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Sinotruk Left Tread Light
Sinotruk Left Tread Light
Sinotruk Front Cross Member Assembly
Sinotruk Front Cross Member Assembly

Sinotruk Gasket

  • The Sinotruk Gasket is a crucial component designed for seamless integration in Sinotruk vehicles. This superior gasket collection includes a range of essential parts, such as the Gasket with a diameter of 120mm and another Gasket with a diameter of 149mm. These gaskets ensure tight seals and prevent any leakage in critical areas.
  • The EVB exhaust pipe assembly works in tandem with the gaskets to efficiently expel exhaust gases. The assembly also features a sturdy clamp for secure installation. A durable Metal Hose is seamlessly incorporated to enhance the exhaust system’s performance and durability.
Sinotruk Gasket

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Gasket

  • To ensure structural integrity, Hexagonal head bolts are included for strong and reliable fastening. Flat Washers are utilized for distributing pressure evenly, maintaining optimal stability. The Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts are incorporated as a safety feature to firmly secure connections.
  • For additional support, Clamps are included in the gasket collection. These clamps further ensure tight and secure connections throughout the exhaust system. Another Gasket is provided to maintain airtight seals in specific areas, accompanied by Hexagon head bolts, Flat Washers, and Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts for seamless installation.
  • The exhaust pipe assembly (WD615), together with the Exhaust pipe bracket, Hexagon head bolts, Flat washer, and Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nut, form an integrated system that provides efficient exhaust gas flow and structural stability.
  • The inclusion of a Rubber metal soft gasket, Hexagon head bolts, Flat washers, and Spring washers, optimizes the functionality and stability of the exhaust system. These components work together to enhance performance and ensure a secure fit.
  • Lastly, the Exhaust pipe bracket (YC4D-45) and Clamp provide additional support and stability to the exhaust assembly. This comprehensive Sinotruk Gasket collection is designed for optimum performance, durability, and reliable sealing in Sinotruk vehicles.
ItemPartNo.Parts NameQuantity
1WG9925540557Gasket(Diameter 120mm)1
2WG9125542806EVB exhaust pipe assembly1
3WG9925540503Gasket(Diameter 149mm)1
5WG9125549007Metal Hose1
Q150B0840Hexagonal head bolts2
Q401B08Flat Washer4
Q33208Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nut2
Q150B0840Hexagon head bolts4
Q401B08Flat Washer8
Q33208Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts4
8FG9804540349Exhaust pipe assembly (WD615)1
9FG9704542306Exhaust pipe bracket1
Q150B1030Hexagon head bolts1
Q401B10Flat washer1
Q33210Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nut1
10WG84D 410007Rubber metal soft gasket1
Q150B1020Hexagon head bolts2
Q401B10Flat washers2
Q40310Spring washers2
11FG9704542002Exhaust pipe bracket (YC4D-45)1
Q150B1040Hexagonal head bolts2
Q401B10Flat washers2
Q33210Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nut2
13WG9112540013WD615 National III muffler assembly1
14AZ9125540130Heat shield assembly1
15WG9000540064Fastening belt assembly2
Q150B0840Hexagonal head bolts2
Q401B08Flat washer2
Q33208Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nut2
16WG84D 410007Rubber Metal Soft Pad4
17WG9125540210Bracket assembly2
Q150B1025Hexagon head bolts4
Q150B1020Hexagon head bolts4
Q401B10Flat Washer8
Q40310Spring washers8
Q150B1040Hexagon head bolts4
Q401B10Flat washers4
Q33210Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts4
19FG9831543017Urea tank bracket spacer2
20WG84D 410007Rubber metal soft gasket1
Q150B1040Hexagon head bolts1
Q150B1020Hexagon head bolts1
Q401B10Flat Washer2
Q40310Spring washers2
Q150B1025Hexagon head bolts1
Q402B10Large washers1
Q33210Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts1
22WG9125540813Exhaust tail pipe assembly1
23WG9925540506Gasket (126mm diameter, stainless steel clad)1
24712W97420-0009Stainless steel clamps1
Q150B1040Hexagon head bolts2
Q401B10Flat washer1
Q33210Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nut2
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