350001Left corner window glass1
2WG1632350002Right corner window glass2
3AZ1608350011Activator (JH-04)-Improve adhesion1
4AZ1608350012Polyurethane windshield adhesive (AM-140)-Bonding1
5AZ1608350013Primer (DT-01)-Sun protection1
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