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Sinotruk Front Cross Member Assembly
Sinotruk Front Cross Member Assembly
Sinotruk Rear Axle Drive Device
Sinotruk Rear Axle Drive Device
Sinotruk Front Cross Member Assembly
Sinotruk Front Cross Member Assembly
Sinotruk Rear Axle Drive Device
Sinotruk Rear Axle Drive Device

Sinotruk Front Axle

  • The Sinotruk Front Axle is a highly reliable and durable axle designed for heavy-duty trucks.
  • This front axle features a 9-ton capacity, a 3-degree inclination, and a leaf spring distance of 900mm.
  • The nameplate clearly indicates the specifications of the axle for ease of identification.
  • Its steering knuckle pin ensures quick and responsive steering, while the left and right steering cross-rod arms help to connect the wheels to the steering mechanism.
Sinotruk Front Axle
Sinotruk Front Axle
Sinotruk Front Axle

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Front Axle

  • The elastic retaining ring for hole, cover, brake shoe support pin, and hexagonal slotted flat nut (fine tooth), together with the cotter pin, hexagon head bolts, adjustment screw, hexagon thin nuts, and protective sleeve provide the necessary support and stability for the axle in operation.
  • The steering knuckle arm is specifically designed to withstand heavy loads and provide extra stability.
  • The self-locking nuts and double-ended studs ensure secure fastening to prevent loose joints and maintain control of the vehicle. For proper maintenance, the Grease Nozzle Assembly (Q701B70), self-locking nut, double-ended stud, bracket assembly (left), bracket (left), bushing, and composite bushings are equipped to extend the lifespan of the axle and reduce downtime for repair and maintenance.
  • Overall, the Sinotruk Front Axle is a high-quality component that guarantees superior performance and reliability for all your transportation needs.
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1AZ9719410093Front axle(9t,3°inclined,leaf spring distance 900)1
3WG9719410031Steering knuckle pin2
4AZ9719410042Steering cross-rod arm (left)1
5AZ9719410043Steering cross-rod arm (right)1
6Q43056Elastic retaining ring for hole2
7WG880 410100Cover2
8WG880 410038Brake shoe support pin4
9190003872377Hexagonal slotted flat nut (fine tooth)4
10Q5005050Cotter pin4
11Q151C1220Hexagon head bolts4
12WG4007411001Adjustment screw2
13Q351B14T15Hexagon thin nuts2
14WG9100410060Protective sleeve2
15AZ9719410060Steering knuckle arm1
16190003888626Self-locking nuts2
17WG880 410060Double-ended studs2
18AZ9003963004Grease Nozzle Assembly (Q701B70)2
19190003888458Self-locking nut8
20WG880 410075Double-ended stud8
21WG4008410032Bracket assembly (left)1
21.1AZ4008410033Bracket (left)1
21.3WG9100340017Composite bushings2
22WG4008410036Bracket assembly (right)1
22.1AZ4008410037Bracket (right)1
22.3WG9100340017Composite bushing2
23WG880 410052O-ring seal2
24WG880 410094Washer1
251880  410095Gasket1
261880  410096Gaskets1
27WG880 410097Gaskets1
281880  410104Gaskets1
291880  410105Washers1
301880  410106Washers1
311880  410107Washers1
321880  410108Washers1
42WG4007410049Thrust tapered roller bearings2
43Q5211016Garden pillar pin2
44AZ9719410067Steering knuckle with lock nut assembly (left)ABS1
44.1AZ9719410065Steering knuckle assembly (left) ABS1
44.1.1AZ9112410055Steering knuckle (left)1
44.2WG9100411140Steering knuckle lock nut1
45AZ9719410063Steering knuckle with lock nut assembly (right) ABS1
45.1AZ9719410061Steering knuckle assembly (right) ABS1
45.1.1AZ9112410061Steering knuckle (right)1
45.2WG9100411140Steering knuckle lock nut1
46WG9900410114Spacer ring2
47WG9003074387Seal ring for shaft2
48190003326543Tapered roller bearing 32314 GB/T297-942
49199112410010Front wheel hub assembly2
49.1WG9100410104Wheel bolts10
49.2WG9112410009Front wheel hub1
50190003326531Tapered roller bearing 32310 GB/T297-942
52Q5006370cotter pin2
54Q40308Spring washers16
55ZQ150B0816Hexagon head bolt M816
56WG7117340001Wheel nut20
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1AZ9700430050Steering cross tie rod assembly (φ50)1
1.1WG9925430100Tie rod joint assembly (left)1
1.2WG9925430200Tie rod joint assembly (right)1
1.3WG9725430005Pipe clamp2
1.4Q151C1265TF3Hexagonal head bolts2
1.5190003888457Self-locking nut2
1.6AZ9700430051Cross Tie Rods1
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