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Sinotruk Gasket Plate
Sinotruk Gasket Plate
Sinotruk Braking Device Cab
Sinotruk Braking Device Cab

Sinotruk Left Vent Pipe

  • Sinotruk Left Vent Pipe is a crucial component in the HVAC system of a Sinotruk truck.
  • It includes the Left vent pipe III/85619500119 and Left vent pipe Ⅳ/85619500113, which connect to the H5 Hesse new interior heater assembly and the evaporator assembly respectively.
  • The installation of the Left vent pipe requires Hexagonal head bolts, I-type hexagonal nut, and a large washer.
Sinotruk Left Vent Pipe
Sinotruk Left Vent Pipe

Product Parameters of Sinotruk Left Vent Pipe

  •  Similarly, the Right vent pipe III/85619500111 and the Right vent pipe Ⅳ/85619500107 consist of cross recessed pan head self-tapping screws, large washers, and spring nut/85.90685-0004.
  • The Sinotruk Left Vent Pipe also features an air jet/85619506001, seal ring/85964200011, reed nut, and cross recessed pan head self-tapping screws with large washers.
  • The Right vent pipe Ⅰ/85619500103 and Right vent pipe Ⅱ/85619500117 connect to the room temperature sensor and H5B new air blower wiring harness by utilizing cross recessed pan head self-tapping screws and large washers assemblies.
  • To ensure an optimal performance, the HVAC system of a Sinotruk truck also includes a fan speed control module.
ItemPartNo.Parts NameQuantity
1AZ1608840013Left vent pipe III/856195001191
2AZ1608840014Left vent pipe Ⅳ/856195001131
3FG1698821000H5 Hesse new interior heater assembly1
4FG1608828005Evaporator assembly1
5Q150B0616Hexagonal head bolts1
6Q340B06I-type hexagonal nut1
7Q40206Large washer1
8Q150B0635Hexagon head bolts1
9Q340B06I-type hexagon nuts1
10Q40206Large washer1
11AZ1608840017Right vent pipe Ⅲ/856195001111
12AZ1608840018Right vent pipe Ⅳ/856195001071
13Q2714816Cross recessed pan head self-tapping screws3
14Q40205Large washer3
15AZ1608930015Spring nut/85.90685-00043
16AZ1608840020Air jet/856195060011
17AZ1608160038Seal ring/859642000111
18Q39748202Reed nut2
19Q2714813Cross recessed pan head self-tapping screws2
20Q40205Large washer2
21AZ1608840015Right vent pipe Ⅰ/856195001031
22AZ1608840016Right vent pipe Ⅱ/856195001171
23FG1698821052Room temperature sensor1
24FG1698821060H5B new air blower wiring harness1
25FG1698821051Fan speed control module1
26Q2214216Cross recessed pan head self-tapping screws and large washers assemblies2
27Q340B08Type 1 hexagonal nut2
28WG1608840037Golden Prince air conditioning duct gasket1
29AZ1608840011Left vent pipe Ⅰ/856195001051
30AZ1608840012Left vent pipe Ⅱ/856195001291
31AZ1608840020Air spray port/856195060011
32AZ1608160038Seal ring/859642000111
33Q39748202Reed nut2
34Q2714813Cross recessed pan head self-tapping screws2
35Q40205Large washer2
36SZ1608840029Integral air inlet screen1
37AZ1608840032Spring clip/856195000352
38FG1691820020Air conditioner control panel1
39Q2744216Cross recessed countersunk head self-tapping screws4
40WG1608828032Liquid reservoir transition bracket1
Prince cab air conditioning unit external supply parts (reservoir on the right side)1
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