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Electrical Junction Box Assembly
Sinotruk Electrical Junction Box Assembly
Prince Right Headlight Assembly
Sinotruk Prince Right Headlight Assembly

Sinotruk H5b steering shaft with column assembly

  • The Sinotruk H5b steering shaft with column assembly is a comprehensive system designed to ensure precise and secure steering control.
  • Steering Shaft Assembly: The primary component that connects the steering wheel to the steering mechanism, enabling driver control over the vehicle’s direction.
  • Hexagon Thin Nut: A specially designed nut used to firmly secure the steering shaft assembly to the support structure, ensuring stability during operation.
  • Wave Spring Washers: These purpose-built washers provide a consistent load and prevent loosening, effectively minimizing any unwanted movement or vibrations in the steering system.
Sinotruk H5b steering shaft with column assembly

Product Parameters of Sinotruk H5b steering shaft with column assembly

  • Support: The supporting component reinforces the steering shaft assembly, adding strength and stability to the overall structure.
  • Anti-Theft Bolt: An additional security measure, the anti-theft bolt deters unauthorized tampering or removal of the steering shaft assembly, ensuring the system’s integrity.
  • Retaining Clip: The retaining clip plays a crucial role in securely holding various parts of the steering shaft assembly in place, preventing accidental disassembly.
  • Key Start Switch Assembly: This assembly includes the key start switch, allowing seamless vehicle ignition and providing convenient control for the driver.
  • Roller: The roller component facilitates smooth and frictionless movement of the steering shaft assembly, reducing wear and tear over time.
  • Hexagon Headed Bolt: This bolt serves to securely fasten the steering column pipe assembly to the support structure, ensuring stability and proper alignment.
  • Type 1 Hex Nut: Essential for creating a reliable connection, the type 1 hex nut is used to secure various components within the steering shaft assembly.
  • Compression Spring: This component absorbs shocks and vibrations, enhancing overall steering comfort and control.
  • Shim: The shim is employed to achieve proper alignment and spacing within the steering shaft assembly, optimizing performance.
  • Steering Column Pipe Assembly: This vital assembly encompasses the pipes and related components that form the steering column, a crucial part of the steering system.
  • With its comprehensive range of components, the Sinotruk H5b steering shaft with column assembly ensures a smooth, secure, and responsive driving experience.
H5b steering shaft with column assembly
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1AZ9125470145Steering shaft assembly001
2WG9100470436hexagon thin nut001
3Q41822Wave spring washers001
5WG9725470089Anti-theft bolt002
6WG9725470005Retaining clip001
7WG9725580090Key start switch assembly002
9Q150B0530Hexagon headed bolt001
10Q340B05Type 1 hex nut001
11WG9123470129compression spring001
13AZ9125470160Steering column pipe assembly001
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