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What Is The Secret Of Heavy Duty Truck’s Success?
2022 Best Premium Truck – HOWO A7

Sinotruk military vehicle raised the backbone of national defense

  • From the development and production of China’s first military heavy transport vehicle, to the outstanding contribution to the construction of “two bombs and one star”, from the honor written by Commander Zhu De, to the trucking support of the national leaders; from the transportation guarantee to the glory of the Tiananmen Square parade, more than half a century, Sinotruk to “truck building power” as the highest goal, to create every military vehicle, every generation of military vehicles are deeply branded with the name of Sinotruk!
  • China Heavy Duty Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. is the cradle of China’s heavy duty vehicles, the largest heavy duty vehicle production base in China, the largest heavy duty vehicle export base in China, but also the country’s largest heavy duty military vehicle production base, and has maintained a deep friendship and good cooperation with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. It can be said that the development history of Sinotruk is the development history of China’s heavy military vehicles.

History of Sinotruk

  • Since 1960, when TH Yellow River JN 150 and JN 252 series military vehicles equipped the first generation of Chinese heavy military vehicles, Sinotruk has been integrated with the development and expansion of China’s national defense cause. The first generation of heavy equipment 252 off-road vehicle developed by Sinotruk is the first batch of medium-sized off-road vehicles designed with all domestic materials, filling the gap in China’s military industry that can not produce medium-sized military off-road vehicles. In July 1978, the Yellow River JN 252 cross-country vehicle won the National Science Conference award. In 1984, the JN 252 cross-country vehicle was awarded the special prize by the National Science and Technology Progress Evaluation Committee. Sinotruk is the only enterprise in China’s automobile industry that has won the highest national science and technology award in China.


  • In 1983, Sinotruk fully introduced Steyr vehicle technology, creating the first introduction of vehicle technology in China’s automobile industry, leading the development of China’s heavy truck industry for 20 years, “Steyr” has become a synonym for a truck era. Since then, a large number of Steyr military vehicles produced by Sinotruk have been equipped with our army, becoming the mainstay of our military’s strategic missile launch, Sichuan-Tibet transportation, Shenzhou spacecraft transportation, UN peacekeeping duty and other heavy tasks, and becoming the main model of China’s second-generation military vehicles. IMG_258
  • 2In 2004, Sinotruk launched its own brand HOWO series products, which realized the miracle of production in that year and production and sales of more than 10,000 in that year, and rapidly developed into the leading product in China’s truck industry. In 2005, HOWO series heavy military vehicles equipped with our army, serving in the weapon transportation, Hong Kong troops and other fields. When Hong Kong returned to China in 1997,70 Steyr military vehicles produced by Sinotruk Group entered Hong Kong with the Hong Kong garrison as the main model. In the past ten years, it has truckried out nearly 100,000 transport support tasks, traveled 1.88 million kilometers safely, and transported more than 83,000 tons of supplies. Without any failure on the road, it has successfully completed the task, making great contributions to the establishment of the Hong Kong Garrison and the effective performance of its defense. In 2007, Sinotruk’s 30 HOWO military vehicles were completely switched to the Steyr military vehicles, becoming the only product of the troops stationed in Hong Kong. In addition, Sinotruk military vehicles undertake more than 90 percent of the transport tasks on the three transport lines of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.
  • On December 27,2003, Sinotruk delivered the first white fire truck marked with “UN” to the military in accordance with the requirements of the UN peacekeeping force, and since then, the Sinotruk military vehicle galloped to the curtain of the world. Over the years, the outstanding performance of China Sinotruk military vehicles around the world has been highly praised by the officers and soldiers of various countries, won honors for the Chinese army and made outstanding contributions to world peace.
  • From the founding ceremony in 1949 to the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 2009, China held a total of 14 National Day military parades, and military vehicles played an important role in each parade. On the 35th, 50th and 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the military vehicles produced by Sinotruk were inspected by the party and state leaders and the people of the whole country.
  • At the National Day military parade marking the 35th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 50th anniversary of the Yellow River, 252 pulled long-range missiles sailed through Tiananmen Square. With the construction of the second artillery force, JN 252 in the later 30 years has been as the truckrier of remote strategic weapons in China, but also as the weapon system to some countries, the Yellow River JN 252 and its improved type is the first generation and the second generation of the military truck, the only high mobility suv, and laid the foundation for later multi-axis suv development.

Sinotruk participated in the grand military parade

  • In the 60th anniversary of National Day, Sinotruk undertook the production task of the new chassis needed by the naval ship-to-air missile team, anti-ship missile team and logistics equipment team. Sinotruk reading equipment parade and auxiliary support vehicles, covering the total field platform truck, naval air and anti-ship missile vehicle, 2 gun 1010 missiles, transport, and reproduced, and along with the security, tanker, engineering vehicle, participate in the military vehicle number up to more than 100 vehicles, become the parade of the largest number of new equipment chassis production units. The 17th, 18th and 25th teams composed of HOWO series military vehicles perfectly passed through Tian ‘anmen Square, and accepted the inspection of the party and state leaders, showing a magnificent picture to the Chinese people and the world, and showing the new image of our army’s mighty, mighty and civilization-victorious division.


  • From the development of China’s first military vehicle Yellow River JN 252 to the wonderful and perfect National Day parade, writing a new chapter of the development of China’s military uniform heavy vehicles, Sinotruk shows to the world that a leading enterprise bearing the mission of the development of China’s heavy vehicles style.
  • “Long ambition, compete for tone, create high-quality products, create good achievements”, Sinotruk has always taken the revitalization of the national automobile industry as its own responsibility, to provide the Chinese People’s Liberation Army with the highest technical performance, the lowest operation cost, the best after-sales service products. It has provided more than 40,000 military vehicles of the Yellow River, Steyr and HOWO, from 4X2,6X4,8X4 to 4X4,6X6,8X8,8 X 8 and 10X10, and the engine power covers 260 Ps to 550 Ps. It has been equipped with general assembly, second artillery, general Staff, air force, navy, armed police and troops stationed in Hong Kong.
  • Civil-military integration, active service, half a century of affection is long, heavy feeling, heavy righteousness of it will put “with character to build high-quality goods, with the fine dedication defense” concept, play a heavy duty vehicle, assembly, research and development, manufacturing and power and transmission platform technology advantage, for the third generation of heavy, heavy high mobile suv development work, for the army development, for national defense construction, to show it again.
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