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Sinotruk Rear Axle Drive Device
Sinotruk Rear Axle Drive Device
Sinotruk Range Gear Sub Box Assembly
Sinotruk Range Gear Sub Box Assembly
Sinotruk Rear Axle Drive Device
Sinotruk Rear Axle Drive Device
Sinotruk Range Gear Sub Box Assembly
Sinotruk Range Gear Sub Box Assembly

Sinotruk Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly

  • The Sinotruk Input Shaft and End Cover Assembly is a vital component of the transmission system, ensuring smooth and efficient power transfer in your vehicle. This assembly consists of several essential parts, each playing a crucial role in its overall functionality.
  • Starting with the Input Shaft End Cover Assembly, it provides a protective housing for the input shaft and prevents any contaminants from entering the system. The Simmerring Oil Seal PS 55 75 12 ensures a tight seal, preventing oil leakage and maintaining optimal lubrication. The Oil Guide Ring aids in directing the flow of oil, enhancing the overall efficiency of the assembly.
Sinotruk Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly
Sinotruk Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly
Sinotruk Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly
Sinotruk Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly

  • To ensure a secure and leak-proof connection, the Input Shaft End Cover Paper Gasket is used. The Stop Ring 120/129.7-GB305 acts as a retention device, preventing the input shaft from moving axially.
  • The Input Bearing Adjusting Shim Set, along with the Adjustment Shims, enables precise adjustment of the input bearing preload, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. The Hexagon Head Bolt Assembly securely fastens all the components together, preventing any loosening or vibrations.
  • The Bushing is responsible for providing support and reducing friction between rotating parts, enhancing their durability. The Input Shaft transfers power from the engine to the transmission, while the One-Shaft Gear facilitates smooth power transmission.
  • For additional stability and control, the assembly includes a Spring, Spacer Bushing, and Rolling Bearing 6213N-GB/T276. These components contribute to reducing vibrations and ensuring a seamless power transfer.
  • To cater to different requirements, an Optional Set of Snap Springs is available. These springs provide additional flexibility and adaptability to the assembly.
  • Lastly, the Elastic Retaining Ring for Shaft secures the input shaft in place, preventing any axial movement.
  • With its precision-engineered components and seamless integration, the Sinotruk Input Shaft and End Cover Assembly guarantees optimal performance, longevity, and reliability for your vehicle’s transmission system.
Input Shaft And End Cover Assembly
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1AZ2203020002Input shaft end cover assembly1
2AZ9003070502Simmerring oil seal PS 55 75 121
3AZ2229020007Oil guide ring1
4WG2229020125Input shaft end cover paper gasket1
5AZ9003990120Stop ring 120/129.7-GB3051
6AZ2208020002Input bearing adjusting shim set1
6.1AZ2229020011Adjustment shimson-demand
6.2AZ2229020012Adjustment shimon-demand
6.3AZ2229020013Adjustment shimon-demand
6.4AZ2229020024Adjustment shimson-demand
7AZ9003801030Hexagon head bolt assembly6
9WG2210020105Input shaft1
10WG2210020322One-shaft gear1
12AZ2229040103Spacer bushing1
13AZ9003326213Rolling bearing 6213N-GB/T2761
14AZ2208020001Optional set of snap springs1
14.1AZ9003991065Elastic retaining ring for shafton-demand
14.2AZ9003992065Elastic retaining ring for shafton-demand
14.3AZ9003993065Elastic retaining ring for shafton-demand
14.4AZ9003994065Elastic retaining ring for shafton-demand
14.5AZ9003995065Elastic retaining ring for shafton-demand
Secondary Shaft Assembly
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1AZ9003990100Stop ring 100106.5-GB3052
2Q43145Elastic retaining ring for shaft4
3WG9003329309-GCylindrical roller bearing NUP309E2
4Q43160Elastic retaining ring for shaft2
5AZ2210030325Secondary shaft drive gear2
6AZ2210030326Four gears for secondary shaft2
7AZ2210030324Subshaft third gear2
8AZ2210030203Subshaft second gear2
9AZ2229030003Long flat key2
10AZ2210030419Countershaft (left)1
11AZ2210030340Countershaft (right)1
12WG9003320309-GCylindrical roller bearing NUP309E2
13Q43160Elastic retaining ring for shaft2
Spindle Assembly
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1AZ2229040072Spindle gear spacer3
2WG2210040319Spindle reverse gear1
3AZ2229040420Flattened wire retainers for bores5
4AZ2210040608Spline spacer5
5AZ2229040073Spindle gear spacer5
6AZ2210040210Spindle slide bush3
7WG2210040440Spindle first gear1
8WG2210040416Spindle second gear1
9AZ2208040002Spindle adjusting shim set1
9.1AZ2229040031Spindle adjusting shimson-demand
9.2AZ2229040032Spindle adjusting shimson-demand
9.3AZ2229040033Spindle adjusting shimson-demand
9.4AZ2229040034Spindle adjusting shimson-demand
9.5AZ2229040035Spindle adjusting spaceron-demand
9.6AZ2229040036Spindle adjusting spaceron-demand
9.7AZ2229040037Spindle adjusting spacer (6.15)on-demand
9.8AZ2229040038Spindle adjusting shims (6.30)on-demand
9.9AZ2229040039Spindle adjustment shims (6.45)on-demand
9.10AZ2229040053Spindle adjusting spacer 6.60on-demand
9.11AZ2229040054Spindle adjustment shim 6.75on-demand
9.12AZ2229040055Spindle adjustment shim 6.90on-demand
9.13AZ2229040056Spindle adjusting spacer 7.05on-demand
10WG2203040030Spindle with ball head assembly1
11WG2210040425Spindle three gears1
12WG2210040424Spindle four gears1
13Q5280514Flexible cylindrical pin1
14AZ2229040223Hexagonal key1
Idler Shaft Assembly
ItemPartNoParts NameQuantity
1AZ2212050101Idler shaft (left)1
3AZ9003395320Needle roller bearing K4553202
4AZ2210050301Idler pulley1
5AZ2212050102Idler shaft (right)1
7AZ9003395320Needle roller bearing K4553202
8AZ2210050301Idler pulley1
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